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IDC MaturityScape: Unified Device Management

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 15 Pages
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IDC的成熟度模式:設備整合管理 IDC MaturityScape: Unified Device Management
出版日期: 2016年03月18日 內容資訊: 英文 15 Pages



IT產業的商務領導者,注意提供客戶出色的運算體驗,和員工能迅速存取公司內部的資料、應用、通訊資源 (以提高生產率) 。另一方面,到時該使用哪個硬體設備和軟體 (包含個人智慧型手機和公司業務設備) ,便不太介意。總之,不論辦公室內外,員工能存取必要的應用程式和資料應該就行了。

本報告提供各企業活用設備整合管理 (UDM) 致力擴充自公司產品所必要的策略、行動計劃、目標等相關分析,短期、長期性目的設定方法,具體的配合措施事項/評價標準,各企業的領導者籌劃、修正策略時的重點等相關調查與考察。

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  • IDC的設備整合管理的成熟化模式的各階段
    • 臨時的階段:細分的管理體制
      • 概要
      • 產業的成果
    • 機會主義性的階段:管理上的差距的修復
    • 反復性的階段:IT的合理化、效率化
    • 受管理的階段:商務成果導向
    • 受最佳化的階段:革新/數位轉換 (DX) 導向




  • 摘要
Product Code: US40698016

Business leaders are increasingly looking to IT to deliver a client computing experience that enables employees to quickly and easily access corporate data, applications, and communication resources across their devices of choice. Likewise, business users generally don't care about the delineation between multiple hardware and software platforms or between personal smartphones or corporate devices. They simply want to access the applications and data needed to perform their job whether they are working in the office or remotely. This IDC study describes the IDC MaturityScape for a unified approach to managing an enterprise's expanding portfolio of device types. It identifies the stages, dimensions, outcomes, and actions required for IT service and support teams to transform their client computing management practices for success in increasingly heterogeneous endpoint device environments. This study also serves as a guide for technology executives to identify areas in need of improvement in support of desktop and application delivery and management practices that enable an organization's digital transformation initiatives. This IDC MaturityScape for unified device management (UDM) provides snapshots of the stages of maturity that an IT organization must strive to achieve, particularly in today's increasingly diverse and demanding client computing environments. Further, this study: Describes the IDC MaturityScape framework for UDM in terms of how desktop and application delivery and management processes can be transformed, progressing from ad hoc and uncoordinated efforts through an aspirational view of a fully optimized holistic approach to the accountability and management of an organization's entire fleet of devices, to include the rapid influx of IoT endpoints. Provides guidance to technology executives on the areas in which they need to improve physical, virtual, and cloud hosted desktop and application delivery and management to remain efficient and effective, as well as advance their company's digital transformation initiatives. This IDC MaturityScape will enable technology leaders to assess their current state and readiness to undertake UDM as a holistic client computing delivery and management strategy.

"The IDC MaturityScape for UDM provides a view of the breadth of client device management issues that encompass the challenges that IT leaders face when seeking to transform how their enterprises leverage a plethora of client devices and applications to enhance employee productivity and ultimately the organization's competitive advantage," states Robert Young, research director, IDC IT Service Management & Client Virtualization Software. "This study provides a road map of the stages of maturity that an IT organization must achieve to optimize the delivery and management of an ever-expanding portfolio of device types and applications entering the enterprise."

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IDC Opinion

In This Study

Situation Overview

  • Stages of IDC's Unified Device Management MaturityScape
    • Ad Hoc - Fractured Governance
      • Description
      • Business Outcome
    • Opportunistic - Bridging the Management Gap
      • Description
      • Business Outcome
    • Repeatable - Streamlining IT for Efficiency
      • Description
      • Business Outcome
    • Managed - Business Results Oriented
      • Description
      • Business Outcome
    • Optimized - Innovation/DX Oriented
      • Description
      • Business Outcome

Dimensions of IDC's UNIFIED DEVICE MANAGEMENT MaturityScape

Essential Guidance

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