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IDC MaturityScape: Cloud in Global Retail Banking

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IDC的成熟度模式:零售銀行雲端的全球市場 IDC MaturityScape: Cloud in Global Retail Banking
出版日期: 2015年12月09日 內容資訊: 英文 17 Pages





第1章 IDC 所謂MaturityScape:圖表

第2章 IDC的見解

第3章 調查概要

第4章 概況

  • 圖:銀行業的私人/公共雲端的引進情形
  • IDC的雲端技術的成熟化模式的各階段
    • 臨時的階段
      • 概要
      • 產業的成果
    • 機會主義性的階段
    • 反復性的階段
    • 受管理的階段
    • 最佳化的階段
  • IDC的雲端技術的成熟化模式的各種評價標準

第5章 IDC的建議

第6章 參考資料

  • 摘要
Product Code: US40663215

This IDC study describes IDC's Cloud MaturityScape for retail banks worldwide. This IDC Cloud MaturityScape is for banks that are interested in understanding how they can take the necessary actions to move forward successfully with cloud computing. The purpose of this IDC MaturityScape is to assist senior IT leaders at the institution - C-level officers, solutions architects, and leaders in development, operations, networking, and storage organizations of midsize and larger organizations - in defining their business goals as they develop their cloud transition strategy by assessing the current state of their cloud service and technology deployment. It is also meant to inform line-of-business executives on the evolutionary path that will take cloud services in banking from one-off experiments to the future architecture in financial services.

It particularly focuses on:

  • Business understanding of cloud service use
  • IT operational capability used to deliver cloud-based service delivery models
  • Support processes, governance models, technologies, and skills
  • Identifying gaps in overall cloud management capabilities based on the aforementioned criteria - or more broadly, vision, technology, people, and process
  • Examples of cloud-based solutions that are being implemented now in every stage and what is ultimately possible.

"Cloud computing in the global retail banking industry is a forgone conclusion. It is the next generation of bank technology architecture that will create efficiencies through standardization and virtualization and real business value through faster and more innovative product development," says Jerry Silva, research director for IDC Financial Insights' Global Banking. "But the path to becoming an "optimized" cloud institution requires understanding of the challenges and opportunities, going through the necessary organizational and technology transformations, and a willingness of the industry to act together in some areas to remove the current obstacles in the widespread adoption of cloud computing."

Table of Contents

1. IDC MaturityScape Figure

  • Figure: IDC's MaturityScape Cloud Stage Overview

2. IDC Opinion

3. In This Study

  • Table: Key Cloud Services Attributes

4. Situation Overview

  • Figure: Adoption of Private and Public Cloud in Banking
  • Stages of IDC's Cloud MaturityScape
    • Ad Hoc
      • Description
      • Business Outcome
    • Opportunistic
      • Description
      • Business Outcome
    • Repeatable
      • Description
      • Business Outcome
    • Managed
      • Description
      • Business Outcome
    • Optimized
      • Description
      • Business Outcome
  • Dimensions of IDC's Cloud MaturityScape
    • Table: IDC MaturityScape: Cloud Overview of Stages, Dimensions, and Sub-Dimensions

5. Essential Guidance

  • Table: IDC MaturityScape: Cloud - Progressing Through the Stages

6. Learn More

  • Synopsis
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