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供應商與採購管理:ISO 37500 - 外包的國際標準的設定

Vendor and Sourcing Management: ISO 37500 - Setting Global Outsourcing Standards

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 11 Pages
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供應商與採購管理:ISO 37500 - 外包的國際標準的設定 Vendor and Sourcing Management: ISO 37500 - Setting Global Outsourcing Standards
出版日期: 2015年03月20日 內容資訊: 英文 11 Pages



與籌措包裝產品和明快定義的IT服務相比,IT商務流程的外包是非常複雜。為了最小化外包交易的風險,得到期待的成果,需要定義嚴格的外包生命週期的流程、任務、交付成果。ISO (國際標準化組織) 新提倡的ISO 37500,提倡對外包生命週期的一個指南。這個ISO 37500,雖與在各供應商獨自定義的生命週期存在不同點,不過,在如金融機關一樣有嚴格規定的產業,在審核、教育時,這個ISO 37500存在變得非常有益。為此,一般認為從歐洲、印度企業開始,ISO 37500在全球各國慢慢地進行適用。

本報告提供外包的生命週期的標準管理手法的理想狀態相關分析,近幾年被提倡的ISO 37500概要,類似的管理、分析方法 (含IDC獨自事項) 的比較,各供應商今後應致力事項等相關調查與考察。



  • IT執行用調查計劃檢討事項 (IT Executive Program Research Agenda)


  • ISO 37500是什麼?
  • ISO 37500是怎麼設計的?
  • 變成ISO 37500替代方式的為何?
    • 「供應商和採購管理的生命週期」 (IDC獨有的見解)
    • 「外包的管理:生命週期上的遵守事項」 (London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) 的見解)
    • 「對專家族群的外包化」 (IAOP的見解)
  • 外包的生命週期比較



  • 到下個預算循環為止應該做事
  • 到下個預算循環應該做的事
  • 長期的目標


  • 相關調查
  • 摘要


  • 外包的生命週期比較


  • IT執行的調查計劃檢討事項
  • ISO 37500之外包的生命週期
  • IDC的「供應商和採購管理的生命週期」
  • LSE的「外包的生命週期模式」
  • IAOP的「5等級的外包流程」
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This IDC study informs outsourcing buyers of the importance of a well-defined methodology for managing the outsourcing life cycle. Outsourcing of IT and business processes is much more complicated than procuring a product or a well-defined service. A rigorous outsourcing life cycle will identify the key processes, tasks, and deliverables that will help minimize the risk of the outsourcing deal delivering suboptimal results. The new ISO standard 37500 provides guidance on the outsourcing life cycle. IDC expects this global standard to be adopted in Europe and India in the near future.

Buyers that have not yet adopted a life cycle should consider ISO 37500; those that have used an in-house life cycle or a vendor-defined life cycle should review ISO 37500 to understand where potential gaps may exist. IDC expects that regulated industries such as financial services may find this standard to be a useful industrywide model for audit and education. Outsourcing providers and advisors with proprietary life-cycle models should consider the potential impact ISO 37500 will have on their business. In anticipation of client RFPs with a requirement for ISO 37500, providers should identify how their methods comply with the new standard.

"The management practice of outsourcing IT and business processes has become a widely accepted approach to reducing costs and increasing speed and flexibility. The new ISO standard 37500 provides a universal outsourcing life cycle that can be used by any organization," says Ron Babin, adjunct analyst with IDC's Research Network. "IDC predicts that, starting in Europe and India, buyers will adopt ISO 37500 as a standard framework that guides the outsourcing process. Organizations with proprietary outsourcing frameworks will adopt and integrate ISO 37500 into their framework. Over time, we expect ISO 37500 to become the de facto standard for global outsourcing."

Table of Contents

IDC Opinion

In This Study

  • IT Executive Program Research Agenda

Situation Overview

  • What Is ISO 37500?
  • How Was ISO 37500 Developed?
  • What Are the Alternatives to ISO 37500?
    • IDC's Vendor and Sourcing Management Life Cycle
    • Managing Outsourcing: The Lifecycle Imperative - London School of Economics and Political Science
    • Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge - IAOP
  • Comparison of Outsourcing Life Cycles

Future Outlook

Essential Guidance

  • Until the Next Budget Cycle
  • Next Budget Cycle
  • Long Term

Learn More

  • Related Research
  • Synopsis

List of Tables

  • Table: Outsourcing Life Cycles Comparison

List of Figures

  • Figure: IT Executive Program Research Agenda Themes
  • Figure: ISO 37500 Outsourcing Life Cycle
  • Figure: IDC's Vendor and Sourcing Management Life Cycle
  • Figure: The LSE Outsourcing Life-Cycle Model
  • Figure: The IAOP Five-Stage Outsourcing Process
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