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Worldwide Enterprise Communications and Datacenter Network Infrastructure 2015 Top 10 Predictions

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 11 Pages
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全球大企業用通訊/資料中心、網路基礎設施市場:10大預測 Worldwide Enterprise Communications and Datacenter Network Infrastructure 2015 Top 10 Predictions
出版日期: 2015年01月30日 內容資訊: 英文 11 Pages









  • 預測1:全球大企業用網路設備市場達到414億美元的規模:資料中心、網路支出額超過100億美元
  • 預測2:對分散式裸機、交換器作出反應的網路OEM企業
  • 預測3:開放式、網路的影響力擴大
  • 預測4:從SDN轉移至WAN,而且伴隨的產業重組
  • 預測5:有線/無線網路「眼睛看得見」整合,成為今後的大企業用網路的『王牌』
  • 預測6:比預期都早,802.11ac無線取代LAN802.11n,點代替,消滅趕走802.11n
  • 預測7:各企業自家公司的IM/存在感/影片功能,B2B/B2C用途與傳動的動向增強
  • 預測8:附影片IoT應用的普及
  • 預測9:各企業為了網路整備強化連接性,變得准許企業用網路環境的專業活性監視和規範的整備
  • 活用預測10:SDN相關的專門服務,客戶企業方面發展網路投資流程的擴大、聯合、確立



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Product Code: 254030

This IDC study provides predictions for the top 10 trends impacting enterprise and datacenter networking in 2015. In 2015, IDC believes that enterprise networking, as well as datacenter networking, will continue to be transformed by virtualization, cloud, new applications, mobility, big data, and social media. These drivers will have a profound effect on business and technology requirements across the entire enterprise network. IDC expects that the aforementioned factors will place unprecedented demands on the scalability, programmability, agility, analytics capabilities, and management capabilities of enterprise networks. IDC predicts 2015 will see overall enterprise network revenue grow 2.9% to reach $41.4 billion.

According to Rohit Mehra, vice president, Network Infrastructure, "The evolution of the network as a strategic business differentiator coupled with increased demands for network agility will lead to new innovations - and pressures - for the network in 2015. Among the major trends we predict for 2015: a growing influence from open networking standards and initiatives; SDN emerging in the WAN; the inflection point where 802.11ac becomes the dominant WLAN standard; the rise of SDN professional services; and federation of IM, presence, and video capabilities in the enterprise."

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Situation Overview

Future Outlook

  • 1. The Worldwide Enterprise Network Equipment Market Will Reach $41.4 Billion in 2015; Datacenter Network Spend Will Exceed $10 Billion
  • 2. Network OEMs Will Respond to Disaggregated Bare Metal Switching
  • 3. Open Networking Will Have a Growing Influence
  • 4. SDN Will Move into the WAN and Trigger Consolidation
  • 5. Unified Visibility of Wired and Wireless Networking Will Be "Table Stakes" in Enterprise Networking
  • 6. 802.11ac WLAN Will Overtake 802.11n Earlier Than Expected and Will Propel 802.11n Toward Obsolescence
  • 7. Organizations Will Increasingly Look to Federate Their IM, Presence, and Video Capabilities for B2B and B2C Applications in 2015
  • 8. Video-Embedded IoT Applications Will Proliferate in 2015
  • 9. Enterprises Will Embrace Connectivity When It Comes to Supporting the Network, Allowing Proactive Monitoring and Prescriptive Maintenance of the Enterprise Network Environment
  • 10. Professional Services Surrounding SDN Will Help Enterprise Customers Prioritize, Align, and Establish Processes for Networking Investments

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List of Tables

  • Table: Worldwide Enterprise Network Infrastructure Revenue by Region, 2011-2019 ($M)
  • Table: Worldwide Enterprise Network Infrastructure Revenue by Technology, 2011-2019 ($M)

List of Figures

  • Figure: Worldwide Enterprise Network Infrastructure Revenue Share by Technology, 2014
  • Figure: Worldwide Enterprise WLAN AP Revenue by Standard, 2013-2018
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