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The Road to an xCommerce Future

出版商 IDC 商品編碼 345561
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 17 Pages
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未來的x貿易用前進的道路 The Road to an xCommerce Future
出版日期: 2015年11月20日 內容資訊: 英文 17 Pages



隨著電子商務、行動電子商務的急速成長,在目前電子商務平台,稱為x貿易 (xCommerce) 的新交易功能正在加入。「x貿易」是包括電子商務相關的創新複雜的經營模式用語,隱藏著未容納在傳統電子商務模式範圍內,產生新消費行為的可能性。x貿易中有ODS、共享經濟、O2O、社群商務、內容交易、新付款/流通系統、CX (客戶經驗) 等各種方面、特徵,有整合、融合全方位流通管道方式的產業形態的可能性。

本報告提供(日本之外) 亞太地區各國的電子商務市場最新趨勢和成長推動因素調查、現在進行中的市場新趨勢 - 隨選服務 (ODS)、共享經濟 (共享經濟)、O2O (online to offline:從線上誘導到實體商店)、社群商務、客戶經驗 (CX、客戶體驗) 等 - ,及x貿易發展的發展動向考察。



  • 定義


  • 在亞太地區 (日本之外) 的電子商務發展
    • 中國:急速成為亞太地區的電子商務市場中心
  • 目前產業趨勢
    • 庫存中心型模式在亞洲的失敗:市場型、混合型模式的登場
    • 行動電子商務在亞太地區的成長:急速趕過早期電子商務
      • 行動付款的容易化促進x貿易的成長
  • 現代的物流/發送系統的發達和電子商務
  • 電子商務朝向x貿易 (xCommerce) 發展:由「第三方平台」達成
    • 由於O2O (online to offline) 的登場,改革了傳統的電子商務、模式
    • 社群媒體OTT企業 (OTTP) :成為有益的電子商務用行銷平台
    • 隨選服務 (ODS) 倒入電子商務,發送模式的一體化
    • 共享經濟在亞洲各國普及
    • 客戶經驗 (CX) 和電子商務平台的一體化


  • x貿易供應商:在新採購中心的活動
  • x貿易的崛起伴隨的對通訊企業來說的新市場機會
  • 由於新技術的登場,CX持續擴大


  • 對電子商務供應商的建議
  • 對通訊企業、OTTP、IT解決方案供應商的建議


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  • 摘要
Product Code: AP40618215

This IDC study presents the current state of ecommerce across the Asia/Pacific region and map its evolution path. It summarizes the underlying drivers for ecommerce growth in the region, including the rise of smartphones and mobile payments. The report also presents a framework for analyzing the various new features of ecommerce such as on-demand services (ODS), sharing economy services, online to offline (O2O), social commerce, customer experience (CX), and so on. This report covers some developments in the Asia/Pacific region excluding Japan (APEJ).

"With the proliferation of ecommerce and mcommerce, and new features that has added into current ecommerce platform, we have thus defined xcommerce as the new ecommerce. xCommerce is an all-encompassing term that highlights the increasingly innovative and complex business models catering to the changing consumer purchasing behavior over and above the traditional ecommerce models. These include ODS, sharing economy services, O2O, social commerce, content commerce, new payment and logistic systems, CX in an open platform that allows the integration and hybridization of omni-channel business mix," says Hwee-Xian Tan, senior market analyst, Communications, IDC Asia/Pacific Group.

IDC Opinion

In This Study

  • Definition

Situation Overview

  • Development of eCommerce in APEJ
    • China Has Rapidly Emerged as the Epicenter of eCommerce in Asia
  • Current Industry Dynamics
    • Inventory-Led Models Have Failed in Asia; Marketplaces and Hybrid Models Are Rising
    • mCommerce Is Gaining On and Will Rapidly Leapfrog Past eCommerce in Asia
      • The Rising Ease of Mobile Payments is Driving xCommerce
  • Development of Modern Logistics/Delivery Systems and Ecommerce
  • Ecommerce is Evolving into xCommerce, Enabled by 3rd Platform
    • The Rise of O2O is Rewiring the Traditional eCommerce Model
    • Social Media and OTTPs Have Emerged as Valuable Marketing Platforms for eCommerce
    • Delivery Models Are Getting Streamlined with On-Demand Services in eCommerce
    • The Sharing Economy is on the Rise in Asia
    • The Convergence of Customer Experience (CX) with eCommerce Platform

Future Outlook

  • xCommerce Providers Are Playing in the New Buying Centers
  • New Opportunities for Telcos from the Rise of xCommerce
  • New, Emerging Technologies Will Continue to Boost CX

Essential Guidance

  • Suggestions for eCommerce Providers
  • Suggestions for Telcos, OTTPs, and IT Solution Providers

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  • Synopsis
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