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Smart Home Security: Latest Developments, Future Trends and Operators' Strategic Planning

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 28 Pages
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智慧家庭·安全:目前技術開發情形,今後的市場趨勢,各業者公司的策略計劃 Smart Home Security: Latest Developments, Future Trends and Operators' Strategic Planning
出版日期: 2014年08月21日 內容資訊: 英文 28 Pages

數位家庭這個概念在近十年來廣泛普及。但隨著基礎設施未建設及系統裝置間的互通性不足,位家庭並沒有達到當初預想的普及。同時,由於手持式智慧終端的普及,數位家庭的概念轉換成了「智慧家庭」。安全·解決方案便是「智慧家庭」的核心。2014年1月Google收購了Nest Labs,並在同年6月表明加入智慧家庭市場,市場競爭正在激烈化。


第1章 數位家庭的發展

  • 充滿波折的10年軌跡
  • 從「數位家庭」到「智慧家庭」

第2章 家庭保全業者提供影音監控·環境檢測服務

  • 可應付各種可能情況的家用監視解決方案
  • 家用環境感測器:B2C市場上的普及

第3章 強化了節能·自動化功能的家庭保全·解決方案:主要業者的案例

  • AT&T Digital Life
    • 從基本的功能到高度安全服務
    • 為求擴大市場佔有率,價格降低促銷的開始
  • Comcast XFINITY Home
    • 加上家庭保全的四合一服務·綁定套組
    • 有價格優勢,新的DIY方式包裝
    • Time Warner Cable的Comcast的收購:家庭保全市場進一步擴大
  • Cox Home Security

第4章 智慧家庭的發展趨勢

  • 業者追究服務的協同效應,IPS讓競爭激化
  • 價格設定支援智慧家庭·解決方案的普及
  • 各業者公司的平台開發能力,是成功的關鍵


Product Code: NARPT14082101

The notion of digital home has been around for decades. Confined by unfledged network infrastructure and the lack of interoperability among connected devices with different network technologies and standards, the digital home development however did not proceed as planned. On the rise of smart handheld devices, the idea of digital home has been replaced by smart home these days. Home security is the major area of focus in developing a smart home environment. The competition in smart home has heat up, following Google's acquisition of Nest Labs in January 2014 and Apple's entrance into smart home market in June same year. This report outlines the latest development of smart homes; analyzes future trends of smart homes and major US operators' strategic planning thereof.

Table of Contents

1. Digital Home Development

  • 1.1. 10 Years of Bumpy Ride
  • 1.2. From Digital Home to Smart Home

2. Home Security Covers Video Surveillance and Environmental Detection Services

  • 2.1. Home Surveillance Solutions Tailored to Cover All Possible Scenarios
  • 2.2. Home Environmental Sensors Gain Ground in B2C Market

3. Operators' Home Security Solutions Highlight on Energy Efficiency and Home Automation

  • 3.1. AT&T Digital Life
    • 3.1.1. From Basic to Advanced Security Services
    • 3.1.2. Launching Price-reduction Promotions for Bigger Slice of Market
  • 3.2. Comcast XFINITY Home
    • 3.2.1. Quad-play Bundles Include Home Security
    • 3.2.2. New DIY Package is Price Friendly
    • 3.2.3. Time Warner Cable-Comcast Merger Makes Push into Home Security
  • 3.3. Cox Home Security

4. Smart Home Development Trends

  • 4.1. Operators Seek Service Synergies, Internet Service Providers Heating Up the Competition
  • 4.2. Pricing Affects the Adoption of Smart Home Solutions
  • 4.3. Operators' Platform Development Capability Plays as Key to Success

List of Topics

Overview of the current development of smart home security solutions, touching on what Intel and Google have done in the past and present

Profiles of three mainstream smart home solution providers, namely AT&T, Comcast, and Cox, with the comparison of their service packages and pricing provided

Highlights of what home service providers, internet service providers, home appliances providers, and service integrators have their roles played in the smart home domain

Future trends observed in smart home market development from the perspective of telecom and broadband operators

Companies and organizations analyzed or mentioned in the report include:

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Milestones in the Digital Home Development of Intel and Google
  • Figure 2: Major Players of Smart Home Development and Their Roles
  • Figure 3: Illustration of Smart Home Security Systems
  • Figure 4: Illustration of Home Surveillance Systems
  • Figure 5: Distribution Channel Deployment of Home Environmental Sensors
  • Figure 6: Illustration of Smart Home with Smart Gateway
  • Figure 7: US Home Security Market Share by Service Provider Type, as of July 2014
  • Figure 8: Key Determinants of North American Consumers' Decision to Purchase Smart Home Solutions
  • Figure 9: Smart Home Service Value Chain

List of Tables

  • Table 1: IP Surveillance System Roundup
  • Table 2: AT&T's Operational Revenues, 2009 - 2013
  • Table 3: AT&T Digital Life Packages and Pricing
  • Table 4: Comparison of AT&T and ADT Packages
  • Table 5: Comcast XFINITY Home Packages and Pricing
  • Table 6: Cox Home Security Packages and Pricing
  • Table 7: Comparison of AT&T, Comcast, Cox Service Packages

Companies covered

ADT, Aon, Apple, AT&T, August, Belkin, Cisco, Comcast, Cox, EcoFactor, Farglory, Google, Honeywell, iControl, Linear, Lowe's, Megatronic Design, Nest Labs, Osram, Panasonic, Philips, Qualcomm, Samsung, SECOM, Time Warner Cable, Verison, Xanboo, Yale.

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