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Audience Marketing: Replenishing Customer Context

出版商 IDC 商品編碼 337835
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 16 Pages
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受眾行銷:補充客戶的脈絡 Audience Marketing: Replenishing Customer Context
出版日期: 2015年07月14日 內容資訊: 英文 16 Pages







  • 個性化中間階段的受眾行銷
  • 受眾行銷的能力分析
  • 受眾行銷區分策略的人氣


  • 主要的建議

  • 能力成熟度:區分、個人的行銷
  • 能力成熟度:買主的履歷
  • 能力成熟度:策略和龍頭
  • 被能力成熟度:形式化的實踐
  • 受眾區隔策略:功能性作用
  • 受眾區隔策略:各產業
  • 受眾區隔策略:購買作用
  • 受眾區隔策略:企業、解決方案的關係
  • 受眾區隔策略:人口統計
  • 受眾區隔策略:購買行動
Product Code: 257372

This IDC Insight presents the findings of IDC's survey on audience marketing practices. Customers perceive marketing content to be self-serving when it talks only about the features and benefits of the product with no effort to match these to the buyer's context. Audience marketing is the modern marketing function that fills this customer context gap. Audience marketing personalizes engagement by segmenting customers into cohorts that share meaningful attributes and creating content and campaigns based on these attributes.

This Insight describes the state of audience marketing in tech companies today. It ranks various audience marketing strategies by popularity and highlights the advantages and disadvantages of each. Essential guidance for implementation, summarized from interviews with marketing executives experienced in audience marketing, is also provided.

Table of Contents

IDC Opinion

In This Insight

Situation Overview

  • Audience Marketing as an Intermediate Step to Personalization
    • Death to the "Product Selfie"
    • Why Now? Exposing the Effects of Sales Erosion
  • Audience Marketing Capability Analysis
    • Key Finding #1. Segmenting Audiences into Groups for Marketing Purposes Is an Extremely Common Practice. However, Marketing to Individuals Is Much Less Common
    • Key Finding #2. Matching Content to Buyer's Journey Stages Is also a Fairly Common Practice
    • Key Finding #3. Advanced Companies Are Almost Twice as Likely to Have a Corporatewide Strategy and a Dedicated Audience Marketing Leader
    • Key Finding #4. Few Companies Have Formalized Audience Marketing Practices
    • Key Finding #5. Survey Participant Company Size and Sector Effects on Audience Marketing Capability Maturity
  • Popularity of Audience Marketing Segmentation Strategies
    • Strategy 1: Functional Role
    • Strategy 2: Vertical Industry
    • Strategy 3: Buying Role
    • Strategy 4: Company-Solution Relationship
    • Strategy 5: Demographics
    • Strategy 6: Buyer Behavior

Future Outlook

  • Essential Guidance
    • Assign a Leader
    • Create a Library of Tailored Candidate Content Assets
    • Collect and Use Profiling Data
    • Use Technology to Bring Content and Buyers Together
    • Give the Audience a Heartbeat with a Persona

List of Figures

  • Figure: Capability Maturity: Marketing to Segments and Individuals
  • Figure: Capability Maturity: Buyer's Journey
  • Figure: Capability Maturity: Strategy and Leadership
  • Figure: Capability Maturity: Formalized Practices
  • Figure: Audience Segmentation Strategy: Functional Role
  • Figure: Audience Segmentation Strategy: Vertical Industry
  • Figure: Audience Segmentation Strategy: Buying Role
  • Figure: Audience Segmentation Strategy: Company-Solution Relationship
  • Figure: Audience Segmentation Strategy: Demographics
  • Figure: Audience Segmentation Strategy: Buying Behavior
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