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Asia/Pacific POS Terminals

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文
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亞太地區的POS終端市場 Asia/Pacific POS Terminals
出版日期: 2017年04月04日 內容資訊: 英文


第1章 趨勢

第2章 亞太地區的市場概要

  • POS裝機率成果:各國
  • POS裝機率成果:各零售市場區隔
  • POS出貨成果:各國
  • POS出貨成果:各零售市場區隔

第3章 日本

  • 零售概要
  • POS裝機率成果
  • POS出貨成果

第4章 中國

  • 零售概要
  • POS裝機率成果
  • POS出貨成果

第5章 印度

  • 零售概要
  • POS裝機率成果
  • POS出貨成果

第6章 澳洲/紐西蘭

  • 零售概要
  • POS裝機率成果
  • POS出貨成果

第7章 韓國

  • 零售概要
  • POS裝機率成果
  • POS出貨成果

第8章 越南

  • 零售概要
  • POS裝機率成果
  • POS出貨成果

第9章 台灣

  • 零售概要
  • POS裝機率成果
  • POS出貨成果

第10章 香港

  • 零售概要
  • POS裝機率成果
  • POS出貨成果

第11章 其他的亞太地區

  • 零售概要
  • POS裝機率成果
  • POS出貨成果

第12章 預測

  • 出貨預測:各國
  • 出貨預測:各市場區隔






While the North American and EMEA regions experienced satisfactory POS shipment growth in the current economy, the strong growth in the Asia/Pacific region continues to be a highlight of the worldwide POS market. China and India continue to expand, and their swelling retail ranks will continue to drive growth in 2015 and beyond.

Our Asia/Pacific POS Market Study has 24 figures in 51 pages in which we explore the market climate for POS terminals in the Asia/Pacific region. It includes shipment, installed base and trends analyses for POS in Japan, China, India, Australia/New Zealand, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Other Asia/Pacific countries.

More than just numbers without explanation, this report goes deep into discussion of retailing in the segments in these countries to reveal the forces that are shaping POS purchase decisions. Additionally, the report covers emerging trends and influences that affected the market in 2015, and it includes estimates for shipments and installed base through 2020. Note that this is not a vendor market share report (other than operating systems and processor types), but rather a fresh look at the state of POS technology in the world's fastest growing market.


Along with the general retail environment for each country/region, we discuss the country by country shipments, installed base, and forecasts for the following retail market segments:

  • Food/Supermarket: This is a grocery store, and size can range from a single-lane, mom-and-pop store to a multi-lane full service supermarket.
  • Drug Store: This is store that sells personal care and medicinal items and can have from 1-5 terminals per store.
  • Hypermarkets: This is a broad segment that varies by country. In many, it includes a full service Food store as well as products typically included at Discounters under one roof. In other countries, stores can range anywhere from a Superstore format (think Wal-Mart Supercenter) to a full-line Department Store (with large appliances) combined with a full-line Grocery store.
  • Department Stores: Traditionally larger format stores, upscale in products and including hard and soft goods with department style checkout.
  • Mass Merchants: Like a Hypermarket format, only carrying non-food items or limited food items and using a front-end checkout. Also includes Discounters.
  • Specialty Stores: Stores that focus on particular product line niches. Includes apparel, news, shoes, and DIY type stores.
  • Convenience/Gas: Stores selling a limited variety of food and pharmaceutical items; open long hours for the convenience of customers.
  • Hospitality: Includes Restaurants, Bars, Pubs and Hotels.

Table of Contents


  • Introduction / Background and Objectives
  • POS Definitions
  • Country Details
  • Market Segment Definitions



  • 2.1. POS Installed Base History by Country
  • 2.2. POS Installed Base History by Retail Segment
  • 2.3. POS Shipment History by Country
  • 2.4. POS Shipment History by Retail Segment


  • 3.1. Retail Overview
  • 3.2. POS Installed Base History
  • 3.3. POS Shipment History


  • 4.1. Retail Overview
  • 4.2. POS Installed Base History
  • 4.3. POS Shipment History


  • 5.1. Retail Overview
  • 5.2. POS Installed Base History
  • 5.3. POS Shipment History


  • 6.1. Retail Overview
  • 6.2. POS Installed Base History
  • 6.3. POS Shipment History


  • 7.1. Retail Overview
  • 7.2. POS Installed Base History
  • 7.3. POS Shipment History


  • 8.1. Retail Overview
  • 8.2. POS Installed Base History
  • 8.3. POS Shipment History


  • 9.1. Retail Overview
  • 9.2. POS Installed Base History
  • 9.3. POS Shipment History


  • 10.1. Retail Overview
  • 10.2. POS Installed Base History
  • 10.3. POS Shipment History


  • 11.1. Retail Overview
  • 11.2. POS Installed Base History
  • 11.3. POS Shipment History


  • 12.1. Projected Shipments by Country from 2017 - 2021
  • 12.2. Projected Shipments by Segment from 2017 - 2021


List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Asia/Pacific POS Installed Base by Country
  • Figure 2: Asia/Pacific POS Installed Base History by Retail Segment
  • Figure 3: Asia/Pacific POS Shipment History by Country
  • Figure 4: Asia/Pacific POS Shipment History by Retail Segment
  • Figure 5: Japan POS Installed Base History
  • Figure 6: Japan POS Shipment History
  • Figure 7: China POS Installed Base History
  • Figure 8: China POS Shipment History
  • Figure 9: India POS Installed Base History
  • Figure 10: India POS Shipment History
  • Figure 11: Australia/New Zealand POS Installed Base History
  • Figure 12: Australia/New Zealand POS Shipment History
  • Figure 13: South Korea POS Installed Base History
  • Figure 14: South Korea POS Shipment History
  • Figure 15: Vietnam POS Installed Base History
  • Figure 16: Vietnam POS Shipment History
  • Figure 17: Taiwan POS Installed Base History
  • Figure 18: Taiwan POS Shipment History
  • Figure 19: Hong Kong POS Installed Base History
  • Figure 20: Hong Kong POS Shipment History
  • Figure 21: Other Asia/Pacific POS Installed Base History
  • Figure 22: Other Asia/Pacific POS Shipment History
  • Figure 23: 2017 - 2021 Asia/Pacific Projected POS Shipments by Country
  • Figure 24: 2017 - 2021 Asia/Pacific Projected Shipments by Retail Segment
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