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Chinese Online Game Development Trends, 2014 and Beyond

出版商 MIC - Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute 商品編碼 321383
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 16 Pages
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中國的線上遊戲市場:發展趨勢、現狀、未來展望 Chinese Online Game Development Trends, 2014 and Beyond
出版日期: 2014年12月19日 內容資訊: 英文 16 Pages



第1章 線上遊戲定義

第2章 中國的線上遊戲市場發展

第3章 從客戶端類型的獨佔狀態朝向共同發展

  • 進入了成熟期的客戶端類型
  • 關注從Web遊戲轉向手機遊戲

第4章 至今仍為高成長期的行動型遊戲

  • 對WeChat的手機遊戲的附加元件效果

第5章 結論



  • 中國的線上遊戲市場結構
  • 中國的線上遊戲市場用戶為基礎的(過去6年份)
  • 中國的線上遊戲市場規模(總計8年份)
  • 中國的線上遊戲產業的出貨收益佔有率:遊戲的各類型(過去6年份)
  • 消費者對中國的手機遊戲、下載的偏好:主要的影響要素
  • 消費者對中國的WeChat遊戲的偏好:主要的影響要素


  •、、、Activison Blizzard、阿里巴巴、百度、Beijing Magic Universe Network、Beijing Qihoo Technology、Beijing Ultrapower Software、Changyou、CJ Games、Datang Telecom、DianDian Interactive Technology、Entertainment Network Technologies、Facebook、Forgame、FunPlus、Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture、Guangzhou Yinhan Technology、Huayi Brothers、Letv、NetEase、Nintendo、Ourpalm、Pati、Perfect World Network Technology、Playcrab、Shanda Game、Shanghai Fangcun Information Technology、Shenzhen CY Bao、Interactive Network、Shenzhen Jing Feng Digital Technology、Shun-Auto Parts、Susino Umbrella、Tangel Publishing、騰訊、Tianjin Camel Games、Twitter、Xiaomi、Zhongji Investment
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The growing maturity of internet coupled with the government's policy support has accompanied the boom in the Chinese online game market. In 2014, the Chinese industry - comprising of mainly client, web and mobile game sectors - is estimated at 100 billion RMB (US$16.13 billion; US$1 = 6.2 RMB), fetching the world's second spot. In anticipation of ongoing momentum in the mobile internet industry and the rise of China's third- and fourth-tier cities, more Chinese consumers have considered to using own mobile devices as means to access internet. Hence, mobile and web game developers, even traditional game developers, have been diving into the mobile game market through mergers and acquisitions. This report provides the overview of market development, user base and market value in those three sectors of Chinese online game industry and identifies the future trends.

Table of Contents

1. Definition of Online Games

2. Development of Chinese Online Game Market

3. From Client Game Dominance to Co-development

  • 3.1. Client Games to Enter a Maturity Phase
  • 3.2. Web Games Shifting Focus to Mobile Games

4. Mobile Games Still in the High Growth Phase

  • 4.1. WeChat's Add-on Effect on Mobile Games

5. Conclusion


List of Topics

  • Overview of the Chinese online game development, including client, web and mobile games, and the development version of each game sector
  • Development of the Chinese online game industry, touching on its user base and shipment value with breakdowns by three major game sectors
  • A brief outlook for the Chinese online game market and industry in 2015 and beyond, with shipment value forecast until 2016
  • Analysis of factors that have affected and are affecting Chinese consumer choices over mobile games and WeChat games

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Chinese Online Game Market Composition
  • Figure 2: Chinese Online Game Industry's User Base, 2008 - 2013
  • Figure 3: Chinese Online Game Market Value, 2009 - 2016
  • Figure 4: Chinese Online Game Industry Shipment Value Share by Game Type, 2008 - 2013
  • Figure 5: Main Reasons Affecting Chinese Consumer Preference of Mobile Game Downloads, 2013
  • Figure 6: Main Factors Affecting Chinese Consumer Preference of WeChat Games, 2013

Companies covered,,, Activison Blizzard, Alibaba, Baidu, Beijing Magic Universe Network, Beijing Qihoo Technology, Beijing Ultrapower Software, Changyou, CJ Games, Datang Telecom, DianDian Interactive Technology, Entertainment Network Technologies, Facebook, Forgame, FunPlus, Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture, Guangzhou Yinhan Technology, Huayi Brothers, Letv, NetEase, Nintendo, Ourpalm, Pati, Perfect World Network Technology, Playcrab, Shanda Game, Shanghai Fangcun Information Technology, Shenzhen CY Bao, Interactive Network, Shenzhen Jing Feng Digital Technology, Shun-Auto Parts, Susino Umbrella, Tangel Publishing, Tencent, Tianjin Camel Games, Twitter, Xiaomi, Zhongji Investment.

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