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IDC PeerScape的利用方法:為了解決複雜的商務、IT的問題,有效利用最適合的方法

How to Use the IDC PeerScape - Leveraging the Best Ideas to Solve Complex Business-IT Problems

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 12 Pages
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IDC PeerScape的利用方法:為了解決複雜的商務、IT的問題,有效利用最適合的方法 How to Use the IDC PeerScape - Leveraging the Best Ideas to Solve Complex Business-IT Problems
出版日期: 2014年12月08日 內容資訊: 英文 12 Pages



IDC製作了IT買主(從CIO到產業部門(LOB)幹部)用DecisionScape的組成架構。IDC PeerScape,提供對許多IT買主面臨的固有重要課題的指導。

本報告提供以有效利用IDC PeerScape時的核心,主要的IT管理領域為焦點的,支援商務目標的方法、評估目前功能與未來必要條件差距的方法,與IDC MaturityScape合併的方法等相關的系統性資訊。




  • 所謂IDC PeerScape
  • 獨立的計劃
  • 商務分析工具
  • 成熟度指南和第三方平台發展藍圖



  • 短期(0∼6個月)
  • 中期(12∼18個月)
  • 長期(18∼36個月)


  • 相關調查
  • 摘要

  • IDC DecisionScape的組成架構
  • 零售行動:為了使行動構想成功的實行案例
  • CIO、LOB IT買主IT投資的組成架構
  • 第三方平台解決方案的發展流程
  • IDC的IT策略與創新MaturityScape:各階段概要
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This IDC study explores the IDC PeerScape and its structure and its use as a tool to improve the CIO's ability to support 3rd Platform business innovation and value. CIOs have the opportunity to adapt their IT solutions to the real requirements of their business leadership by understanding how the IDC PeerScape employs attributes like actual practices and experience, strategic goals, culture, process maturity, and organization to shape IT's service and support strategies in a number of key areas that are critical to IT leadership.

The study focuses on a few key IT management areas that are central to using IDC PeerScape effectively:

  • What is an IDC PeerScape? How can it be used to support business goals?
  • How can IDC PeerScape be used to assess the gap between the current capabilities of IT and its future requirements?
  • How does IDC PeerScape integrate with an IDC MaturityScape and the process of improving IT maturity?

"The IDC PeerScape provides actionable guidance on specific and significant challenges that many IT buyers will face. The issues may range from developing a service catalog for IT to acquiring and retaining employees with hard-to-find skill sets," says Fred Magee, adjunct research advisor with IDC's Research Network. "The IDC PeerScape is a focused set of actionable recommendations from IDC analysts, structured in terms of business benefit and complexity and based on real-world examples of IT challenges that businesses have already addressed and overcome."

Table of Contents

IDC Opinion

In This Study

Situation Overview

  • What Is an IDC PeerScape?
  • Standalone Planning
  • Business Analysis Tool
  • A Maturity Guide and 3rd Platform Road Map

Future Outlook

Essential Guidance

  • Near Term (0-6 Months)
  • Medium Term (12-18 Months)
  • Longer Term (18-36 Months)

Learn More

  • Related Research
  • Synopsis

List of Figures

  • Figure: The IDC DecisionScape Framework
  • Figure: Retail Mobility - Practices to Ensure a Successful Mobility Initiative
  • Figure: IT Investment Framework for CIOs and LOB IT Buyers
  • Figure: The Process of Developing 3rd Platform Solutions
  • Figure: IDC's IT Strategy and Innovation MaturityScape: Stage Overview
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