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European Big Data and Analytics 2016 Top 10 Predictions

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 12 Pages
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歐洲的巨量資料□分析:2016年10大預測 European Big Data and Analytics 2016 Top 10 Predictions
出版日期: 2016年02月09日 內容資訊: 英文 12 Pages








  • 預測#1:管制型自助服務功能的需求超過提供類似功能的傳統型IT控制工具
  • 預測#2:雲端型巨量資料□分析技術上的支出大幅超越用戶端解決方案上的支出
  • 預測#3:包含認知□深度學習功能的預測分析系統獲得歐洲整體的關注
  • 預測#4:由於巨量資料技術、資料素養、以及資料故事學相關技能的需求強化,造成技能差距的擴大
  • 預測#5:法規的大混亂代表安全□隱私法規遵循對巨量資料措施的重要義務
  • 預測#6:供給□消費資料相關產品及服務的歐洲企業數,預料將受到進行中的資料轉換的刺激而擴大
  • 預測#7:主要受到Apache Spark 人氣擴大的推動,歐洲企業預料將持續增加開放原始碼技術上的投資
  • 預測#8:先進分析應用程式的IoT資料處理超越傳統型企業應用程式的處理活動
  • 預測#9:安全的決策改善□自動化的可能性以及內部威脅的標的促使歐洲企業更進一步採用巨量資料□分析
  • 預測#10:商業資料湖作為BDA架構可執行□具說服力的元件而廣為認知,但執行周邊的組織課題妨礙了發展



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Product Code: EMEA40989315

This IDC study presents IDC's 2016 predictions concerning the Big Data and analytics market in Europe. "Digital technologies and the data they capture present an opportunity for organizations of all sizes to drive business innovation and new levels of productivity," said Helena Schwenk, research manager, IDC Europe Big Data and Analytics. "However, it is a complex undertaking - digital transformation efforts require a fundamental shift toward a range of technologies including those supporting Big Data and analytics. Understanding the architectural implications of a real-time enterprise and supporting agile and self-service work practices, while addressing the impact on skills, data security, and privacy, will remain key for CXOs wanting to remain relevant in today's digital economy."


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Situation Overview

Future Outlook

  • Prediction #1: Demand for Governed Self-Service Functionality Will Overtake Traditional IT-Controlled Tools That Provide Similar Capabilities
  • Prediction #2: Spending on Cloud-Based Big Data and Analytics Technology Will Significantly Outpace Spend for On-Premises Solutions
  • Prediction #3: Prescriptive Analytic Systems That Incorporate Cognitive and Deep Learning Capabilities Will Command Mainstream Attention Across Europe
  • Prediction #4: The Data Skills Gap Will Grow Due to a Strengthening of Demand for Skills Pertaining to Big Data Technologies, Data Literacy, and Data Storytelling
  • Prediction #5: Regulatory Upheaval Will Mean Security and Privacy Compliance Remains a Key Imperative for Big Data Initiatives
  • Prediction #6: The Number of European Organizations Supplying and Consuming Data-Related Products and Services Will Expand, Fueled by the Ongoing Digital Transformation
  • Prediction #7: European Enterprises Will Continue to Ramp Up Investment in Open Source Technologies, Driven in Large Part by the Increasing Popularity of Apache Spark
  • Prediction #8: IoT Data Processed by Advanced Analytic Applications Will Outstrip Processing Activity in Traditional Enterprise Applications
  • Prediction #9: The Potential to Improve and Automate Decision Making in Security and Target Insider Threats Will Drive More European Organizations to Adopt Big Data and Analytics
  • Prediction #10: Business Data Lakes Will Be Increasingly Recognized as a Viable and Compelling Component of a BDA Architecture, But Organizational Challenges Surrounding Implementation Will Hamper Progress

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