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中東歐、中東、非洲(CEMA)地區的4G LTE引進的現狀及展望

CEMA Status and Prospects of 4G LTE Deployments in 2016

出版商 IDC 商品編碼 305245
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 23 Pages
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中東歐、中東、非洲(CEMA)地區的4G LTE引進的現狀及展望 CEMA Status and Prospects of 4G LTE Deployments in 2016
出版日期: 2016年05月30日 內容資訊: 英文 23 Pages





  • CEMA地區的4G網路引進概要
    • 中東歐概要
    • 中東概要
    • 非洲概要
  • 頻率不足依然是問題
    • 中東歐的頻率可用性
    • 中東的頻率可用性
    • 非洲的頻率可用性
  • 4G終端的提高容易取得度
  • 對4G的投資回收感到痛苦的經營者


  • 網路、基礎設施共享協定數增加
  • 在經營者間的4G漫遊協定開始登場
  • CEMA地區的經營者開始4G廣播的實驗
  • 4G網路將以LTE-Advanced功能逐步增強
  • 開始VoLTE服務實驗的CEMA地區的經營者增加
  • 建議




Product Code: CEMA41197116

In this IDC Insight, we provide an update on the state of 4G network deployments across the CEMA region, including in the former Soviet Republics of Belarus, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine. Throughout the document, 4G refers to mobile networks and services based on LTE technology. Given the heterogeneity of the region in terms of the spectrums used for running LTE networks, the sub-region-specific characteristics are examined to describe the challenges faced by mobile operators in individual markets. This includes the availability of spectrum suitable for 4G, the availability of 4G-enabled devices, and the process of determining marketing and pricing strategies. An analysis of existing and planned 4G networks is provided, along with an overview of expected spectrum licensing in CEMA. The closing section of this IDC Insight discusses the future development of 4G in the region and provides guidance for mobile operators.

IDC Opinion

In This Insight

Situation Overview

  • CEMA 4G Network Deployment Overview
  • Central and Eastern Europe in Brief
  • The Middle East in Brief
  • Africa in Brief
  • Spectrum Scarcity Still an Issue in Africa
    • Spectrum Availability in Central and Eastern Europe
    • Spectrum Availability in the Middle East
    • Spectrum Availability in Africa

Future Outlook

  • 4G Infrastructure Costs Will Increase
  • 4G Networks Will Gradually Be Enhanced with LTE-Advanced Features
  • More CEMA Operators Will Start Trialing VoLTE Services
  • Operators in CEMA Will Start Trialing 4.5G

Essential Guidance

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