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MVNOs in Western Europe: Succeeding in a Mature Mobile Market

出版商 IDC 商品編碼 351627
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 15 Pages
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西歐的MVNO:在成熟的行動市場上獲得成功 MVNOs in Western Europe: Succeeding in a Mature Mobile Market
出版日期: 2016年02月05日 內容資訊: 英文 15 Pages



本報告以西歐16個國家為對象,提供虛擬行動服務業者 (MVNO) 市場現狀調查分析,今後5年的MVNO市場的成長預測,加上行動通訊業者 (MNO) 和MVNO雙方的案例研究等系統性資訊。



  • 調查手法


  • 西歐的行動市場
  • MVNO預測
    • 分類
    • 週期的發展
    • 成為MVNO的理由
    • MVNO的產業計畫
    • MVNO的案例研究
  • MNO預測
    • MNO的潛在風險
    • MNO的經驗


  • 預測與前提條件
  • 市場背景



  • 相關調查
  • 摘要
Product Code: EMEA40982516

This IDC study analyzes the current state of the market for mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) by aggregating data collected from 16 Western European countries. It provides assumptions and forecasts on the MVNO market's growth in the next five years as well as detailed case studies exploring the perspectives of both the mobile network operators (MNOs) and the MVNOs. It also highlights the strategies of MVNOs and the approaches MNOs are taking toward MVNO partners and assesses the prospects of these relationships and the market."If MVNOs want to survive in the hugely competitive telecommunications landscape, they must evolve with the market and diversify in both new sectors and different countries," said Laura Petrone, research analyst, IDC EMEA Mobility. "The longer-term trend will see the number of MVNO subscribers increase, and IDC expects this to continue in the next five years."

IDC Opinion

In This Study

  • Methodology

Situation Overview

  • The Mobile Market in Western Europe
  • The MVNO Perspective
    • Classification
    • A Cyclical Development
    • Why Become an MVNO?
    • MVNOs' Business Plans
    • MVNO Case Studies
      • Lebara: An International, Migrant-Focused MVNO
      • PosteMobile: From Light to Full MVNO
      • Transatel: Enabling and Providing Mobile Services
  • The MNO Perspective
    • Potential Risks for MNOs
    • MNO Experiences

Future Outlook

  • Forecast and Assumptions
  • Market Context

Essential Guidance

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  • Related Research
  • Synopsis
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