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Heavy Reading 2015 Carrier Ethernet Survey

出版商 Heavy Reading 商品編碼 342592
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 38 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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電信級乙太網路調查:2015年 Heavy Reading 2015 Carrier Ethernet Survey
出版日期: 2015年10月26日 內容資訊: 英文 38 Pages



  • 業者對今年、明年的批發&零售乙太網路服務收益成長的預測為何?
  • 業者對今年、明年的100Gigabit乙太網路服務的投入及成長的預測為何?
  • 在電信級乙太網路市場中過去18個月之間最重要的服務及技術創新為何?
  • 影響今後12-18個月之間客戶購買決策的最重要差異化要素為何?
  • 100G、100GigE、SDN控制器、G.8032 v2等各種下一代技術的評估、引進上,現在的電信級乙太網路供應商的階段為何?
  • 在SDN/NFV架構上提供的乙太網路、IP、雲端、波長服務的業者預測收益的比例為何?
  • 對於提供乙太網路服務的業者來說SDN/NFV開發的最重要領域為何?
  • 對於電信級乙太網路供應商來說最重要的MEF 2.0規格為何?
  • 業者的CPE功能虛擬化的時間軸為何?業者偏好的架構上的方法為何?
  • 在支援行動回程網路服務中接取網路業者喜好的技術為何?

The ‘Heavy Reading 2015 Carrier Ethernet Survey’ was developed to get detailed insight into service provider's perceptions on Carrier Ethernet services and underlying technologies and their plans and strategies for Carrier Ethernet services and technologies for the coming one-, three- and five-year timeframes. Buyers can use this data to evaluate their own solutions and get a current understanding of the competitive landscape and a realistic assessment of operators' future plans.

The product is a 38-slide PowerPoint presentation containing the Key Findings and Heavy Reading analysis based on the global operator survey that was conducted in August 2015. The survey yielded 68 qualified network operator responses from North America (65%), EMEA (18%), Asia/Pacific (10%) and CALA (7%). One hundred percent of operators surveyed offer Ethernet services today. The survey consisted of six demographic questions and 21 content questions about features and technologies, pricing and plans, and issues regarding cloud, SDN and NFV. Heavy Reading Senior Analyst Sterling Perrin is the lead analyst and author.

Questions answered in the study include:

  • What are operator expectations for revenue growth in wholesale and retail Ethernet services in 2015? In 2016?
  • What are operator expectations for 100 Gigabit Ethernet services rollout and growth in 2015? In 2016?
  • What were the most important service and technology innovations in the Carrier Ethernet market during the past 18 months?
  • What will be the most important differentiators influencing customer buying decisions in the next 12-18 months
  • At what stage are Carrier Ethernet providers in terms of evaluating or deploying various next-generation technologies, including 100G, 100GigE, SDN controllers, and G.8032 v2 ?
  • What percent of revenues do operators expect to come from Ethernet, IP, cloud or wavelength services delivered over an SDN/NFV architecture in 2015? In 2018?
  • What are the most important areas of SDN/NFV development for operators active in Ethernet services?
  • Which specifications of MEF 2.0 are the most critical for Carrier Ethernet providers?
    • Which specifications are least important?
    • What are the biggest security concerns in offering cloud services?
  • What are operator timelines for virtualizing CPE functions and what are the preferred architectural approaches for operators?
  • Which technologies do operators prefer in the access network supporting mobile backhaul services?

Our survey showed that metro Ethernet connectivity, wholesale Ethernet services and long-haul Ethernet have experienced the greatest increases in pricing competition over the past 12 months. Metro and long-haul wavelength services have experienced the most stable pricing over the past 12 months.

The ‘Heavy Reading 2015 Carrier Ethernet Survey’ is published in PDF format.

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