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Rules and Regulations: Regulators, Agencies, and Blockchain Innovation

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規則和法規:監督機構、政府機關,和塊環鏈的技術創新 Rules and Regulations: Regulators, Agencies, and Blockchain Innovation
出版日期: 2018年04月16日 內容資訊: 英文 8 Pages





  • 穩壓器,代理店,政府機關:概要
    • 關心各種問題的監督機構
    • 推動塊環鏈的調查、研究的監督機構的案例
    • 推動塊環鏈的調查、研究的中央銀行的案例
    • 其他政府機關



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  • 摘要
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This IDC Perspective discusses some of the regulators, agencies, and governments that are watching the blockchain, distributed ledger technology (DLT), and smart contracts technology segments. In this document, we focus on the market force of regulators, agencies, and governments. For technology, we focus on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, not cryptocurrencies (e.g., bitcoin). Because blockchain and smart contracts are in the early stages, many enterprises may not have run into conflicts with regulations. However, as firms get more involved in DLT, they are increasingly likely to drive innovations that conflict with existing laws or expose gaps in existing regulations. In this document, we discus some of the regulators and central banks influencing rules and regulations for blockchain.The regulatory environment is constantly changing. Therefore, IDC recommends that enterprises and technology providers keep a close watch on the regulators that have the potential to affect their companies, industries, and customers."IDC recommends that industry participants be actively involved in discussions with courts and legislative bodies to help influence decisions about changes to existing laws and regulations and development of new laws and regulations. While we see positive sentiments from multiple regulators, enterprises should actively work to influence new rules and regulations." - Bill Fearnley, research director, IDC Blockchain Strategies.

Executive Snapshot

Situation Overview

  • Regulators, Agencies, and Governments - An Introduction
    • Regulators Are Focused on Multiple Issues
    • Examples of Regulators Investigating Blockchain
    • Examples of Central Banks Investigating Blockchain
    • Other Government Agencies

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