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IDC如何對Global Server和Enterprise Storage System工作負載進行分類(2021)

IDC's Worldwide Server and Enterprise Storage Systems Workloads Taxonomy, 2021

出版商 IDC 商品編碼 995665
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 18 Pages
IDC如何對Global Server和Enterprise Storage System工作負載進行分類(2021) IDC's Worldwide Server and Enterprise Storage Systems Workloads Taxonomy, 2021
出版日期: 2021年03月08日內容資訊: 英文 18 Pages





  • 工作負載類別和工作負載(工作內容/負載)
    • 應用程序開發/驗證
      • 應用程序開發/驗證
    • 業務應用
      • 客戶關係管理(CRM)應用程序
      • 企業資源管理(ERM)應用程序
      • 供應鏈管理(SCM)應用程序
      • 其他業務應用程序
    • 內容與協作
      • 協作應用程序
      • 內容申請
    • 數據管理
      • 結構化數據管理
      • 結構化數據分析
      • 非結構化數據的管理和分析
    • 工程/技術
      • 工程/技術應用
    • IT基礎架構
      • 文件/打印
      • 聯網
      • 安全性
      • 系統管理
      • 虛擬桌面基礎架構
    • Web基礎結構
      • 媒體流
      • Web服務
  • 部署方法和安裝位置
  • 應用程序類型
  • 其他細分
    • 服務器和企業存儲系統(ESS)的工作負載:按基礎結構部署方法
    • 服務器和ESS工作負載:按基礎結構類型
    • 服務器和ESS工作負載:通過虛擬化方法
    • 服務器工作負載:擴展性別
    • 服務器工作負載:按部署方法
    • ESS工作量:按數據類型
    • ESS工作負載:按存儲層


  • 相關分析
  • 摘要
Product Code: US46505621

This IDC study provides an overview of and definitions for IDC's research on server and enterprise storage systems workloads. This taxonomy is a base for two quantitative products: IDC's Worldwide Semiannual Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker: Workloads and IDC's Worldwide Semiannual Server Tracker: Workloads as well as IDC's new Infrastructure for Workloads: Trends and Strategies subscription service. The server and ESS workloads research analyzes deployments of server and storage infrastructure for serving 18 types of workloads running in traditional and cloud IT environments. Driven by extensive primary research and analysis, three workloads-related products provide insights on trends in workload migration, demand for certain server and storage technologies for various workloads, and forecast for end-user spend on server and storage infrastructure supporting these workloads."IDC's workloads research evaluates consumption of server and storage resources to power enterprise workloads across multiple deployment models, locations, infrastructure tiers, and application architectures," said Natalya Yezhkova, research vice president, IDC's Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group. "In addition, this research provides actionable insights into buyer behavior and recommendations on infrastructure modernization trends and strategies to enable enterprises that are undergoing digital transformations."

IDC's Worldwide Server and Enterprise Storage Systems Workloads Taxonomy

Server and Enterprise Storage Systems Workloads Taxonomy Changes for 2021


  • Workload Categories and Workloads
    • Application Development and Testing
      • Application Development and Testing
    • Business Applications
      • Customer Relationship Management Applications
      • Enterprise Resource Management Applications
      • Supply Chain Management Applications
      • Other Business Applications
    • Content and Collaboration
      • Collaborative Applications
      • Content Applications
    • Data Management
      • Structured Data Management
      • Structured Data Analytics
      • Unstructured Data Management and Analytics
    • Engineering/Technical
      • Engineering/Technical Applications
    • IT Infrastructure
      • File and Print
      • Networking
      • Security
      • System Management
      • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
    • Web Infrastructure
      • Media Streaming
      • Web Serving
  • Deployment Model and Location
  • Application Type
  • Additional Segmentations
    • Server and ESS Workloads: Infrastructure Deployment
    • Server and ESS Workloads: Infrastructure Type
    • Server and ESS Workloads: Virtualization Method
    • Server Workloads: Scalability
    • Server Workloads: Deployment Environment
    • ESS Workloads: Data Type
    • ESS Workloads: Storage Tier

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