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IDC's Worldwide IT Cloud Services Taxonomy, 2015

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 16 Pages
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IDC的全球IT雲端服務的分類法 IDC's Worldwide IT Cloud Services Taxonomy, 2015
出版日期: 2015年09月01日 內容資訊: 英文 16 Pages






  • 調查手法
  • IDC的IT雲端服務的分類法隊


  • 簡介
    • 最新資訊
    • 所謂「雲端服務」
    • 雲端服務的6大屬性
  • 雲端服務發展模式
    • 混合雲端服務
    • 社群雲端服務
    • 私有雲端服務的主要屬性
  • IT雲端服務的分類法:IT雲端服務主要類別
    • 雲端服務區分的出發點
    • IT雲端服務主、次市場區分
    • IT雲端服務區分定義
    • 關於PaaS區分
    • 其他定義的明確化




  • 相關調查
  • 摘要


  • 雲端服務的主要屬性
  • IT雲端服務主、次市場區分
  • 「競爭PaaS」市場區隔

  • 主要的雲端服務發展模式
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This IDC study discusses the IT cloud services market, which continues to rapidly expand and evolve, and updates IDC's Worldwide IT Cloud Services Taxonomy, 2012, further clarifying IDC's definition of cloud services and cloud services deployment models and IDC's categorization of IT cloud services offerings.

According to IDC chief analyst Frank Gens, "Technology and business innovators, almost daily, are creating new ways to deliver the benefits of cloud services to the market and so the territory steadily expands and definitional boundaries are repeatedly tested and sometimes shift. Consequently, IDC continues to refine, expand, and clarify our framework for identifying and defining the most important IT cloud services categories."

Table of Contents

IDC Opinion

In This Study

  • Methodology
  • IDC's IT Cloud Services Taxonomy Team, 2015

Situation Overview

  • Introduction
    • What's New in IDC's IT Cloud Services Taxonomy, 2015
      • Revision
      • Clarifications
      • Realignment
      • Dropped
    • What Are "Cloud Services?"
    • Six Cloud Services Key Attributes
      • Shared, Standard Service
      • Solution Packaged
      • Self-Service
      • Elastic Resource Scaling
      • Elastic, Use-Based Pricing
      • Published Service Interface/API
  • Cloud Services Deployment Models
    • Hybrid Cloud Services
    • Community Cloud Services
    • Private Cloud Services Key Attributes (Points of Note)
  • IT Cloud Services Taxonomy: Key IT Cloud Services Categories
    • Our Starting Point for Cloud Services Segmentation - IDC's Functional IT Market Taxonomy
    • IT Cloud Services Primary and Secondary Market Segmentation
    • Definitions of the IT Cloud Services Segments
    • A Note About PaaS Segmentation: Foundation Markets Versus Competitive Markets
    • Other Definitional Clarifications

Future Outlook

Essential Guidance

Learn More

  • Related Research
  • Synopsis

List of Tables

  • Table: Cloud Services Key Attributes
  • Table: IT Cloud Services Primary and Secondary Market Segments
  • Table: "Competitive PaaS" Market Segmentation

List of Figures

  • Figure: Major Cloud Services Deployment Models
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