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Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Telecom 2015 Top 10 Predictions: The Year of Open

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日本以外的亞太地區的通訊市場:10大預測 Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Telecom 2015 Top 10 Predictions: The Year of Open
出版日期: 2015年01月21日 內容資訊: 英文 10 Pages









  • 預測1:通訊轉移至API產業
  • 預測2:通訊轉移到準確度高的行動廣告
  • 預測3:服務供應商分析的新次元
  • 預測4:電信業者採用網路虛擬化以獲得利益
  • 預測5:開放原始碼開始片斷化
  • 預測6:電信業者MSSP 3.0
  • 預測7:產業用IoT是用固定網路輸送
  • 預測8:網路工作負載意識變高
  • 預測9:行動電子商務成功
  • 預測10:行動電子錢包加速



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Product Code: AP250915

This IDC study details IDC top 10 telecom predictions for 2015 and the implications for the industry. "The entire telecom industry is moving from hardware and infrastructure to software and services. The year 2015 will be the year of open," says Dustin Kehoe, program director. "This includes open investments in new markets like we have never seen, open standards for cloud and software-defined network (SDN). Open application programming interfaces (APIs) and interfaces for machine to machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT). Openness will no longer be a top-down initiative, but start to be bottom up. This will have profound implications on existing supplier relationships."

"Telecom providers are also moving into new markets such as mobile commerce and payments, tapping into the managed services opportunity in IoT and willing to push the boundaries between data monetization and consumer privacy. The industrialization of cyberattacks and growing gap between the sophistication of hackers and their victims is opening a significant opportunity for telecoms to finally address security. Infrastructure ownership provides a platform for supporting advanced analytics. Perimeter security and preventative posturing are insufficient for today's level of cyberattacks. The market is moving from physical security to cloud and contextual. The prevailing view is an attack will happen. The discussion now is on how best to mitigate an attack before, during, and after an event has occurred."

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Situation Overview

Future Outlook

  • Prediction #1: Telecoms Will Move into the API Business
  • Prediction #2: Telecoms Will Move into Precision Mobile Advertising
  • Prediction #3: Service Provider Will Enter a New Dimension of Analytics
  • Prediction #4: Telcos Will Adopt Network Virtualization for Margins Gain
  • Prediction #5: OpenSource Will Start to Fragment
  • Prediction #6: Telecoms Will Enter MSSP 3.0
  • Prediction #7: Industrial IoT Will Be Carried on a Fixed Network
  • Prediction #8: Networks Will Become Workload-Aware
  • Prediction #9: Mobile Commerce Will Thrive in 2015
  • Prediction #10: Mobile Wallet Will Accelerate in 2015

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