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Artificial Intelligence: Latest Development and Major Vendors Patent Deployment

出版商 MIC - Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute 商品編碼 323435
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 24 Pages
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AI(人工智能):最新的開發趨勢及主要供應商的專利發展 Artificial Intelligence: Latest Development and Major Vendors Patent Deployment
出版日期: 2015年01月09日 內容資訊: 英文 24 Pages



第1章 技術概要

  • 神經網
  • 專家系統
  • 模糊理論
  • 遺傳的研究

第2章 AI相關專利的資料探勘

  • 專利搜尋次序
    • 專利資料庫的選擇
    • 搜尋關鍵字的特定
    • 資料選擇
    • 資料分析
  • 技術趨勢分析
    • 文字探勘
    • 資料探勘
    • R&D相對強度
    • 專利目錄分析的結果

第3章 AI應用市場的展望

第4章 搜尋、觀測焦點

  • 由於美國企業享受AI中的絕對優勢,受到關注
  • 自動機器人&智慧型虛擬助手有大幅成長可能性





Product Code: NARPT14100801

AI (Artificial Intelligence) plays a pivotal role in IoT (Internet of Things) as it can be applied to a myriad of smart connected products, such as lighting, cars, wearables, medical care, smartphones, and smart home sensing control devices. This report provides an overview of AI technologies and analysis of major vendors' patent deployment and technology development strategies with patent mining techniques, comprising of text and data mining. And also included is a brief summary of strategic activities of major vendors, including IBM, Microsoft, Google, Intel, and Qualcomm.

Table of Contents

1.Technology Overview

  • 1.1. Neural Network
  • 1.2. Expert System
  • 1.3. Fuzzy Logic
  • 1.4. Genetic Algorithm

2. Data Mining of AI-related Patents

  • 2.1. Patent Search Procedure
    • 2.1.1. Selecting a Patent Database
    • 2.1.2. Identifying Search Keywords
    • 2.1.3. Data Selection
    • 2.1.4. Data Analysis
  • 2.2. Analysis of Technology Trends
    • 2.2.1. Text Mining
    • 2.2.2. Data Mining
    • 2.2.3. Relative R&D Intensity
    • 2.2.4. Results of Patent Index Analysis

3.Outlook for the AI Application Market

4. Tracking and Observing Highlights

  • 4.1. US Companies Should be Watched Closely as They Enjoy Absolute Advantage in AI
  • 4.2. Autonomous Robots & Intelligent Virtual Assistants to Have Great Growth Potential
  • Appendix
  • Glossary of Terms
  • List of Companies

List of Topics

  • Overview of four major AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology areas: neural network, expert system, fuzzy logic, and genetic algorithm, touching on their mechanisms and major applications
  • Patent data mining procedure and findings, including major technology fields and sectors identified through the data mining technique and assignees' R&D intensity
  • A brief outlook for the market value of the worldwide AI application market from 2013 to 2024
  • Analysis of five major US companies' (IBM, Microsoft, Google, Intel, and Qualcomm) patent deployment in AI research, including their key technologies and products

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Various AI-enabled Products
  • Figure 2: Search Flow for AI-related Patents
  • Figure 3: AI Patent Distribution Share by Sector
  • Figure 4: AI Patent Distribution Share by Field
  • Figure 5: Scale of Worldwide AI Application Market, 2013 - 2024
  • Figure 6: Market Value Share of AI Applications by Field, 2013 - 2024
  • Figure 7: Growth Potential of Major AI Application Fields

List of Tables

  • Table 1: Comparison of Major AI Technologies
  • Table 2: Key Technology Fields Identified By Text Mining
  • Table 3: R&D Intensity of the Top 30 AI Patent Assignees
  • Table 4: Top 10 AI-Related Patents
  • Table 5: Matrix Analysis of 10 Most Important AI-Related Patents
  • Table 6: Major Vendors' Deployment of AI Patents
  • Table 7: Analysis of Major Vendors' AI-enabled Application Products

Companies covered

Accenture Global Service, AT&T, Credit Suisse AG, Fujitsu, General Electric Company, Google Inc., Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, Honeywell, IBM, Intel Corporation, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Lucent Technologies, Matsushita Electric, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, NEC, Oracle International, Philips Electronics, Ricoh Corporation, Rockwell Automation, Samsung, SAP AG, Siemens, Sony, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Yahoo, Yamaha.

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