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B/OSS Transformation Focus Group: Hefty Budget Increases Expected Through 2023

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 15 Pages
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BSS/OSS轉型焦點群組:大幅擴大預算預測 B/OSS Transformation Focus Group: Hefty Budget Increases Expected Through 2023
出版日期: 2017年12月12日 內容資訊: 英文 15 Pages


第1章 摘要整理

第2章 BSS/OSS轉型 收益

  • 2018年貴組織IT預算將有多少百分比用於B / OSS轉型?
  • 2019-2023年貴組織的B / OSS預算會發生什麼變化?
  • 實現B / OSS轉型的最重要的投資領域是什麼?

第3章 BSS/OSS轉型的引進

  • 貴組織的B / OSS轉型的主要驅動力是什麼?
  • 除了收入和利潤動機之外,貴組織的B / OSS轉型的關鍵目標是什麼?
  • 貴組織對於B / OSS轉型進行到什麼階段?
  • 貴組織中B / OSS轉型的最大障礙是什麼?
  • 當組織完全數位化時,OSS / BSS系統將扮演什麼角色?

第4章 BSS/OSS轉型技術

  • 貴組織在多大程度上採用了這些有利的技術和實踐?
  • 您的組織在哪些關鍵領域使用API​​?
  • 您將在未來12個月內探索哪些B / OSS轉型用例?
  • 誰是您的B / OSS轉型最有價值的合作夥伴?

It's no secret that telco service providers are extremely averse to change, often to their own detriment. It's both fascinating and unique when a highly representative group of service providers say they're eager to invest money and resources into a system that completely overthrows legacy processes.

Such was the message from the overwhelming majority of service providers in Heavy Reading's Thought Leadership Council (TLC) who said to expect aggressive spending in business/operations support system (B/OSS) transformation for the foreseeable future. The majority of service providers taking part in the Q&A forum expect budget increases of at least 5 percent a year are expected for B/OSS transformation through 2023.

According to TLC participants, the biggest barrier to B/OSS transformation is resistance to change, largely brought about by legacy mindsets. One service provider describes the culture as one in which senior leadership asks engineers to figure out how they can work themselves out of a job, while the engineers are smart enough to understand what they're being asked to do.

B/OSS Transformation Focus Group: Hefty Budget Increases Expected Through 2023 was generated from a Q&A with service provider employees who are B/OSS experts. This focus group was asked 12 questions about revenue, deployment and technology related to B/OSS transformation. The results clearly indicate that service providers want and are eager to invest in B/OSS transformation, even as they acknowledge doing so will not be a painless endeavor.

About 67 percent of TLC service providers will dedicate more than 15 percent of their IT budget in 2018 to B/OSS transformation, shown in the excerpt below. Further, 27 percent of panelists said their organizations will dedicate 11-15 percent of the 2018 IT budget to B/OSS transformation. It's interesting to note here that while 7 percent of participating service providers will spend 5 percent or less of the 2018 IT budget on B/OSS transformation, none of the participating service providers are decreasing B/OSS transformation budgets for 2018.

‘B/OSS Transformation Focus Group: Hefty Budget Increases Expected Through 2023’ is published in PDF format.



  • Key Findings
  • About the Thought Leadership Council


  • Figure 1: What percentage of your organization's IT budget will be dedicated to B/OSS transformation in 2018?
  • Figure 2: What will happen in terms of budgeting for B/OSS in your organization from 2019-2023?
  • Figure 3: What are the most important areas of investment to enable B/OSS transformation?


  • Figure 4: What is the main driver for your organization's B/OSS transformation?
  • Figure 5: Beyond revenue and profit motives, what are the key goals for your organization's B/OSS transformation?
  • Figure 6: How far along theroute to B/OSS transformation is your organization?
  • Figure 7: What are the biggest barriers to B/OSS transformation in your organization?
  • Figure 8: What role will OSS/BSS systems play when your organization is fully digitized?


  • Figure 9: To what degree has your organization adopted these enabling technologies and practices?
  • Figure 10: In what key areas will your organization use APIs?
  • Figure 11: What B/OSS transformation use cases will you explore in the next 12 months?
  • Figure 12: Who is the most valuable partner for your B/OSS transformation?


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