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China Healthcare Industry IT Solutions 2015-2019 Forecast and Analysis

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 60 Pages
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中國的醫療產業的IT解決方案:2015年∼2019年:預測與分析 China Healthcare Industry IT Solutions 2015-2019 Forecast and Analysis
出版日期: 2015年10月26日 內容資訊: 英文 60 Pages




第1章 IDC的見解

第2章 關於本調查

  • 調查方法

第3章 市場概要

  • 產業的宏觀經濟學政策
    • 2014年的醫療改革檢討
    • 2015年重要的醫療改革政策與計劃
    • 2015年的中華人民共和國國家衛生計劃生產委員會的主要產業
    • 2015年的資訊化促進相關政府的相關政策
    • 過去2年發表的主要的資訊化推動相關醫療改革政策
  • 醫療產業結構
    • 醫療機關數
    • 醫療安全系統
  • 醫療IT市場與應用程式解決方案現況
    • 傳統醫療資訊技術的提高、更新、整合
    • 新醫療服務方式的發展
    • 醫療資訊化的規格和遵守
    • IT用戶的目標
    • 頻繁合併的企業醫療軟體
  • 中國醫療產業的IT市場的規模和成長率
    • 醫療IT應用系統解決方案的基本的情形
    • 應用系統解決方案(軟體與服務)的市場規模
  • 醫療產業上TI解決方案供應商分析
    • 供應商排行榜
    • PACS廠商市場佔有率
    • EMR供應商市場佔有率

第4章 今後預測

  • 預測和假設
  • 市場的狀況
  • 醫療產業的IT支出預測
  • 醫療IT解決方案的預測

第5章 主要建議

  • 實用的建議

第6章 相關資訊

  • 相關調查
  • 摘要
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This IDC study has analyzed the current situation and future developing trends of the China healthcare industry IT market; studied the main measures of China medical reform, the structural change (organization quantity, professional personnel data, medical cost) and developing trends of medical and health industry, emerging information technology and the development of emerging medical services with its support; and focused on the analysis of the development situation and trend of various main IT solution market in the healthcare industry, and vendors' competition pattern. This study also has offered the IT expense of the overall medical and health industry and the market size of main solution, and also offered the forecast for the next five years.

"It is the continuous, steady processing of China medical reform, and the measures such as multi-stage diagnosis and treatment, promotion for the development of private hospital development, disease-related grouping, doctor's multi-sited license that bring opportunities as well as challenges for medical information. However, the emerging information system (such as mobile medical, health wearable management), emerging medical and health service mode under its support bring an impact on traditional medical service as well as offer direction and space for future development. In this context, it is anticipated that in the year 2015, the key work will focus on the integration and upgrade of information system in large-scale hospital (tertiary hospitals, etc.), the construction of CDR and hospital integration platform, and emerging systems integration; however, the main development subject will be the way emerging systems are offering core clinic support. The aforesaid traditional and emerging solution market will offer opportunities for medical information vendors and vendors who devote to emerging medical service," said Leon Xiao, senior research manager of Vertical Industry Research and Consulting, IDC China.

IDC Opinion

In This Study

  • Methodology

Situation Overview

  • Industry's Macroeconomic Policy
    • 2014 Medical Reform Review
      • Accelerating Private Hospital Development
    • Important Medical Reform Policies and Plans in 2015
      • Raise the Standard of Government Subsidy for Medical Insurance, Directly Reimburse Medical Expenses in the Province, and Directly Settle Medical Expenses of Retirees Across the Province
      • Strengthen the Construction of a General Practitioner System, and Perfect Grading Diagnosis and Treatment
      • Carry Out Medical Service Price Reform, and Promote the Separation of Prescribing and Dispensing
      • Establish Medical Dispute Prevention and a Mediation Mechanism
    • Key Work of National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China in 2015
    • Relevant Measures of the Government for Promoting Informatization in 2015
    • Key Medical Reform Policies for Promoting the Application of Informatization Issued in the Last Two Years
      • Information about the Planning Outline of National Medical and Health Service System (2015-2020)
  • Medical and Healthcare Industry Structure
    • Number of Health Institutions
    • Healthcare Security System
  • Healthcare IT Market and Application Solution Status Quo
    • Improvement, Upgrade, and Integration of Traditional Medical Informatization
      • Informatization of Tertiary Hospitals
      • Informatization of Secondary Hospitals
    • Development of Emerging Medical Service Modes
      • Internet Medical Service
      • Health Management and Health Services
      • Analysis and Application of Big Data
    • Medical Informatization Standard and Compliance
    • Aims of IT Subscribers
      • The Principles for Selecting Vendors
      • Channels for Learning About IT Products and Services
      • Demand for Suppliers
    • Frequent Merging of Enterprises' Medical Software
  • Scale and Growth Rate of the China Healthcare Industry IT Market
    • Basic Situation of Solutions for Healthcare IT Application Systems
      • HIS System
      • CIS System
      • PACS System
      • EMR
      • Clinical Data Warehouse and Hospital Integration Platform
      • Regional Health Informatization System (RHIS)
      • Public Health Information System (PHIS)
      • Basic Healthcare Management Information-Based System
      • Basic Management Information System (MIS)
    • Market Size of Application System Solutions (Software and Services)
  • Vendor Analysis on IT Solutions in the Healthcare Industry
    • Comprehensive Ranking of Vendors
    • Market Share of PACS Vendor
    • EMR Vendor Market Share

Future Outlook

  • Forecast and Assumptions
  • Market Context
    • Healthcare IT Market
  • Healthcare Industry IT Spending Forecast
  • Healthcare IT Solutions Forecast
    • Overall Solutions Market Forecast
    • Market Forecast for Various IT Solutions
      • The HIS System
      • Development of the PACS Market
      • Development of the EMR Market
      • The MIS System
      • CDR and Hospital Integration Platform
      • Regional Health Informatization
      • Public Health Information System and Basic Medical and Healthcare Information System
    • Market Size Forecast of Mobile Systems Within the Hospital
    • Hospital IT Expense Forecast
    • IT Spending Forecast for Regional and Public Health

Essential Guidance

  • Actionable Advice
    • Recommendations
    • Recommendations to Users

Learn More

  • Related Research
  • Synopsis
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