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Accessibility, Automation, Innovation: Establishing Virtual and Mobility Capabilities for Public Sector Organizations

出版商 IDC 商品編碼 1000754
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 17 Pages
可及性、自動化、革新:公共部門、組織的虛擬、行動功能的確立 Accessibility, Automation, Innovation: Establishing Virtual and Mobility Capabilities for Public Sector Organizations
出版日期: 2021年04月12日內容資訊: 英文 17 Pages


本報告提供亞太地區的公共部門、組織中,服務的存取改善的技術性的配合措施的動向,和新型冠狀病毒感染疾病 (COVID-19) 危機的應對狀況相關分析,醫療、教育、政府部門的可及性、自動化、革新的推動情形,針對 "新的日常" 的今後配合措施等資訊,為您概述為以下內容。



  • 可及性、自動化、革新
  • 遠程醫療
    • 可及性的有效化
      • 法規:遠程醫療的普及促進的必要事項
      • 公私合營
    • 自動化的探求
      • 聊天機器人
    • 革新的探求
      • 數位前門
      • 從遠距離診斷 (遠程醫療) 到遠隔健康管理 (遠端保健)
      • 生態系統模式
  • 遠程教育
    • 可及性的有效化
      • 公民營聯盟
    • 自動化的探求
      • 機器人流程的自動化 (RPA)
      • 校園的安全性
    • 革新的探求
      • 數位ID
      • 精神衛生
  • 在家工作 (遠程辦公)
    • 可及性的有效化
    • 自動化的探求
      • 即時處理RPA - 市民服務
      • AI對應人力資源的獲得
      • 智慧契約 - 區塊鏈
      • 網路安全
      • 無間斷的顧客服務 - 政府的處理速度、支援時間的提高



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  • 摘要
Product Code: AP47230921

Anchoring on the COVID-19 pandemic, this IDC Perspective analyzes how public sector organizations in Asia/Pacific have responded to the crisis by bringing in accessibility of respective services. By emphasizing on the remaining two phases of transition, which are automation and innovation, this report highlights potential areas where organizations in healthcare, education, and government sectors need to focus on as they march toward the next normal."These new ventures into better integrated public sectors and enhanced intelligence gained from widespread automation, will need to be robustly supported by not just emerging technology solutions and manpower skills, but also the enabling public policies, regulations and laws. Such efforts take up massive time and resources, sustained civic engagements with constituents, lengthy parliamentary and legislative debates, as well as enforcement and compliance of such laws or acts," adds Gerald Wang, Head, Public Sector, IDC Asia/Pacific. "As public sector organizations are transitioning from acceleration phase toward automation and new innovations, they need to be cognizant of the technological needs and capability requirements. Organizations must focus on building strong ecosystem model that is consumer centric, enhancing operational efficiency and adhering to compliance factors to get aligned with the future of industry and ecosystems needs," says Manoj Vallikkat, research manager, IDC Asia/Pacific Healthcare Insights.

Executive Snapshot

Situation Overview

  • Accessibility, Automation, and Innovation
  • Telemedicine
    • Enabling Accessibility
      • Regulation: A Must for Increased Adoption of Telemedicine
      • Public-Private Collaboration
    • Exploring Automation
      • Chatbots
    • Exploring Innovations
      • Digital Front Door
      • Telemedicine to Telehealth
      • Ecosystem Model
  • Tele-Education
    • Enabling Accessibility
      • Public-Private Partnership
    • Exploring Automation
      • Robotic Process Automation
      • Campus Safety
    • Exploring Innovation
      • Digital ID
      • Mental Wellbeing
  • TeleWork
    • Enabling Accessibility
    • Exploring Automation
      • RPA - Processing Citizen Services in Real Time
      • AI-Enabled Talent Acquisition
      • Smart Contracts - Blockchain
      • Cybersecurity
      • Seamless Customer Services - Boosting Processing Speed and Government Response Time

Advice for the Technology Buyer

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