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Embedded Touch Screen and Its Impact on the Future Development of Touch Control IC Industry

出版商 MIC - Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute 商品編碼 307392
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 15 Pages
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內建式觸控螢幕和觸控控制IC產業的未來發展的影響 Embedded Touch Screen and Its Impact on the Future Development of Touch Control IC Industry
出版日期: 2014年07月04日 內容資訊: 英文 15 Pages



第1章 內建式觸控螢幕產業:概要

  • 供應鏈營運的合理化和降低成本的大幅可能性
  • 內嵌式技術:聚焦高階智慧型手機市場
  • 導入低價格、中階智慧型手機的LCD表嵌式技術

第2章 內建式觸控螢幕控制IC產業的主要課題

  • 產業方面:技術門檻提高
    • 內建式觸控螢幕控制IC:需要更好的噪聲過濾器能力
    • 內嵌式技術:觸控控制IC和顯示器驅動IC的合作是必須的
  • 合作夥伴/客戶方面:各種變化
    • LCD表嵌式:觸控控制IC和驅動IC的選擇需要更大的自由度
    • 內嵌式:操作面板廠商為主要客戶

第3章 總論





Product Code: DPRPT14070401

Embedded touch screens, which are slim and lightweight, have better light penetration and great potential to streamline touch panel manufacturing. Following the in-cell technology used in Apple iPhones, Samsung has released AMOLED on-cell touch panels for its Galaxy smartphones. Recently, LCD on-cell touch panels made by Taiwan vendors for smartphones are also gaining momentum. This report profiles the current development of the embedded touch screen industry and touches on important industry issues from the view point of touch control IC vendors.

Table of Contents

1. Overview of the Embedded Touch Screen Industry

  • 1.1. Huge Potential to Streamline Supply Chain Operation and Reduce Costs
  • 1.2. In-Cell Technology Focuses on High-end Smartphone Market
  • 1.3. LCD On-Cell Technology Adopted by Value Line & Mid-range Smartphones

2. Key Issues of the Embedded Touch Screen Control IC Industry

  • 2.1. Industry Aspect: Higher Technology Threshold
    • 2.1.1. Embedded Touch Screen Control ICs Need Better Noise-filter Ability
    • 2.1.2. In-Cell Technology Requires Cooperation between Touch Control IC and Display Driver IC
  • 2.2. Partner/Customer Aspect: Mixed Changes
    • 2.2.1. LCD On-Cell to Allow Greater Freedom in Selecting Touch Control ICs and Driver ICs
    • 2.2.2. In-Cell: Panel Makers to Become Major Customers

3. Conclusion


Glossary of Terms

List of Companies

List of Topics

  • Overview of the embedded touch screen industry, including in-cell and on-cell technologies and their applications in different smartphone market segments
  • Key issues of the embedded touch screen control IC industry, touching on the importance of noise-filter function of touch control ICs and the time-division feature of touch control IC and display driver IC in an in-cell touch panel; also covered is the development trend of on-cell technology, which is expected to become an opener system that allows clients to choose the touch control IC and driver IC separately as they want
  • Companies and organizations analyzed or mentioned in the report include: Apple, AU Optronics, Broadcom, Coolpad, CPT, FocalTech, Google, Hannstar, Hitachi, HTC, Innolux, Japan Display, LG Display, Motorola, Samsung Display, Sharp, Sony, Synaptics, TI, Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Toshiba, ZTE

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Difficulty Level of Touch Control IC Technologies
  • Figure 2: Time Division of Touch Control IC and Display Driver IC
  • Figure 3: Relationship between Touch Control IC Vendors, Partners, Customers

List of Tables

  • Table 1: Major Touch Control Technologies Used in Smartphones
  • Table 2: In-Cell Touch Panel Structures & Specifications
  • Table 3: Development of Taiwanese Vendors' LCD On-Cell Touch Panel (under 7")
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