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Australia ICT 2015 Top 10 Predictions

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 20 Pages
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澳洲的ICT市場:10大預測 Australia ICT 2015 Top 10 Predictions
出版日期: 2015年02月06日 內容資訊: 英文 20 Pages









  • 預測1:隱私和資料管理業務,成為今後經營上的論點
  • 預測2:2015年──「客戶的情境化」的開端
  • 預測3:通訊企業2015年進入巨量資料市場競爭
  • 預測4:行動付款2015年迎接轉換點,促使「非現金時代」揭開序幕
  • 預測5:穿戴式設備的普及,IoT的生態系統的成長
  • 預測6:4k(超高解析度影像)顯示器市場──支援內容增加促進市場
  • 預測7:隨著混合環境的引進,企業方面重新定義對服務品質的期待度
  • 預測8:OpenStack──成為國內可實現的雲端平台
  • 預測9:軟體定義資料中心──成為大企業用的現實替代方式
  • 預測10:資料中心的新工作負載──伴隨混合、雲端的成熟化而出現



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Product Code: AU250932

This study presents IDC's 2015 top 10 predictions for the Australian ICT market. It provides insights into expected developments in technologies forming the four pillars of the 3rd Platform - mobility, Big Data, cloud, and social business. According to Hugh Ujhazy, research director for Telecommunications and Mobile at IDC, "Communications are becoming increasingly fragmented across mobile, email, VoIP, messaging, and social platforms. IDC expects that video and other data services will grow as data traffic and mobile broadband consumption soar. Positioning solutions across the 3rd Platform is critical to arrest the decline in traditional telecom revenue sources, forcing providers to act in a more over-the-top manner."

The dramatic shifts highlighted throughout our 10 predictions are all about our key theme - innovation of 3rd Platform technologies. The innovation and convergence of 3rd Platform technologies will radically extend the capabilities and applications of emerging markets such as hybrid cloud, software-defined datacentres, contact centres, Internet of Things, among others. This also inevitably creates new sophisticated challenges for enterprises and consumers around privacy and data custodianship. IDC believes that in 2015, compliance and security issues will be high on the agenda in any solution discussions as enterprises increasingly focus on achieving and demonstrating stakeholder value while remaining relatively risk averse. "Australian organisations are at a crucial point in their evolution - not embracing the opportunities afforded by 3rd Platform technologies such as Big Data will be at their peril. Now is not a time to watch and wait. Those that do, risk becoming irrelevant tomorrow. For many organisations this requires a fundamental shift in thinking and ubiquitous collaboration across business and IT silos," says Sally Parker, research director, Cloud and Big Data at IDC.

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Situation Overview

Future Outlook

  • Prediction #1: Privacy and Data Custodianship Will Become Boardroom Discussion
  • Prediction #2: 2015 Will Be the Advent of the Contextualised Customer
  • Prediction #3: Telcos Will Join the Big Data Battle in 2015
  • Prediction #4: Mobile Payments Will Reach a Tipping Point in 2015, Ushering in a Cashless Era
  • Prediction #5: Wearables Will Drive Growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) Ecosystem
  • Prediction #6: Content Availability Will Drive Ultrahigh Definition (4K) Displays Market
  • Prediction #7: Hybrid Environment Will Redefine Service Quality Expectations of the Business
  • Prediction #8: OpenStack Will Emerge as a Viable Cloud Platform in the Region
  • Prediction #9: The Software-Defined Datacentre Will Rise as a Viable Alternative for the Enterprise
  • Prediction #10: New Datacentre Workloads Will Emerge as Hybrid Cloud Matures

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List of Figures

  • Figure: The 3rd Platform for IT and Business Innovation and Growth
  • Figure: Service Management Maturity
  • Figure: Australia's Enterprises and SMBs Planned Changes/New Deployment Plans for Software Applications, 2015
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