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IDC 建立PlanScape:新的IT經營模式

IDC PlanScape: Creating a New IT Business Model - "Start-Up" IT All Over Again

出版商 IDC 商品編碼 368862
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 15 Pages
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IDC 建立PlanScape:新的IT經營模式 IDC PlanScape: Creating a New IT Business Model - "Start-Up" IT All Over Again
出版日期: 2016年08月31日 內容資訊: 英文 15 Pages

本報告以IT經營模式整體主要領域 (財務管理與服務管理)的現代化為焦點,提供新的架構,其理由、有效利用方法等系統性資訊。

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  • CIO、中央IT、LOB IT、第三方平台的責任分離
  • IT成本整體財務管理
  • IT服務組合定義
  • 促進新的商務運用模式
  • 產品/服務的生命週期管理
  • 作為公司內部SaaS商務運作中央IT
  • 開始新的IT經營模式的理由






Product Code: US41671016

This IDC study focuses on the modernization of two key areas of the overall IT business model, financial management and service management, and suggests a new framework to help company management redesign and reinvent the following components of a new IT start-up business.

These include:

  • Segregation of duties of the CIO, central IT, LOB IT, and 3rd Platform suppliers
  • Financial management of the entire IT cost basis across the enterprise
  • Defining the IT service portfolio (e.g., "What business is IT in?")
  • Fostering a new business operating model - brokering and bundling of services
  • Product/service life-cycle management (L3D)
  • Running central IT as an internal SaaS business

Bob Multhaup, IDC adjunct research analyst for IT Financial and Service Management says, "When the IT business model begins to get in the way of real business innovation on one hand and real cost controls on the other, then a new business model is needed that can get control of costs and fund innovation."

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Executive Summary

Why Is a New IT Business Model Important?

  • Segregation of Duties of the CIO, Central IT, LOB IT, and the 3rd Platform
  • Financial Management of the Entire IT Cost Basis Across the Enterprise
  • Defining the IT Service Portfolio: "What Business Is IT In?"
  • Fostering a New Business Operating Model: Services Brokering and Bundling
  • Product/Service Life-Cycle Management (L3D)
  • Running Central IT as an Internal SaaS Business
  • Summary of Why to "Start Up" a New IT Business Model

What Is a New IT Business Model?

Who Are the Key Stakeholders?

How to Create a New IT Business Model

  • Segregate Enterprise IT Service Business from Central IT
  • Managerial Accounting Model Consolidates "All In" IT Costs
  • Enterprise Service Portfolio Defined and Managed
  • Operating Model to Broker and Bundle Services
  • Product/Service Life-Cycle Management Program
  • Central IT Run as an Internal SaaS Service Provider

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