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IDC's Worldwide Marketing and Intelligence Taxonomy, 2015: Guidelines for Resource Allocation and Organization

出版商 IDC 商品編碼 307402
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 29 Pages
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IDC的全球行銷及情報分類:成本管理和資源分配的指南 IDC's Worldwide Marketing and Intelligence Taxonomy, 2015: Guidelines for Resource Allocation and Organization
出版日期: 2015年05月29日 內容資訊: 英文 29 Pages







  • 持續做成新行銷現實的產業趨勢
  • 管理會計方法的重要性
  • 關於這個指南
  • IDC的行銷分類
    • 行銷職員支出概要
    • 行銷計劃支出概要
    • 行銷職員的分類
    • 行銷計劃的分類
    • 其他行銷用語定義
    • IDC客戶滿足體驗迴路:各階段定義
    • IDC的行銷及銷售的主要管道架構
    • 其他銷售用語定義
  • IDC的資訊分類
  • 資訊收集活動的種類(商務資訊、競爭資訊、市場資訊等)
    • 先進的分析
    • 廣告、通訊及品牌調查
    • 買主、客戶調查
    • 流通管道機會及分析
    • 競爭技術調查
    • 競爭企業的財務分析
    • 資訊收集活動、調查補助
    • 市場規模、佔有率、預測
    • 立場、方法
    • 價格決策調查
    • 產品、新產品開發調查
    • 市場區隔、滲透分析
  • 一次調查
  • 二次調查
  • 行銷技術




  • 相關調查
  • 摘要


Product Code: 256345

This IDC study is a reference guide for budget management and cost control. It can serve as the foundation for sales, marketing, and finance executives to better demonstrate fiscal management capabilities to C-level executives and to improve decision-making processes based on standardized resource allocations.

"Using the IDC marketing taxonomy, coupled with benchmarking against IDC's industry-leading Technology Marketing Benchmarks database, will enable executives to advance their investment management capabilities," says Rich Vancil, vice president of IDC's Executive Advisory Group. "Executives should use this taxonomy guide as a tool to optimize return on their activities and expenses across the marketing functions."

Table of Contents

IDC Opinion

In This Study

Situation Overview

  • Industry Trends Continue to Shape a New Marketing Reality
  • The Importance of a Managerial Accounting Approach
  • About This Guide
  • IDC's Marketing Taxonomy
    • Marketing Staff Expense Overview
    • Marketing Program Expense Overview
    • Marketing Staff Taxonomy
      • Advertising
      • Analyst Relations
      • Business Intelligence and Analytics
      • Campaign Management
        • Campaign Definition
      • Competitive Intelligence
      • Content Marketing
      • Creative Services and Brand Identity and Governance
      • Direct Marketing
      • Event Marketing
      • Executive
      • Field Marketing
      • Industry and Audience Marketing
      • Market Intelligence
      • Marketing Operations
      • Marketing Technology
      • Partner Marketing
      • Product Marketing
      • Public Relations
      • Sales Enablement
      • Social Marketing
      • Solution Marketing
      • Web Site
      • Other Marketing Staff
    • Marketing Program Taxonomy
      • Advertising (Digital and Non-Digital)
        • Broadcast
        • Corporate Sponsorship
        • Digital
        • Mobile
        • Out of Home
        • Print
        • Search (SEM)
        • Social
      • Analyst Relations
      • Branding
        • Corporate and Product Branding (Brand Identity, Maintenance, and Governance)
      • Content
        • Content Syndication
        • Digital Content
        • Print Content and Collateral
        • Translation and Localization
      • Direct Marketing
        • Direct Mail (Print)
        • Email Marketing and Electronic Outreach
        • Sales Development and Telemarketing
        • SMS and Text Messages
      • Events
        • Conferences and Trade Shows (Public Events)
        • Customer/Prospect Onsite or Physical Events (Proprietary Events)
        • Digital Events
        • Industry Event Sponsorship
        • Partner Onsite or Physical Events
      • Intelligence
        • Business Intelligence and Analytics
        • Competitive Intelligence
        • Market Intelligence
        • Primary Research
        • Secondary Research
      • Market Development Funds and Co-Op Marketing Funds
      • Marketing Technology
        • Content Production and Management
        • Data and Analytics
        • Marketing Management and Administration
        • Systems for Managing Interactions
      • Public Relations
        • Agency Fees and In-House Expense
      • Sales and Partner Enablement
        • Sales and Partner Enablement, Support, Tools, and Training for Direct Sales Channels (Outside, Inside, and Online Sales Channels)
        • Sales and Partner Enablement, Support, Tools, and Training for Indirect Channel Partners (VAR, SI, OEM, Retail, or Other "Sell-Through" Channel Relationships)
        • Sales and Partner Enablement, Support, Tools, and Training for Alliance Partners and Influencers
      • Social Marketing
      • Web Site
        • Company Web Site(s)
        • Mobility
        • Search Engine Optimization
      • Other Marketing Programs
    • Additional Marketing Term Definitions
      • Cloud Software and Digital Services
      • Marketing Touch
      • Product Line
    • IDC Customer Experience Loop: Stage Definitions
    • IDC's Marketing and Sales Lead Pipeline Framework
    • Additional Sales Terms Definitions
      • Direct Sales Staff
        • Inside Sales
        • Outside Sales
        • Indirect/Other Sales Channels
  • IDC's Intelligence Taxonomy
  • Types of Intelligence Activities (Includes Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, and Market Intelligence)
    • Advanced Analytics
    • Advertising/Messaging and Branding Research
    • Buyer/Customer Research
    • Channel Opportunity and Analysis
    • Competitive Technology Research
    • Financial Analysis of Competitors
    • Intelligence Operations/Research Support
    • Market Size/Share/Forecasting
    • Positioning/Approach
    • Pricing Research
    • Product or New Product Development Research
    • Segmentation/Penetration Analysis
  • Primary Research
  • Secondary Research
  • Marketing Technology

Future Outlook

Essential Guidance

Learn More

  • Related Research
  • Synopsis

List of Tables

  • Table: Marketing Investment - Financial Accounting Versus Managerial Accounting

List of Figures

  • Figure: IDC's Activity-Based Marketing Investment Taxonomy: Financial Accounting Versus IDC's Managerial Accounting
  • Figure: The IDC Customer Experience Loop
  • Figure: IDC's Strategic Framework for Marketing Technology
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