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5G Focus Group: Vendors Needed to Fulfill 5G Network Buildouts

出版商 Heavy Reading 商品編碼 599617
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 14 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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5G焦點群組:5G網路的建立所需的供應商 5G Focus Group: Vendors Needed to Fulfill 5G Network Buildouts
出版日期: 2018年01月11日 內容資訊: 英文 14 Pages


第1章 摘要整理

第2章 5G的引進計劃

  • 您的公司引進了哪些技術?
  • 您的公司預計什麼時候引進固定的無線5G服務?
  • 您的公司預計什麼時候引進移動5G服務?
  • 您的公司在選擇5G供應商的哪個階段?

第3章 5G的商機

  • 您的公司需要多久才能收回5G的投資?
  • 5G最終會對公司的底線產生什麼影響?
  • 貴公司引進5G的主要業務推進因素是什麼?
  • 貴公司如何看待5G服務的以下市場機會?

第4章 5G市場分析

  • 您的組織希望通過5G獲得的最大收益是什麼?
  • 貴組織大規模實施5G的最大障礙是什麼?
  • 貴公司參與5G最重要的標準組織/生態系統是什麼?

5G vendors can start 2018 with a rare opportunity, according to members of Heavy Reading's Thought Leadership Council (TLC). According to 13 service providers from around the globe, the overwhelming majority will have fixed wireless 5G service operational within five years.

But only 15 percent of TLC service providers have chosen the vendors they plan to utilize for 5G buildouts; more than 30 percent of our forum members haven't even started the vendor selection process. Other vendors in the forum are in varying degrees along the cycle of choosing 5G vendors.

The message to 5G vendors is clear: Opportunity exists. Several service providers expressed the desire to see additional use cases, white papers and other marketing and sales paraphernalia focused on 5G in our Q&A forum.

‘5G Focus Group: Vendors Needed to Fulfill 5G Network Buildouts’ was generated from a Q&A with service providers that are 5G experts. This focus group was asked 12 questions about 5G deployment plans, revenue opportunities and how the market is shaping up. The results clearly indicate that 5G vendors have an outstanding opportunity to educate and market their portfolios to service providers in every market.

There's no real consensus in terms of how far along TLC service providers are in the search for 5G vendors, as shown in the following excerpt. Thirty-eight percent of forum members have narrowed down their vendor choices but haven't made a final decision. One provider said, "This may vary according to use case and different markets and countries."

‘5G Focus Group: Vendors Needed to Fulfill 5G Network Buildouts’ is published in PDF format.

Table of Contents


  • Key Findings
  • About the Thought Leadership Council


  • Figure 1: Which technologies has your company deployed?
  • Figure 2: When does your company expect to have fixed wireless 5G service?
  • Figure 3: When does your company expect to have mobile 5G service?
  • Figure 4: Where is your company in its 5G vendor selection process?


  • Figure 5: How long will it take your company to recoup its investment in 5G?
  • Figure 6: What impact will 5G ultimately have on your company's bottom line?
  • Figure 7: What are the main business drivers to your company for deploying 5G?
  • Figure 8: How does your company view the following market opportunities for 5G service?


  • Figure 9: What are the biggest benefits your organization hopes to achieve with 5G?
  • Figure 10: What are the biggest barriers to wide-scale implementation of 5G for your organization?
  • Figure 11: What are the most important standards bodies/ecosystems your company is involved with for 5G?


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