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Securing the Cloud: A Market Perception Study

出版商 Heavy Reading 商品編碼 600668
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 18 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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雲端的保護:市場上認識的調查 Securing the Cloud: A Market Perception Study
出版日期: 2018年01月23日 內容資訊: 英文 18 Pages


本報告依據CSP (通訊服務供應商)的客戶企業的問卷調查,提供在各企業中雲端和NFV (網路功能虛擬化)的引進時面臨的安全方面的課題,及CSP/客戶企業採用的對策,今後的市場機會、課題等分析。


第1章 摘要整理

第2章 調查受訪者/企業的結構

  • 圖1:調查受訪者的結構 - 各地區
  • 圖2:調查受訪者的結構 - CSP (通訊服務供應商)的各類型
  • 圖3:調查受訪者的結構 - 企業的年度收益額
  • 圖4:調查受訪者的結構 - 各職務

第3章 在安全方面的課題與應答策略

  • 圖5:對虛擬化的不安事項的排行榜
  • 圖6:在安全方面的課題的排行榜 - 各網路、網域
  • 圖7:安全引進時的優先事項
  • 圖8:DNS威脅媒介的排行榜
  • 圖9:DNS風險的緩和策略
  • 圖10:虛擬化和安全性自動化

第4章 安全和企業

  • 圖11:企業用安全服務的強化
  • 圖12:企業用安全服務、商務的促進因素
  • 圖13:虛擬化與雲端、安全 - 事業案例
  • 圖14:企業用安全服務市場結構
  • 圖15:虛擬化安全服務的優先事項
  • 圖16:IoT安全服務的需求
  • 圖17:安全、基礎設施的轉變



The telecom industry historically has been shaped by several basic principles: continuous innovation, delivery of rock-solid applications and secure network access. Although these fundamentals remain intact as communications service providers (CSPs) transform legacy networks to the cloud, the adoption of a virtualized and distributed cloud is shaking the very technological bedrock that underpins these core attributes. Consequently, CSPs must adopt novel approaches and principles across the board in order to successfully manage the new challenges and demands that the cloud injects into the implementation equation.

This study explores how well CSPs are managing the new demands of one of the key tenets - security. In order to provide an inclusive view of the progress made to date, Heavy Reading created and launched a generalized security survey in the second quarter of 2017 designed to provide a succinct view of CSPs' overall readiness to meet both current and future network functions virtualization (NFV) cloud-based security requirements.

‘Securing the Cloud: A Market Perception Study’ documents the inherent challenges associated with securing the cloud, as well as CSPs' strategies to mitigate the risks through the deployment of a suite of security capabilities. It also explores CSPs' plans to seize the opportunity to drive new revenue streams by selling managed security services to the enterprise.

This research report is based on an online survey launched in the second quarter of 2017. The survey was distributed by email to Light Reading's global list of CSP registrants, who were invited to take the survey on the understanding of anonymity (i.e., that their names, job titles and employers will not be made available, and that the results will only be presented in aggregate form. The survey had 20 questions and was promoted to attract a large base of qualified and high-value CSP respondents.

Even though virtualization itself is a relatively straightforward concept, to support telecom functions, NFV effectively mandates a redesign on multiple levels, from infrastructure design to software design, interop testing, patching, OSS/BSS integration, packet processing, failover, service assurance and security. However, as shown in the excerpt below, of all the factors to consider, security garnered a striking 59% "very concerned" response rate, considerably ahead of other foundational considerations such as OSS integration (49%), and managing service failover and recovery (48%). Clearly, security is viewed as the greatest threat to a successful CSP cloud migration.

‘Securing the Cloud: A Market Perception Study’ is published in PDF format.

Table of Contents


  • Key Findings


  • Figure 1: Survey Respondents by Geography
  • Figure 2: Survey Respondents by CSP Type
  • Figure 3: Survey Respondents by Company Annual Revenue
  • Figure 4: Survey Respondents by Job Function


  • Figure 5: Ranking Virtualization Concerns
  • Figure 6: Ranking Security Challenges by Network Domain
  • Figure 7: Security Deployment Priorities
  • Figure 8: Ranking DNS Threat Vectors
  • Figure 9: DNS Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Figure 10: Virtualization & Security Automation


  • Figure 11: Enterprise Security Service Ramp
  • Figure 12: Enterprise Security Service Business Drivers
  • Figure 13: Virtualization & the Cloud Security Business Case
  • Figure 14: Enterprise Security Service Demographics
  • Figure 15: Virtualized Security Service Priorities
  • Figure 16: IoT Security Service Demand
  • Figure 17: Shifting Security Infrastructure


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