Canadian Communications Services Forecast, 2020-2024: COVID-19 Turns Telecom Inside Out

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電信服務的加拿大市場:COVID-19徹底顛覆電信-2020-2024年的預測 Canadian Communications Services Forecast, 2020-2024: COVID-19 Turns Telecom Inside Out
出版日期: 2020年05月27日內容資訊: 英文 85 Pages
加拿大的電信服務供應商因為COVID-19大流行病導致必須面對三大挑戰,包括嚴重的景氣衰退,與此同時,也需要對應史上最大的網路需求,並且因應今年開始展開業務的新世代5G,投資其無線網路。Communications Research的副總裁,同時也是IDC Canada Ltd的首席分析師Lawrence Surtee表示:「電信服務商證明了經濟衰退,幸運的是對下一代網路及架構的投資,可以應對史無前例的需求。然而,由於COVID-19大流行病會持續到什麼時候尚未明朗,與其相關的經濟打擊有可能會對目前的預測帶來劇烈影響」






  • 加拿大的電信服務市場
    • 年度結果及之前IDC預測之比較
    • 電信服務市場的區隔趨勢
      • 無線掌握競爭力關鍵
      • 影像片段的減少
    • 電信服務顧客族群的趨勢
    • 企業部門趨勢
    • 地區趨勢
  • 電信服務部門的預測
    • COVID-19新冠病毒大流行的影響
      • 預測場景的變更
      • 電信網路流量爆發性成長
    • 電信收入預測
    • 本地有線
    • 遠距離
    • 數據
    • 網路
    • 無線
    • 視訊
    • 顧客族群預測
      • 消費者(住宅)族群
      • 批發
      • 企業市場
    • 各業種預測
    • 地區


  • 成長因素及阻礙因素
    • 有線聲音服務
      • 推動因素
        • 用在國際電話以及視訊會議的免付費通話增加
      • 阻礙因素
        • Y世代的人口統計及行動工作者
        • 行動代替
        • SIP中繼
    • 網路/影像
      • 推動因素
        • 加速導入光纖
        • Gigabyte網路及數據需求擴增
        • 全國寬頻戰略
      • 阻礙因素
        • 無線網路替代及5G無線
        • 熱門影像
    • 無線服務
      • 成長因素
        • 替代成為主流
        • 具備SDN及NFV的新世代5G無線寬頻
      • 阻礙因素
        • 無線語音持續對ARPU帶來壓力
        • 無線用戶增長緩慢
        • 聯邦的無線價格政策
    • 數據(WAN)服務
      • 推動因素
        • 網路融合
        • 光纖波長網路急速增加
      • 阻礙因素
        • 頂尖企業:SD-WAN蠶食MPLS IP VPN的收入
        • 相互運用性
  • 重要的市場開發趨勢
  • 上次預測的變化


  • 電信分類以及服務定義
    • 本地TDM及有線
    • VoIP,纜線電話,SIP中繼連結
    • 遠距離
    • 無線
    • 網路
    • 數據
    • 影像服務
  • 行業定義
    • 金融服務
    • 製造
    • 零售/批發
    • 公共部門
    • 基礎設施
    • 電信/媒體
    • 服務
    • 其他產業
    • 住宅
    • 電信批發
  • 企業規模的定義
  • 地區的定義
  • 相關用語



Product Code: CA45063520

This IDC study presents IDC Canada's five-year forecasts for communications services spending by market and customer segments, company size, industry sector, and region for 2020-2024 based on the annual update of IDC Canada's custom Communications Market Model and replaces our previous comprehensive spring and fall 2019 forecasts (see Lawrence Surtees, Meng Cong, and Manish Nargas, Canadian Communications Services Forecast, 2019-2023: Telecom Inside Out, IDC Canada #CA43809119, May 2019).This current five-year forecast document is based on revised assumptions of our initial pessimistic scenario of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-2021 presented briefly in IDC Canada's webcast in early April 2020 (see IDC Canada, News Release, "IDC Expects Canada's Telecom Market to Face a Significant Revenue Slowdown in 2020 and Beyond," Toronto: April 6, 2020).However, the COVID-19 pandemic is showing economic impacts on a scale not seen since the Great Depression as well as introducing many uncertainties and factors that change almost weekly. Clients are cautioned that this forecast document, unlike previous years, is based on a temporary snapshot of macroeconomic forecasts and conditionsthat existed in mid-to-late April. Readers are urged to visit IDC's COVID-19 micro-website (at www.idc.com/misc/covid19) for frequent updates on the impact of COVID-19 on the global and Canadian ICT sectors.Readers should note the adjustments made in this study and rely on this forecast for initial 2020 planning purposes. This study addresses the following questions:How does current and projected spending on Canadian communication services differ by: market segment, customer segment, company size, region, and industry vertical sector?Which customer segments, company size, industry, and regional segments of the Canadian communications services market are poised for growth, and which are the best opportunities for communication service providers (SPs) over the new five-year forecast period?Canadian communication service providers face a triple challenge in 2020 of meeting unparalleled network demand and coping with a severe economic downturn due to the COVID-19 pandemic while also investing in new next-generation 5G wireless networks as the commercial rollout begins this year."Communications providers are largely recession proof and fortunately investments in next-gen network technologies and architectures are allowing communications SPs to cope with unrivalled demand," says study coauthor Lawrence Surtees, vice president of Communications Research and principal analyst at IDC Canada Ltd. "But the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic is still a great unknown and its associated economic shocks could dramatically impact the current forecast."

IDC Market Forecast Figure

Executive Summary

Advice for Technology Suppliers

Market Forecast

  • Canadian Communications Services Market in 2019
    • Comparison of Year-End Results with Previous IDC Forecast
    • Communications Service Market Segment Trends
      • Wireless Remains Key to Competitive Position
      • Video Segment Declining
        • Business TV Revenue Growing But Not a Panacea
    • Telecom Service Customer Segment Trends
    • Enterprise Sector Trends
    • Regional Trends
  • Communications Service Sector Forecast, 2020-2024
    • Impact of COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic
      • Changing Forecast Scenarios
      • Communications Network Traffic Growth Exploding
    • Communications Revenue Forecast, 2020-2024
    • Local Wireline
      • Circuit Switch Decline
      • VoIP, Cable Telephony, and SIP Trunk
        • SIP and UCCaaS
    • Long Distance
    • Data
      • Enterprise Over the Top: Cloud Computing and Datacentres
    • Internet
    • Wireless
      • Wireless Service Revenue Hard Hit by COVID-19 Restrictions
    • Video
    • Customer Segment Forecast
      • Consumer (Home) Segment
      • Wholesale
      • Enterprise Market
    • Industry Verticals Forecast
    • Regional

Market Context

  • Drivers and Inhibitors
    • Wireline Voice Service
      • Drivers
        • Increased Toll-Free Long-Distance Use and Conferencing
      • Inhibitors
        • Millennial Demographics and Mobile Workforce
        • Mobile Substitution
        • SIP Trunks
    • Internet and Video
      • Drivers
        • Fibre-Optic Rollouts Accelerate
        • Gigabit Internet and Increasing Data Needs
        • National Broadband Strategy
      • Inhibitors
        • Wireless Internet Substitution and 5G Wireless
        • Over-the-Top Video
    • Wireless Service
      • Drivers
        • Substitution Gains Traction
        • Next-Generation 5G Wireless Broadband with SDN and NFV
      • Inhibitors
        • Wireless Voice Declines Continue to Pressure ARPU
        • Slower Wireless Subscriber Growth
        • Federal Wireless Price Policy
    • Data (WAN) Services
      • Drivers
        • Network Convergence
        • Fibre-Optic Wavelength Network Proliferation
      • Inhibitors
        • Enterprise Over the Top: SD-WAN Looms to Cannibalize MPLS IP VPN Revenue
        • Interoperability
  • Significant Market Developments
  • Changes from Prior Forecast

Market Definition

  • Communications Taxonomy and Service Definitions
    • Local TDM and Wireline
    • VoIP, Cable Telephony, and SIP Trunk
      • SIP Trunk
    • Long Distance
    • Wireless
      • Wireless Data Segmentation
      • Wireless Wholesale
    • Internet
    • Data
    • Video Services
  • Industry Sector Definitions
    • Financial Services
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail/Wholesale
    • Public Sector
    • Utilities
    • Communications and Media
    • Services
    • Other Industries
    • Home
    • Telecommunications Wholesale
  • Company Size Definitions
  • Region Definitions
  • Glossary


  • SIP Trunk Forecast
    • Note on SIP Terms
  • Difficulty Reconciling Forecasts with CRTC Market Data

Related Research

  • Further Research