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Cognizant and Engineering Services for Manufacturers

出版商 IDC 商品編碼 333675
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 14 Pages
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Cognizant和廠商用工程服務 Cognizant and Engineering Services for Manufacturers
出版日期: 2015年06月25日 內容資訊: 英文 14 Pages







  • 服務供應商功能
  • 企業概要
    • 核心競爭力
  • 企業策略
    • 主要的服務
    • 提供基礎設施
    • 智慧財產權 (IP) 的投資
    • 產業/流程固有的認證、遵守


  • 工程服務的成長持續
  • 作為策略性合作夥伴的服務供應商
  • 產品生命週期管理的長期構想和價值的實現


  • 對Cognizant的建議:未來的機會
  • 對IT買主的建議


  • 相關調查


  • 對R&D、產品工程服務外包的商務要素
  • 產品生命週期的工程服務
  • Cognizant的製造業用工程服務:公司內部功能排行榜
  • Cognizant的製造業用工程服務:產業功能排行榜

  • 產品生命週期構想
Product Code: 256927

This IDC Vendor Profile describes Cognizant's R&D/product engineering services for product-centric industries, most notably manufacturing. This document includes the company's current service offerings, delivery infrastructure, investments in new capabilities, certifications and alliances, and experience supporting quality and product compliance within manufacturing and product-centric industry segments. This document builds upon research from IDC's Global Sourcing Strategies program and IDC Manufacturing Insights' Product Life-Cycle Strategies program, including IDC's 2Q13 U.S. R&D/Product Engineering Services Survey of 402 U.S. companies in aerospace and defense, automotive, telecom, medical devices, and consumer electronics, as well as research more broadly across manufacturers of chemicals; pulp and paper; metals; consumer products; automotive; aerospace; farm, construction, and industrial machinery; high tech; and semiconductors.

This document is part of a series of profiles of other similar providers in the R&D/product development engineering services domain. This document series is for manufacturers and other product-centric companies to evaluate professional services organizations and how they may support engineering requirements to successfully bring products to market.

Table of Contents

IDC Opinion

In This Vendor Profile

Situation Overview

  • Service Provider Capabilities
  • Company Overview
    • Core Competencies
  • Company Strategy
    • Service Offerings
    • Delivery Infrastructure
    • Investment in Intellectual Property
    • Industry or Process-Specific Certification and Compliance

Future Outlook

  • Continuing Growth in Engineering Services
  • Services Providers as Strategic Partners - Redefining Product and Process
    • Increasing Connections Through Outcome-Based Pricing and Captive Centers
  • Longer-Term Initiatives and Value Realization in Product Life-Cycle Management
    • Value Realization
    • Preparing for 3D Printing and Future Manufacturing Advancements

Essential Guidance

  • Advice for Cognizant: Future Opportunities
  • Advice for IT Buyers

Learn More

  • Related Research

List of Tables

  • Table: Business Drivers for Outsourcing R&D and Product Engineering Services
  • Table: Engineering Services in the Product Life Cycle
  • Table: Cognizant Engineering Services for Manufacturing: Internal Capability Ranking by Percentage of Revenue and Dedicated Resources
  • Table: Cognizant Engineering Services for Manufacturing: Industry Capability Ranking by Percentage of Revenue and Dedicated Resources

List of Figures

  • Figure: Product Life-Cycle Initiatives
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