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i-ERP (智慧型ERP) :數位轉換新的骨幹

i-ERP (Intelligent ERP): The New Backbone for Digital Transformation

出版商 IDC 商品編碼 370933
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 12 Pages
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i-ERP (智慧型ERP) :數位轉換新的骨幹 i-ERP (Intelligent ERP): The New Backbone for Digital Transformation
出版日期: 2016年09月16日 內容資訊: 英文 12 Pages





  • 用戶體驗方面:輔助性、對話性
    • 輔助性用戶體驗
    • 對話接口
    • i-ERP的檢測標準1:輔助性、對話性UX品質
  • 流程方面:自動化、增強、重新定義擴展
    • 例行任務的自動化動向
    • 機器的自動化和增強的結合
    • 先進的流程重新定義
    • i-ERP的檢測標準2:流程─自動化,增強,重新定義擴展
  • 資料方面:收集的資料集與語境內存取
    • 收集的資料集
    • 語境內個人化資料的存取
    • i-ERP的檢測標準3:收集的資料集和語境內存取的價值和競爭力




Product Code: US41732516

This IDC study provides a framework based on three dimensions for understanding this movement to i-ERP and for assessing the progress of vendors to realize the promise of i-ERP and intelligent systems."i-ERP (intelligent ERP) applications, incorporating machine learning, are set to be the next wave of ERP, supporting the digital transformation of companies at the core of their enterprise systems. Evaluating these systems relies on assessing three dimensions: an assistive and conversational user experience, extended process automation and augmentation, and curated data sets accompanied by in-context access." - Henry Morris, IDC Fellow for IDC's Worldwide Big Data, Analytics, and Cognitive Software research.

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In This Study

Situation Overview

  • The User Experience Dimension: Assistive and Conversational
    • Assistive User Experience
    • Conversational Interface
    • i-ERP Metric 1: Assistive and Conversational UX Quality
  • The Process Dimension: Breadth of Automation, Augmentation, and Redefinition
    • Moving Beyond Automation of Routine Tasks
    • Combining Machine Automation and Augmentation
    • Intelligent Process Redefinition
    • i-ERP Metric 2: Process - Breadth of Automation, Augmentation, and Redefinition
  • The Data Dimension: Curated Data Sets and In-Context Access
    • Curated Data Sets
    • In-Context, Personalized Data Access
    • i-ERP Metric 3: Data - Value and Completeness of Curated Data Sets and In-Context Data Access

Future Outlook

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