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China IT Service Market Forecast, 2016-2020

出版商 IDC 商品編碼 370911
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 15 Pages
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中國的IT服務市場預測 China IT Service Market Forecast, 2016-2020
出版日期: 2016年09月13日 內容資訊: 英文 15 Pages

中國的宏觀經濟慢慢也進入踏實的成長期,在IDC的最近調查中,中國的IT服務市場成長向下修正。可是,由於各種第三方平台變成熟,合併該技術涉及應用的數位轉換 (DX) 趨勢,新的內容注入了中國的IT服務整體市場。以雲端,巨量資料,行動為主要的促進要素,對國家層級的安全的興趣高漲是今後的市場發展的促進要素,也是未確定要素。





  • 企劃導向服務供應商
  • 外包服務供應商
  • 支援、培訓供應商



  • 促進要素與抑制因素
  • 市場的重要發展
    • 企劃導向服務
    • 外包服務
    • 支援、培訓
  • 上次預測後的變更點


  • 企劃導向服務
    • IT諮詢服務
    • 客製化應用軟體開發
    • 系統整合
    • 網路諮詢與整合
  • 外包服務
    • 應用管理
    • 網路和桌上型電腦外包服務
    • 代理應用管理
    • 基礎設施託管服務
    • IS外包
  • 支援、培訓
    • 硬體設備引進與支援
    • 軟體引進與支援
    • IT教育和培訓



Product Code: CHE41481716

As China's macroeconomy entered a period of slow but steady growth, IDC has lowered its growth expectations of China's IT service market in the current study. However, with the maturing of various 3rd Platform technologies and a general trend of digital transformation (DX) involving the integrated application of these technologies, new content has been injected into China's IT service market and all its segments. Cloud, Big Data, and mobility are the main driving forces behind all this, while growing attention to security issues at the national level is both a driving force and a factor of uncertainty in the future development of the market. This has given rise to many new business models. Project-oriented markets will be the first to benefit from the demand released from DX. This is particularly true of IT consulting, customized application development, and systems integration services. Inevitably, outsourcing services will be more closely combined with cloud services, while support and training services will be increasingly oriented to customers from the Internet industry. "In the future, both end users and service providers will have to increasingly face the opportunities and challenges brought by DX. End users need to consider how to leverage digital transformation to upgrade and expand their business, while service providers have to continuously improve their integrated service abilities in the process of DX, so that they can survive and stay advantageous in the market," said Richard Zhao, senior research manager, Enterprise System Services Research, IDC China.

IDC Market Forecast Figure

Executive Summary

Advice for Technology Suppliers

  • Project-Oriented Service Providers
  • Outsourcing Service Providers
  • Support and Training Service Providers

Market Forecast

Market Context

  • Drivers and Inhibitors
    • Drivers
      • Datacenter and Cloud
      • Mobility
      • Big Data
      • Security
    • Inhibitors
      • Macroeconomic Growth Slowdown
  • Significant Market Developments
    • Project-Oriented Services
    • Outsourcing Services
    • Support and Training Services
  • Changes from Prior Forecast

Market Definition

  • Project-Oriented Services
    • IT Consulting Service
    • Customized Application Development
    • Systems Integration
    • Network Consulting and Integration
  • Outsourcing Services
    • Application Management
    • Network and Desktop Outsourcing Services
    • Hosted Application Management
    • Hosting Infrastructure Service
    • IS Outsourcing
  • Support and Training Services
    • Hardware Deployment and Support
    • Software Deployment and Support
    • IT Education and Training


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