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4G in Western Europe: The Catch-Up Gathers Pace

出版商 IDC 商品編碼 315009
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 42 Pages
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西歐的4G:加速追趕 4G in Western Europe: The Catch-Up Gathers Pace
出版日期: 2014年10月03日 內容資訊: 英文 42 Pages






  • 調查手法


  • 西歐4G服務的擴大
    • 初期的4G發展低迷
    • 4G發展從2012年後期開始加速
    • 4G發展的業者策略
      • Orange
      • EE
      • Deutsche Telekom
  • 西歐採取、利用4G服務
    • 歐洲的4G步入正軌
    • 採取4G的推動成長因素
      • 4G的可用性,服務區域急速改善
      • 4G服務更合適
      • 4G智慧型手機可用性的擴大
      • 行動網際網路用戶穩定的基礎使4G銷售比3G容易
  • 為何使用4G
    • 4G的優點
    • 4G改變行動數據連接的使用方法
    • 作為家用寬頻服務的4G
      • Orange
      • EE
      • Deutsche Telekom
    • 企業的4G採用


  • 4G服務市場發展
    • 4G的價格趨勢
    • 更高的資料分配
    • 低市場進入層級的價格分佈
    • SIM only的4G計劃
    • 共享4G數據方案
    • 預付4G費用
    • 業者的4G服務價格、行銷實例
      • Belgacom
      • Bouygues Telecom
      • Deutsche Telekom
      • EE
      • KPN
      • Orange
      • Telefonica
      • Vodafone
  • 4G服務、技術的未來趨勢
    • 高速、大容量4G
      • 電信業者擴大
      • 載波聚合
      • 尋找更大的頻譜用於4G
    • 4G語音及通訊
      • 資料網路上的語音服務實施:VoLTE
      • 歐洲業者的VoLTE方法
      • Orange
      • Deutsche Telekom
      • Telefonica
      • EE
      • VoLTE, RCS:邁向4G的聯合通訊平台
    • 4G多播及廣播
    • 4G用戶預測



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  • 摘要


Product Code: MS03W

This IDC study examines the transformation in the availability and uptake of 4G in the region over the past two years. It analyzes the factors that have driven strong growth since then and discusses the prospects for those factors continuing to operate in the future. In particular, the study looks at what applications of 4G are persuading customers to adopt 4G and the trends in marketing and pricing that operators are following as 4G moves from a high-end niche product into a mass-market service proposition.

"Following a sluggish early phase during 2010-2012, 4G is now firmly established in the mainstream of the European mobile scene," said John Delaney, Associate VP, IDC European Mobility. "2013 proved to be a pivotal year in the growth of 4G in Western Europe, with the number of 4G users growing from just under 4 million at the end of 2012 to more than 20 million at the end of 2013. On current trends, IDC expects the number of 4G users in Western Europe to have reached nearly 50 million by the end of 2014. These figures indicate that 4G uptake is growing more than twice as quickly as 3G uptake did during a comparable period in its history. The factors that are driving 4G growth will continue acting strongly, driving 4G to about a third of all mobile connections by 2018."

Table of Contents

IDC Opinion

In This Study

  • Methodology

Situation Overview

  • The Spread of 4G Services in Western Europe
    • 4G Rollout Was Sluggish in the Early Years
    • 4G Rollout Picked Up Pace from Late 2012 Onward
    • Operator Strategies for 4G Rollout
      • Orange
      • EE
      • Deutsche Telekom
  • Uptake, Usage of 4G Services in Western Europe
    • 2013: 4G Took Off in Europe
    • Drivers of Growth in 4G Uptake
      • Availability, Coverage of 4G Improving Rapidly
      • 4G Services Become More Affordable
      • Growth in 4G Smartphone Availability
      • Well-Established Base of Mobile Internet Users Makes 4G Easier to Sell than 3G
  • What is 4G for
    • Benefits of 4G
    • 4G Changes the Way People Use a Mobile Data Connection
    • 4G as a Home Broadband Service
      • Deutsche Telekom
      • Orange Spain
      • EE
    • Uptake of 4G by Businesses

Future Outlook

  • Development of the 4G Services Market
    • 4G Pricing Trends
    • Higher Data Allowances
    • Lower Entry-Level Price Points
    • SIM-only 4G Plans
    • Shared 4G Data Plans
    • Prepaid 4G Tariffs
    • Examples of Operators' 4G Service Pricing and Marketing
      • Belgacom
      • Bouygues Telecom
      • Deutsche Telekom
      • EE
      • KPN
      • Orange
      • Telefonica
      • Vodafone
  • Future Trends in 4G Services and Technologies
    • Higher-Speed, Higher-Capacity 4G
      • Carrier Expansion
      • Carrier Aggregation
      • Finding More Spectrum for 4G
    • 4G Voice and Messaging
      • Implementing Voice Services on a Data Network: VoLTE
      • European Operators' Approach to VoLTE
        • Orange
        • Deutsche Telekom
        • Telefonica
        • EE
      • VoLTE, RCS: Toward a Combined 4G Communications Platform
    • 4G Multicast and Broadcast
    • 4G Subscriber Forecasts

Essential Guidance

Learn More

  • Related Research
  • Synopsis

List of Tables

  • Table: 4G Coverage of European Operators by Country

List of Figures

  • Figure: Commercial Availability of 4G Services in Western Europe: May 2012
  • Figure: Commercial Availability of 4G Services in Western Europe: November 2012
  • Figure: Western Europe 4G Uptake Growth (Number of Mobile Connections in 000s)
  • Figure: Daily Mobile Internet Usage Has Become Majority Behavior
  • Figure: 4G Penetration Proceeds More Rapidly than the 3G Penetration
  • Figure: Video and Social Media Feature Strongly in EE's 4G Customer Usage Patterns
  • Figure: 4G Can Be Used to Deploy a Home Broadband Service
  • Figure: Examples of Licensed Spectrum Configuration in 3G and 4G
  • Figure: VoLTE and RCS Can Complement Each Other as Service Platforms in Next-Generation Networks
  • Figure: Western Europe 4G Connections, 2013-2018
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