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Worldwide Retail IT Services Market

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全球零售IT服務市場 Worldwide Retail IT Services Market
出版日期: 2017年12月05日 內容資訊: 英文







  • 綜合服務支出,全球預測
  • 綜合服務,全球預測
  • 供應商排行榜:前15名供應商,全球綜合服務


  • 綜合專業服務支出,全球預測
  • 供應商排行榜:前15名供應商,綜合專業服務


  • 綜合零售服務安裝維修,全球預測
  • 供應商排行榜:前15名供應商,軟體維修更新服務
  • 供應商排行榜:前15名供應商,硬體設備維修服務


  • 綜合零售系統整合,全球預測
  • 供應商排行榜:前15名供應商,系統整合


  • 綜合基礎設施服務,全球預測
  • 供應商排行榜:前15名供應商,BPO服務
  • 供應商排行榜:前15名供應商,IT外包服務


  • 綜合零售IT策略服務,全球預測
  • 供應商排行榜:前15名供應商,策略性諮詢服務
  • 供應商排行榜:前15名供應商,應用開發服務
  • 供應商排行榜:前15名供應商,數位轉換服務






Product Overview

IHL has been advising the hospitality community (vendors, restaurants, managed services providers and others) since 1996 in the industry-specific information technology evolution and strategy. Over the years we've amassed a tremendous amount of primary- and secondary-source data through first hand consulting experience in this pursuit. From this ever-growing knowledge base, offerings like our Sophia Data Service, The Worldview IT Sizing Forecast Model as well as custom research projects have been developed and successfully launched.

The ‘IHL Insight MarketView’ series of research studies build upon all this knowledge and add analyst insight to graphically display vendor positioning, drive for innovation and projected growth.

This particular report looks at the overall Retail and Hospitality IT Services Market worldwide market and includes forecasts through 2021 and vendor rankings and profiles.

In this research we look at 11 specific categories of IT Services:

  • Software Maintenance: Activities related to bug fixes and ongoing updates of existing software systems.
  • Hardware Maintenance: Traditional Break/Fix maintenance of hardware products throughout stores and retail enterprise but does not include the installation services.
  • Systems Integration, On-Premise: These are services provided onsite to integrate different systems. This might include a combination of hardware and software. It is here where we include installation services.
  • Systems Integration, SaaS: These are software integration and installation services provided in private or public cloud infrastructures primarily to integrate software systems that are exchanging data.
  • Strategic Consulting: These are services generally provided at a higher corporate level that revolve around architecture and optimization of systems for speed, accuracy, redundancy and security. These are then implemented as consulting projects or other categories for specific projects.
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): These are the systems services and non-primary business IT activities that are contracted out to a 3rd party that allow for retailers to focus on their core competencies.
  • IT Outsourcing: Unlike the BPO outsourcing that is designed more around non-primary business IT activities, here are we are talking about the core IT functions that are related to application and infrastructure solutions.
  • Application Development: This refers to the activities related to custom software development and includes a wide range of functionalities including solutions from scratch or customizing software to run in the way the retailer wants to operate.
  • Digital Transformation: These are services focused around the intentional acts and acceleration of transforming business activities, processes and competencies to leverage the changes and opportunities afforded by digital technologies.
  • Cloud Services: Once again a very broad category but includes services provided to users on demand via the internet and include SaaS services as well as Infrastructure services.
  • Other/IT: This is a catch-all category of all the other things that the IT department has to do that are not part of the definitions outlined. Some examples include Big Data, Risk, Fraud, Security, Commerce, Payment, Emerging Technologies, Eco-sustainability, Education, Training, Portals, Content Management, Quality Assurance, Application Load Management, etc..

Who are the real leaders? What are the real Services rankings? Who is leading in retail IT Outsourcing market? ? It's all here.

Companies are encouraged to use these charts in discussions with their vendor partners. It is our intent that they provide unique insights into vendor strategy and provide thought-provoking questions as we all move though and prosper in the Era of Intentional Innovation.

The goal of this report, as well as the entire IHL Retail Executive Advisory Program (REAP), is to provide the retail community with the most detailed and complete picture imaginable of the retail technology landscape. We do this to assist retailers in vendor selection and to help the industry understand the trends, drivers and barriers that are fundamentally transforming our industry.


Readers of this research will get a forecast for 11 different categories of IT Services. Next we provide rankings for combined Total IT Services, Total Professional Services, Software Maintenance, Hardware Maintenance, Systems Integration, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), IT Outsourcing, Cloud Infrastructure, Strategic Consulting, Application Development, and Digital Transformation Services.

Then we discuss market trends, drivers and market barriers.

Finally, we provide market profiles on the top 15 services providers by revenue. Each profile includes total revenues, revenues by hardware, software, SaaS, and services, revenues by region, and revenues by types of services offered. In addition, the profiles include merger and acquisition information as well as key clients.

What makes this research different and more rigorous is that it is based on a very sophisticated and highly objective research model. It allows vendors, retailers and analysts to see who are the real leaders in retail software, true software market rankings, who is leading in the fast growing services market, and which vendors are leading in sales, innovation, market reach and can implement a complete unified commerce approach to retail.

Table of Contents


Market Definitions

Market Overview

Trends and Drivers


Retail and Hospitality IT Services

  • Total Worldwide Services Spend Forecast Through 2021 by $
  • Total Worldwide Services Forecast Through 2021 by %
  • Vendor Rankings - Top 15 Vendors for Total Worldwide Services by $ and Market Share

Professional Services

  • Total Worldwide Professional Services Spend Forecast Through 2021
  • Vendor Rankings - Top 15 Vendors for Total Professional Services by $ and Market Share

Maintenance Services

  • Total Retail Services Installed Maintenance Worldwide Forecast Through 2021
  • Vendor Rankings - Top 15 Vendors for Software Maintenance Services by $ and Market Share
  • Vendor Rankings - Top 15 Vendors for Hardware Maintenance Services by $ and Market Share

Systems Integration

  • Total Retail Systems Integration Worldwide Forecast Through 2021
  • Vendor Rankings - Top 15 Vendors for Systems Integration Services by $ and Market Share

Infrastructure Services

  • Total Infrastructure Services Worldwide Forecast Through 2021
  • Vendor Rankings - Top 15 Vendors for BPO Services by $ and Market Share
  • Vendor Rankings - Top 15 Vendors for IT Outsourcing Services by $ and Market Share
  • Vendor Rankings - Top 15 Vendors for IT Outsourcing Services by $ and Market Share

Strategy Services

  • Total Retail IT Strategy Services Worldwide Forecast Through 2021
  • Vendor Rankings - Top 15 Vendors for Strategic Consulting Services by $ and Market Share
  • Vendor Rankings - Top 15 Vendors for Application Development Services by $ and Market Share
  • Vendor Rankings - Top 15 Vendors for Digital Transformation Services by $ and Market Share

Vendor Profiles (see above for what's included)


Appendix - Categories of Software Included

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