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IDC PlanScape:付款者取向客戶參與計劃

IDC PlanScape: Customer Engagement Planning for Payers

出版商 IDC 商品編碼 353621
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 14 Pages
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IDC PlanScape:付款者取向客戶參與計劃 IDC PlanScape: Customer Engagement Planning for Payers
出版日期: 2016年02月29日 內容資訊: 英文 14 Pages



健康保險制度,透過ACA (Affordable Care Act) 商品化,對付款者來說,與客戶的關係最優先。


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  • 解除客戶對健康保險公司的不安,建立忠實的信賴關係
  • 站在客戶的立場,與其他的產業專門性同等
  • 身體的壽命結合數位經驗
  • 提供對應客戶的軟體與使轉換容易
  • 使患者照護變容易


  • 從「客戶參與」分離「客戶經驗」
  • 不是「零售的客戶參與」,測量客戶參與的成熟度的合理模式
  • 到目前為止的客戶參與,由病人參與中分離
  • 5個窗口,透過保險制度 促進消費者參與
  • 反過來,5個窗口,由付款者促進消費者參與
  • 擴張解決方案:CRM模式,整合客戶、患者方法


  • 由於三者的整合策略
  • 內部聯盟
  • 外部合作夥伴


  • 作為成熟度基準,引進零售的最佳業務實踐
  • 根據關係、關聯、相互關係,重整客戶親密性
  • 零售業者對以上,尊重隱私/安全,再次考慮「選擇」
  • 導入客戶參與軟體,使行銷的高度化成為可能
  • 最佳化行銷活動,市場區隔化管理、臨床資料
  • 使登記流程容易,設定持續終生的強力客戶關係的階段
  • 數位轉換客戶服務活動
  • 引進行銷技術
  • 常駐,提供忠誠度/用戶落實
  • 常駐用成員的便利性開放傳統網路
  • 常駐用對虛擬照護開放傳統網路
  • 常駐用使用連網型設備
  • 使用轉移、抓取患者健康訊息的技術
  • 常駐上使用社群媒體



Product Code: US41039916

This IDC study discusses customer engagement planning for payers."As health insurance benefits and pricing become commoditized through the Accountable Care Act (ACA), the customer relationship becomes paramount for payers. Annual marketing campaigns are being replaced with continuous presence techniques combined with segmentation approaches historically only found in retail and financial services. This personalization must be tempered with a healthy respect for privacy and security, or the customer experience (CX) could go from a payer/patient health partnership back to the adversarial claims-based days of the past. Customers now have choice and will switch payers if their experience deteriorates; they expect more, like other retail or financial experiences they have," states Jeff Rivkin, research director for Payer IT Strategies at IDC Health Insights. "Customer fear of health insurance companies is a real success factor with adopting the semi-retail approach to interacting with the member/patient in a way that is now possible technically, but culturally difficult. Engaging customers to develop a trust with their payer equivalent to the trust found with their medical providers is a lofty goal, but this is the partner-in-care customer experience desired by payers."

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Executive Summary

Why Is Customer Engagement Planning for Payers Important?

  • Overcome the Historic Customer Fear of Health Insurance Companies and Develop a Loyal, Trusting Relationship
  • To Be Technically Equivalent to Other Industries in the Mind of the Customer
  • Connect Physical Life and Digital Experience
  • Enable Transaction Ease by Providing Customer-Facing Software That Is Easy to Use
  • Enable Patient Care Ease

What Is Customer Engagement Planning for Payers?

  • First, Separate the "Customer Experience" from "Customer Engagement"
  • For Payers, It Is Not Quite "Retail Customer Engagement" But That Is a Reasonable Model to Measure Customer Engagement Maturity
  • Historically, Customer Engagement Was Disconnected from Patient Engagement
  • Five Contact Points Drive Consumer Engagement with the Health System
  • Conversely, Five Contact Points Drive Consumer Engagement with Payers
  • Solution: Extend the CRM Model to Unify the Customer and Patient Approaches

Who Are the Key Stakeholders?

  • Tripartite Integrated Strategy
  • Internal Coordination
  • External Partners

How Can My Organization Take Advantage of Customer Engagement Planning for Payers?

  • Adopt Retail Best Practices as the Maturity Benchmark
  • Reinvent Customer Intimacy Through Relationship, Relevance, and Reciprocity
  • More Than Retailers, Increase Respect for Privacy/Security; Rethink "Opt-In"
  • Enable Marketing Sophistication by Adopting Customer Engagement Software
  • Optimize Your Marketing Efforts Segmenting Administrative and Clinical Data
  • Ease the Enrollment Process and Set the Stage for an Ongoing, Powerful Lifetime Customer Relationship
  • Digitally Transform Your Customer Service Efforts Making Every Interaction an Opportunity
  • Adopt This Marketing Technology to Help the Company Survive a Breach
  • Be Continuous in Your Presence with Your Customer, Providing Loyalty/Stickiness
  • Open the Traditional Network for Member Convenience for Continuous Presence
  • Open the Traditional Network to Virtual Care for Continuous Presence
  • Use Connected Devices for Continuous Presence
  • Use Technology to Move and Capture the Message toward Patient Well-Being, Not Just Good Health
  • Use Social Media for Continuous Presence

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