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集中化 vs. 分散化:領導者介入的行銷的組織結構

Centralize or Decentralize? Leaders Weigh in on Marketing Organizational Structures

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 11 Pages
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集中化 vs. 分散化:領導者介入的行銷的組織結構 Centralize or Decentralize? Leaders Weigh in on Marketing Organizational Structures
出版日期: 2014年12月02日 內容資訊: 英文 11 Pages







  • 組織的用語
  • 集中化 vs. 分散化趨勢
    • 應該集中化的人員類別
    • 集中化、分散化的贊成與否
    • 利用兩者的優點
    • 行銷轉換的影響



  • 相關調查
  • 附錄

  • 專家小組
  • 投資整體集中化趨勢:計劃和人員
  • 人員的集中化:各資金來源
  • 人員的集中化趨勢:各類別
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This IDC Insight summarizes insights on the pros and cons of centralized and decentralized organizational structures in the marketing function. A panel of seasoned marketing leaders from Avanade, Intuit, and Xerox discussed the topic with a group of executive participants of IDC's CMO Advisory Marketing Leadership board meeting in New York on October 2, 2014. The panel discussion focused on topics including factors contributing to organizational structure choice, advice for making various structures more effective, tips on avoiding problems, and how the marketing transformation will affect organizations.

Table of Contents

IDC Opinion

In This Insight

Situation Overview

  • Organizational Terms
  • Centralization Versus Decentralization Trends
    • Which Staff Categories Should Be Centralized?
    • Pros and Cons of Centralization and Decentralization
      • Centralization
      • Decentralization
    • Getting the Best of Both Worlds
      • Centers of Excellence
      • Shared Services
      • A Hybrid Approach
      • Governance
      • Leveraging Talent Across the Company
      • Collaboration, Culture, and Understanding
    • Impact of the Marketing Transformation
      • Getting the Right People on the Bus

Future Outlook

Learn More

  • Related Research
  • Appendix: Panel Bios
    • Stella Goulet, Chief Marketing Officer, Avanade
    • Diane Ueberle, Head of Corporate Brand and Advertising, Intuit
    • Toni Clayton-Hine, Vice President, Global Marketing, Channel Partner Operations, Xerox

List of Figures

  • Figure: Expert Panel
  • Figure: Total Investment Centralization Trend: Programs and Staff, 2009 and 2014
  • Figure: Staff Centralization by Funding Source, 2009 and 2014
  • Figure: Staff Centralization Trend by Category
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