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歐洲的企業用服務調查 (2015年):IT部門、非IT部門、CMO/CDO (行銷/數位化負責人員) 的見解比較

European Enterprise Services Survey, 2015: Comparing the Views of IT, Non-IT, and CMO/CDO Respondents

出版商 IDC 商品編碼 347375
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 17 Pages
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歐洲的企業用服務調查 (2015年):IT部門、非IT部門、CMO/CDO (行銷/數位化負責人員) 的見解比較 European Enterprise Services Survey, 2015: Comparing the Views of IT, Non-IT, and CMO/CDO Respondents
出版日期: 2015年12月14日 內容資訊: 英文 17 Pages




本報告以歐洲的805家各種企業的市場調查 (2015年2月實施) 為基礎,提供各公司的IT投資、採購的優先順序和決策過程、IT部門和產業部門的見解、影響力的不同點、IT部門和對服務供應商滿意度等的相關調查。

第1章 IDC的見解

第2章 調查概要

  • 調查手法

第3章 概況

  • 主要的決策群組的IT投資的優先順序
  • IT採購的影響力:IT部門 vs 商務的利害關係者
  • IT部門的效率性
  • 雲端運算的滿意度
  • 對服務供應商滿意度
    • 商務上成果的達成度
    • 其他商務上的改善事項

第4章 未來展望

第5章 IDC的建議

第6章 參考資料

  • 相關調查
  • 調查樣品
  • 摘要
Product Code: EMEA40642815

This IDC study is based on IDC's European Enterprise Services Survey carried out from February to March 2015 among 805 European organizations. It is part of a series of reports examining different aspects of European organizations' IT services investment plans, buying behavior, and satisfaction with IT services and their vendors. Encompassing both business and IT respondents, this study looks at differences between these groups in their perception of IT investment priorities, decision power, and influence as well as perception of IT departments and services vendors' capabilities in fulfilling business needs.

"There are substantial differences between how well IT departments think they and their suppliers do in helping the business and how the business itself perceives this situation," said Mette Ahorlu, research director, IDC European Services. "Results in this study show that this is a potential barrier to growth in services and digital transformation. This can mean a weaker competitive position for one organization compared with its competitor that has better collaboration between IT and business, ultimately impacting Europe's ability to catch up in the global economy."

Table of Contents

1. IDC Opinion

2. In This Study

  • Methodology

3. Situation Overview

  • IT Investment Priorities of Key Decision-Making Groups
    • Table: Investment Priorities: Top Rankings Comparison
    • Figure: Investment Priorities: All Rankings Comparison
  • Influence of the IT Department versus Business Stakeholders on IT Purchasing
    • Table: Distribution of IT Department's Influence on IT Purchasing Process (Respondents Saying the IT Department Is Most Important)
  • Effectiveness of the IT Department
    • Figure: Internal IT Function Effectiveness by Respondent
  • Satisfaction with Cloud Computing
  • Satisfaction with Service Providers
    • Delivery of Business Outcomes
      • Table: Satisfaction with Service Providers in Delivering Business Outcomes (Respondents Choosing "Very Good" or "Excellent")
    • Other Business Improvements
      • Table: IT Services Supplier Effectiveness in Delivering Improvements (Respondents Choosing "Very Good" or "Excellent")

4. Future Outlook

5. Essential Guidance

6. Learn More

  • Related Research
  • Survey Sample
    • Figure: Sample by Country/Region (% of Respondents)
    • Figure: Sample by Company Size (% of Respondents)
    • Figure: Sample by Industry (% of Respondents)
    • Figure: Sample by Business Role (% of Respondents)
    • Figure: Sample by Role in IT Decision Process (% of Respondents)
  • Synopsis
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