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歐洲·中東·非洲各國 (EMEA)的企業用網路 (路由器,轉換器、WLAN) 市場未來預測 (2015∼2020年)

EMEA Enterprise Network (Router, Switch, and WLAN) Forecast, 2015-2020

出版商 IDC 商品編碼 361974
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 19 Pages
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歐洲·中東·非洲各國 (EMEA)的企業用網路 (路由器,轉換器、WLAN) 市場未來預測 (2015∼2020年) EMEA Enterprise Network (Router, Switch, and WLAN) Forecast, 2015-2020
出版日期: 2016年06月27日 內容資訊: 英文 19 Pages


本報告提供歐洲·中東·非洲各國 (EMEA) 的企業網路設備·解決方案市場相關分析,彙整整體市場規模 (以金額·數量為準)的實際成果值和預測值 (今後5年份),各地區·各產品·各技術詳細趨勢,最新的市場形勢·技術開發趨勢,今後的市場成長·技術進步預測,產業相關人員的建議的內容等資訊,為您概述為以下內容。

IDC的市場趨勢預測 (圖表)



  • 企業用乙太網路·交換器市場
    • 認識新型乙太網路的速度,還有相關市場上的機會及威脅
    • 對開放式·網路的持續性關注
    • 流通管道:配合IoT革命
  • 企業用路由器市場
    • 支援個人行動,實現雲端
    • SD-WAN (軟體定義WAN):市場存在的主張,及市場機會的發現
  • WLAN (無線LAN) 路由器市場
    • 企業用行動的普及WLAN需求的促進
    • 802.11ac Wave 1及Wave 2相互作用
    • 控制器型/雲端型的WLAN基礎設施


  • 企業用網路市場:概要
  • 企業用乙太網路·交換器市場:概要
  • 企業用WLAN市場:概要
  • 企業用路由器市場:概要


  • 市場促進·阻礙因素
    • 推動因素
      • 有線·無線基礎設施的一體化
      • WLAN容量要件的增加
      • 乙太網路·交換器技術的融合
      • 被迫面臨「IoT雪崩」的課題
      • 流量的模式,及網路服務的複雜性
    • 阻礙因素
      • 歐元區宏觀經濟的不穩定性
      • 跟ODM (獨立型設備廠商) 的網路·硬體設備擴充和,網路的軟體化
  • 市場主要趨勢
    • 企業用乙太網路·交換器市場
    • 企業用路由器市場
    • 企業用WLAN市場
    • 上次預測結果後的變更點


  • 乙太網路·交換器技術的分類
  • 速度
  • 產品
  • 層級
  • 例外事項
  • 路由器技術的分類
  • 產品級
  • 引進數量
  • WLAN技術的分類
    • 產品級
    • 產品
    • 產品的詳細資訊
  • 市場指標
    • WLAN市場指標 (出貨量)
    • 乙太網路·交換器市場指標 (出貨量)
    • 路由器市場指標 (出貨量)



Product Code: EMEA40716516

This EMEA enterprise networking market forecast for 2016-2020 covers Ethernet switching, WLAN, and router technologies. In tabular form, it provides quantitative projections on market value and shipments in EMEA as well as certain sub-regional and technological details of these projections. Furthermore, it offers IDC's view on key technology trends expected to shape the future of the enterprise networking market and provides recommendations for vendor strategies."In 2015, the enterprise networking market in EMEA was practically flat after several years of value growth. However, the underlying technological and economic factors are strong enough to return the market to growth in the near future." - Senior Research Analyst Elena Szolgayova, IDC CEMA.

IDC Market Forecast Figure

Executive Summary

  • Enterprise Networking Market Summary
  • Enterprise Ethernet Switch Market Summary
  • Enterprise Router Market Summary
  • Enterprise WLAN Market Summary

Advice for Technology Suppliers

  • Enterprise Ethernet Switch Market
    • Recognizing New Ethernet Speeds and Related Market Opportunities and Threats
    • Staying Alert to Open Networking
    • Channels - Gearing Up for the IoT Revolution
  • Enterprise Router Market
    • Supporting Personal Mobility and Enabling Cloud
    • SD-WAN - Informing the Market and Identifying Opportunities
  • WLAN Router Market
    • Enterprise Mobility Drives WLAN Demand
    • 802.11ac Wave 1 and Wave 2 Interplays
    • Controller-Based Versus Cloud-Based WLAN Infrastructure

Market Forecast

  • Enterprise Networking Market Summary
  • Enterprise Ethernet Switch Market Summary
  • Enterprise WLAN Market Summary
  • Enterprise Router Market Summary

Market Context

  • Drivers and Inhibitors
    • Drivers
      • Migration from Wired to Wireless Infrastructure
      • Increase in WLAN Capacity Requirements
      • Ethernet Switch Technology Migrations
      • The Need to Cope With the Upcoming IoT Avalanche
      • Traffic Pattern and Network Service Complexity
    • Inhibitors
      • Macroeconomic Instability in the Eurozone Region
      • Expansion of ODM Networking Hardware and Softwarization of Networks
  • Significant Market Developments
    • Enterprise Ethernet Switch Market
    • Enterprise Router Market
    • Enterprise WLAN Market
    • Changes from the Prior Forecast

Market Definition

  • Ethernet Switch Technology Segmentations
  • Speed
  • Product
  • Layer
  • Excluded
  • Router Technology Segmentations
  • Product Class
  • Deployment
  • WLAN Technology Segmentations
    • Product Class
    • Product
    • Product Detail
  • Market Metrics
    • WLAN Market Metrics
      • Shipments
    • Ethernet Switch Market Metrics
      • Shipments
    • Router Market Metrics
      • Shipments


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