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COVID-19 Face Masks and Face Masks Manufacturing Plants Market 2020-2024

出版商 Homeland Security Research Corporation (HSRC) 商品編碼 950716
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 150 Pages; 120 Tables & Figures
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
兼容COVID-19的口罩和製造工廠的全球市場:2020-2024 COVID-19 Face Masks and Face Masks Manufacturing Plants Market 2020-2024
出版日期: 2020年07月24日內容資訊: 英文 150 Pages; 120 Tables & Figures





  • 與COVID-19兼容的口罩和製造工廠的市場規模是多少? 2020年至2024年的預計趨勢是什麼?
  • 最有吸引力的商機是什麼?
  • 哪些因素會鼓勵客戶購買解決方案和服務?
  • 市場趨勢是什麼?
  • 從2020年到2024年,七個子市場的規模有多大?
  • 促進市場滲透和增長面臨哪些挑戰?


  • 1. 市場增長的促進因素和障礙
  • 2. 商機
  • 3. SWOT分析
  • 4. 各種產品和服務的競爭分析
    • 1. 進入壁壘
    • 2. 供應商力量
    • 3. 買方權力
    • 4. 替代產品的壁壘
  • 5. 商業環境
  • 6. 子市場預測

It is now widely agreed upon that an essential remedy to the suppression of the pandemic is the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The ability to curb the spread of the pandemic and minimize new surges so that the economy will recover, largely depends on how well the healthcare community and governments will educate their citizens to use Personal Protection Gear, especially face masks.

Currently, China manufactures the majority of the globe's PPE. During Q1 2020, as the coronavirus tore through China and it went into lockdown, Chinese PPE factories ramped up their production. As China started to re-open its economy as the pandemic continued spreading throughout the rest of the world, demand for Personal Protection Gear soared to the point that factory owners in the industry began boasting that they owned money printing machines. As orders of consumer goods shrunk, anxious manufacturers, who had the clean rooms and know-how needed to make PPE, switched their production lines over to make face masks, gloves and PPE gowns.

With demand exploding, full payment up front became the norm. Fraud and counterfeit products proliferated. In April 2020, the PRC government rolled out actions intended to clamp down on counterfeit PPE, and it became even trickier to ship products out of China. For many Chinese tech companies, swooping in as the savior is shrewd publicity. "They have the funds and the political clout, and it's good for their business mission," says J. Norwell Coquillard, executive director of the Washington State China Relations Council, a Seattle-based lobbying group helping local health-care buyers vet Chinese suppliers of PPE.

The team which composed this report brings 43 years of hands on record in the development and commercialization of healthcare products including: antibody antigen detection, E-health, decontamination and biosecurity, PACS, teleradiology, PPE, computerized tomography, medical devices and more. Our team members bring long term relations with the U.S. FDA and CDC as well as the EU CE and other national medical regulatory agencies.

To adhere to our high standards of research, as nobody can forecast the future of the pandemic, we include in the report two scenarios:

  • 1. Optimistic scenario - assumes (among other things) that mass vaccination will commence by July 2021
  • 2. Conservative scenario - assumes (among other things) that no mass vaccination will be available until 2025

Why Buy this COVID-19 Face Masks & Face Masks Manufacturing Plants Market - 2020-2024 Report?

A. Questions answered in this report include:

  • What is the COVID-19 face masks & face masks manufacturing plants Market size and what are the forecast trends during 2020-2024?
  • What are the most attractive business opportunities?
  • What drives the customers to purchase solutions and services?
  • What are the COVID-19 face masks & face masks manufacturing plants Market trends?
  • What is the 7 sub-markets size over the 2020-2024 period?
  • What are the challenges to market penetration & growth?

B. Detailed market analysis frameworks for each of the market sectors are provided, including:

  • 1. Market drivers & inhibitors
  • 2. Business opportunities
  • 3. SWOT analysis
  • 4. Competitive analysis for each of the products and services that covers:
    • 1. Barriers to Entry
    • 2. Supplier Power
    • 3. Buyer Power
    • 4. Barriers to Substitution.
  • 5. Business environment
  • 6. The 2020-2024 market segmented into 5 submarkets