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Brave New World of Unified Commerce - 13th Annual IHL/RIS News Study

出版商 IHL Group 商品編碼 351300
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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整合貿易的美麗新世界 Brave New World of Unified Commerce - 13th Annual IHL/RIS News Study
出版日期: 2016年01月05日 內容資訊: 英文


第1章 摘要整理

第2章 一切形態的成長:朝上情況

  • 許多領域的成長
  • IT僱用的增加
  • 企業及商店層級的IT支出的增加
  • IT支出:各種類
  • 商店的成長、重塑:意味什麼

第3章 離線或線上:流通管道如何促進商務

  • 銷售額流通管道的考察
  • 線上 vs. 離線銷售額
  • 行動電子商務、電子商務帶給實體商店銷售額的影響
  • 商店帶給電子商務、行動電子商務的影響
  • 多通路客戶的利益性

第4章 前幾名商店的優先權

  • 前幾名商店的系統優先權
  • 優先權:各種類
  • 購買計劃:各零售種類
  • 購買計劃:各層級

第5章 新興技術

  • 對Beacon、預測分析、資料視覺化、對象RFID及物聯網 (IoT)這類新興技術的預算計劃
  • 新技術計劃:各種類
  • 領先者與遲行者及新技術計劃

第6章 Wi-Fi基礎設施支出

  • 共同出資者用Wi-Fi
  • 客戶用Wi-Fi

第7章 EMV發生了什麼

第8章 整合貿易

  • 零售業者什麼時候準備就緒?
  • 主要的功能及發展的計劃
  • 整合貿易的主要調查結果

第9章 零售軟體的調查

  • 零售軟體支出:各分類
  • 雲端支出:各層級
  • 軟體的考察

第10章 調查背景、手法



Retail is undergoing a dramatic transformation, the greatest since internet was introduced to the stores. What were once silos among many different channels for many retailers are being merged to get to a single view of the customer. Let's face it, she wants to shop when she wants to, where she wants to, and how she wants to and be recognized for the great customer she is regardless of the channel. The technology purchases are being made now to let this happen in the future.

We have titled our 13th annual study with RIS News as "Brave New World of Unified Commerce".

A great deal has been made about the words cross channel or omni-channel as horrible buzzwords, but what can't be denied is the investments retailers are making to get to this Holy Grail or Nirvana of retail where everything works together. That being said, there is also the real reality of limited budgets and the timing it takes from point of decision to systems being fully deployed in stores and online.

This study hits all of the major technologies and most important, when are retailers buying each and when will they be functional for associates and ultimately customers. This study covers the following:

  • IT Spending, Store Growth, IT Hiring
  • Who Didn't Make EMV Deadline and Who's Fault?
  • Value of Multi-Channel Shopper by Segment
  • Rise of Distributed Order Management (DOM)
  • Retail is moving to the cloud...but how fast?
  • Planned spending on Predictive Analytics, Beacons, Data Visualization, RFID and more
  • Analytics for action by associates and data visualization
  • Internet of Things at the store level
  • Mobile enablement of associates and engagement with consumers
  • State of readiness for Ship from Store and other Unified Commerce functions.

With responses from many of the top retailers in North America, we have produced the results in a detailed, but very easy to read study. You also get the raw data to do your own analysis by segment.

The report is designed for use by Retailers, Hardware Providers, Software Providers, Service Providers and others who might have a vested interest in the North American retail market. The complete outline with chart titles is below.


Along with research study analysis your license also includes the raw data in spreadsheet form to do your own cross tabs. You can cross tab any answer to any other answer for unique insight.

We break down the data to find answers to questions that many in our industry are asking, like the following:

  • What do the IT Spend, Store Growth and Store Remodels look like for 2016?
  • What are the retailers' Top Store System Priorities?
  • How is Unified Commerce Driving IT Spend?
  • Where are Retailers Spending in the Cloud?
  • Which segments are looking to replace POS clients, POS Software, POS Printers, POS Scanners and EFT/Debit/Signature Capture devices? Will it be a good year or bad year for POS and peripherals?
  • Who is planning to deploy which Mobile Platforms and Applications, and when?
  • What emerging retail technologies have the best traction going forward?

Some sample pages




Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary

  • 1.1 Introduction
  • 1.2 Study Highlights
  • 1.3 Leaders and Laggards
  • 1.4 Key Findings

2.0 Growth in All Forms - Things Looking Up

  • 2.1 Growth in Many Areas
  • 2.2 IT Hiring Growth
  • 2.3 Enterprise and Store-Level IT Spend Growth
  • 2.4 IT Spend by Segment
  • 2.5 Store Growth and Remodels - What That Means

3.0 Offline or Online - How Channels Drive Business

  • 3.1 Sales Channel Insights
  • 2.2 Online vs Offline Sales
  • 2.3 Influence of Mobile Commerce and E-Commerce on Bricks and Mortar Sales
  • 2.4 Influence of Stores on E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce
  • 2.5 Profitability of Multi-Channel Customers

4.0 Top Store Priorities

  • 4.1 Top Store System Priorities
  • 4.2 Priorities by Segment
  • 4.3 Purchase Timeframe by Retail Segment
  • 4.4 Purchase Timeframe by Tier

5.0 Emerging Technologies

  • 5.1 Budget Plans for Emerging Technologies like Beacons, Predictive Analytics, Data Visualization, RFID and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • 5.2 Emerging Technology Plans by Segment
  • 5.3 Leaders and Laggards and Emerging Technology Plans

6.0 WiFI Infrastructure Spending

  • 6.1 WiFi for Associates
  • 6.2 WiFi for Customers

7.0 What Happened to EMV

  • 7.1 Who Made Deadline and Who Missed
  • 7.2 Whose Fault Was It For Those Who Missed?

8.0 Unified Commerce

  • 8.1 When Will Retailers Be Ready?
  • 8.2 Key Functions and Timeframe for Deployment
  • 8.3 Unified Commerce Key Findings

9.0 A Look at Retail Software

  • 9.1 Where is the Retail Software Spend by Category
  • 4.2 Cloud Spend by Tier
  • 4.3 Software Insights

10.0 Study Background and Methodolody

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