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3D主導 (L3D):100天推動數位轉換的方法

Leading in 3D: 100 Days to Set the Stage for Digital Transformation

出版商 IDC 商品編碼 368871
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 20 Pages
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3D主導 (L3D):100天推動數位轉換的方法 Leading in 3D: 100 Days to Set the Stage for Digital Transformation
出版日期: 2016年09月02日 內容資訊: 英文 20 Pages





  • 數位轉換的主導:必要的基本能力
  • 藍圖的建立:數位轉換的最初的100天
  • 藍圖的建立:「3D主導」的10階段的方法 (IDC的)
    • 準備階段
      • 1. 適應性的評估
      • 2. 緊急性的感覺的創造
      • 3. 員工層級的協會的創辦
      • 4. 數位轉換 (DX) 的策略願景的創造
      • 5. 策略性的配合措施事項的選出
        • 組合管理的強化與PMO (計劃管理辦公室)
        • 數位能力、技術的最佳化
        • 強力的資訊管治及健全的資訊架構的建立
        • 組織結構的強化,與充分的人力資源的確保
        • 創造、提供恰當的商務執行能力的商務服務的開發
      • 6. 組織設計
        • 產業部門 (LOB) 和IT的聯合,和聯邦型的企業結構
        • 企業文化、人員、結構、事務的聯合
        • 有效率的開發:是連鎖型還是分散式?
        • 組織結構的原則
        • 對CIO (資訊長)的報告的自我認知:誰做什麼?
    • 實施階段
      • 7. 廣泛的通訊
      • 8. 障礙的消除
      • 9. 短期性的目標達成褒與獎
      • 10. 「3D主導」(L3D)的導入企業文化



  • 長期性的建議


  • 相關調查
  • 摘要
Product Code: US41702516

This IDC study, written for CIOs and senior information and technology executives, lays out a plan for getting started in the IT transformation that is essential for the digital transformation of a business. This study leverages IDC's digital transformation leadership framework, Leading in 3D, which provides a comprehensive, process-driven approach to technology management: integrating - in a systematic fashion - innovation, speed, agility, and customer responsiveness with predictable, optimized IT infrastructure. This study presents a 10-step approach and a 100-day plan that will enable senior executives to successfully launch an IT transformation and implement the Leading in 3D model."For CIOs and IT executives, speed seems like an impossible challenge. However, speed should be regarded as the most powerful component in achieving superior performance for the IT organization in terms of business outcome, agility, scalability, and cost," says Serge Findling, vice president of research with IDC's IT Executive Programs (IEP).

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In This Study

Situation Overview

  • Leading Digital Transformation: Essential Competencies
  • Creating a Road Map: The First 100 Days of Digital Transformation
  • Creating a Road Map: IDC's Leading in 3D 10-Step Approach
    • Preparation
      • 1. Assess Readiness
      • 2. Create a Sense of Urgency
      • 3. Engage an Executive Council Team
      • 4. Create a Strategic Vision for DX
      • 5. Develop Strategic Initiatives
        • Strengthen Portfolio Management and the PMO
        • Optimize Digital Capabilities and Technology
        • Create Strong Information Governance and a Sound Information Architecture
        • Bolster Organizational Structure and Talent Capacity
        • Develop Business Services That Create and Deliver Relevant Business Capabilities
      • 6. Design Organization
        • Business-IT Alignment and the Federated Structure
        • Aligning Company Culture, People, Structure, and Tasks
        • Effective Development: Collocated or Distributed?
        • Organizational Structure Principles
        • Self-Perceptions of CIO Reports: Who Does What?
    • Implementation
      • 7. Communicate Broadly
      • 8. Remove Barriers
      • 9. Create Short-Term Wins and Celebrate
      • 10. Institutionalize L3D in Culture

Future Outlook

Essential Guidance

  • In the Longer Term

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  • Synopsis
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