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IDC的成熟度模式:L3D (3D技術的主導權)

IDC MaturityScape: Leading in 3D

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 20 Pages
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IDC的成熟度模式:L3D (3D技術的主導權) IDC MaturityScape: Leading in 3D
出版日期: 2016年01月28日 內容資訊: 英文 20 Pages




本報告提供各企業在追求·維持「Leading in 3D」 (3D技術的主導權,以下簡稱L3D) 時所需的策略·行動計劃·目標等相關分析,提供短期性·長期性的目標設定方法,具體的配合措施事項/評價標準,各企業的領導者籌劃·修正策略時的要點等相關調查與考察。

所謂IDC MaturityScape:圖表




  • IDC之L3D成熟化模式的各階段
    • 臨時的階段:慎重推進數位技術 (DX) 的階段
      • 概要
      • 產業的成果
    • 機會主義性的階段:戰術性推進數位技術的階段
    • 反復性的階段:總括性推進數位技術的階段
    • 所管理的階段:數位技術的部分更新 (代理商等) 的階段
    • 最佳化的階段:理想的數位技術的階段


  • 數位化的願景
    • 數位技術 (DX) 簡介
    • IT技術發展藍圖
    • 安全與風險·遵守
  • 革新 (技術創新)
    • 盈利
    • 人力資源
    • 文化
  • 一體化
    • 組織
    • 計劃管理
    • 架構/資訊策略
    • 工具與活用手法
  • 企業活動
    • 靈活性的基礎設施 (Adaptive Infrastructure)
    • 一體型服務
    • 即時UX (用戶體驗)
    • 資料主導型的商務
  • 結論



  • 相關調查
  • 附錄
    • IT執行調查計劃檢討事項 (IT Executive Program Research Agenda)
  • 摘要
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This IDC study describes IDC's Leading in 3D (L3D) MaturityScape. It identifies the stages, dimensions, outcomes, and actions required for leaders to undertake successful digital transformation initiatives - driving innovation, integrating innovations into the existing organization, and maintaining a consistent quality of established IT products and services. This study also serves as a guide for information and technology (I&T) leaders to identify areas in need of improvement in support of digital transformation in four key areas or disciplines of leadership:Digital vision - as a critical driver of the leadership missionInnovation - as a partner to the business in fostering IT-enabled innovationIntegration - as the owner of the agile processes that transition new platforms to become stable business services that are the key to DX successIncorporation - as a reliable and secure service provider for the established suite of IT-based products and servicesIDC believes that for an organization to be successful, these essential aspects of digital leadership can and should be assessed, evaluated, and cultivated. IDC's Leading in 3D MaturityScape enables information and technology executives to assess their competency and maturity and use a baseline in defining short- and long-term goals and plan for improvement. With this study, an organization and its leaders can use a comprehensive set of objective criteria to achieve facts-based and data-driven decision making and progress in its maturation journey.

"Many businesses have effective leadership, but few leaders would honestly state that they are harnessing the full potential of their organization's ability to produce DX value," says Serge Findling, vice president with IDC's IT Executive Programs (IEP). "We believe that the next generation of successful technology executives will lead organizations that treat digital change as a continuous process - developing competencies across multiple styles of innovation execution by integrating new ideas with existing systems and architecture without disrupting business operations or customer experience."

IDC MaturityScape Figure

IDC Opinion

In This Study

Situation Overview

  • Stages of IDC's Leading in 3D MaturityScape
    • Ad Hoc - DX Wary
      • Description
      • Business Outcome
    • Opportunistic - DX Tactician
      • Description
      • Business Outcome
    • Repeatable - DX Embracer
      • Description
      • Business Outcome
    • Managed - DX Change Agent
      • Description
      • Business Outcome
    • Optimized - DX Visionary
      • Description
      • Business Outcome

Dimensions of IDC's Leading in 3D MaturityScape

  • Digital Vision
    • DX Profile
    • I&T Road Map
    • Security, Risk, and Compliance
  • Innovation
    • Revenue
    • Talent
    • Culture
  • Integration
    • Organization
    • Program Management
    • Architecture and Information Strategy
    • Tools and Methodology
  • Incorporation
    • Adaptive Infrastructure
    • Integrated Services
    • Real-Time UX
    • Data-Driven Business
  • Conclusion

Essential Guidance

Learn More

  • Related Research
  • Appendix
    • IT Executive Program Research Agenda
  • Synopsis
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