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Development of Chinese and Taiwanese Semiconductor Industry's Major Sectors, 2014 and Beyond

出版商 MIC - Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute 商品編碼 318087
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 21 Pages
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中國和台灣的半導體產業的主要部門的發展 Development of Chinese and Taiwanese Semiconductor Industry's Major Sectors, 2014 and Beyond
出版日期: 2014年11月05日 內容資訊: 英文 21 Pages




  • 中國和台灣的半導體產業的發展(包括IC廠商、無工廠的IC設計工作室、IC封裝與實驗服務供應商)、市場佔有率(各種價格、各品牌供應商)
  • 中國的IC設計工作室、IC封裝與實驗供應商、IC製造商全球市場排行榜、年度收益、主要產品等
  • 中國的智慧型手機應用程式處理器市場發展、市場佔有率(各晶片供應商、CPU核心數、CPU模式)、中國的智慧型手機的市場佔有率(各品牌供應商、各AP供應商)
  • 中國政府的半導體相關的策略性政策概要與其影響,全球市場預測
  • 半導體產業的全部門中中國政府的發展,中國對台灣的因應策略計劃等


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Product Code: SVSYM14110501

Taiwan's semiconductor industry still remains ahead of China in terms of shipment value and technology development, but China has been catching up fast, with an aim to beef up the industry with a series of governmental preferential and incentive policies to attract foreign investors. This report outlines the key developments of the semiconductor industry in China and Taiwan, comprising mainly of fabless IC design, IC manufacturing, and packaging & testing industry sectors; examines the major battleground between China and Taiwan in the semiconductor industry while probing into China's incentive policies and consequences thereof on the global semiconductor industry in 2014 and beyond.

Table of Contents

List of Topics

  • Chinese and Taiwanese semiconductor industry development, comprising of IC manufacturers, fabless IC design houses, and IC packaging and testing service providers, with market share by price point and by brand vendor
  • Global market rankings of Chinese IC design houses, IC packaging and testing vendors, and IC manufacturers, their annual revenues, and major deliverables
  • Highlight of the Chinese smartphone application processor market development and touches on market share by chip supplier, by number of cores per CPU, by CPU model, and also includes the Chinese smartphone market share by branded vendor and by AP supplier in 1H 2014
  • Outline of the Chinese government's strategic policies involving semiconductor and how those policies have affected or will affect the entire semiconductor industry from the Chinese and global perspectives
  • Deployment of Chinese governments in all sectors of semiconductor industry and includes Taiwanese counterparts' strategic planning in China

Companies covered

Allwinner, Apple, ASE, ASMC, BBK, Beijing Industrial Developing Investment Management Cooperation, Bejing KT Micro, China Electronics Cooperation, Coolpad, Country Mate Technology, CR Microelectronics, Datang Semiconductor, Diga Device, Freescale, GalaxyCore, Gionee, Great Wall, Himax, Hisilicon, Hitech, Hua Capital, Huahong NEC, Huawei, Hynix, ILItek, Infineon, Intel, Intel Semiconductor, JCET, LeadCore, Lenovo, Marvell, MediaTek, Micron, Montage, Morningstar, Nantong Huada Microelectronics, Nari Smartchip, Novatek, OmniVision, On-Bright, Oppo, Orise, Panasonic, Panda, Phison, PowerTech, PTL, PuDong, Qualcomm, Raydium, RDA Microelectronics, Realtek, RFMD, Richtek, Rockchip, Samsung, SDIC, Silan, Sino-Microelectronics, SMIC, Solomon, SPIL, Spreadtrum, STATS, Superpix, Tian Shui Hua Tian, Tongfang, TPV, TSMC, UMC, VeriSilicon, Vimicro, Xi'an XIGU Microelectronics, Xiaomi, Zhongguancun Development Group, ZTE

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