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The Telecom Industry Rates Its Standards & Trade Groups

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 12 Pages
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通訊業對標準化、產業團體的評估 The Telecom Industry Rates Its Standards & Trade Groups
出版日期: 2015年05月19日 內容資訊: 英文 12 Pages


本報告整理全球的通訊業450名相關人員的問卷調查結果,提供各公司對產業團體和技術標準化團體 (共17個團體) 有什麼意識、是否進行評估(親近感/精通度、重要性、影響力等) 相關調查,也分析隨時間流逝的思考變化。

第1章 簡介:通訊企業群組的思考內容

第2章 調查受訪者基礎:人口結構資料

第3章 調查分析:主要的問題

  • 產業/標準化團體的整體價值
  • 親近感
  • 重要性、影響力
  • 認識的變化

第4章 綜合的評估

第5章 結論

Product Code: Vol. 15, No. 5

The telecom industry has no shortage of standards and trade groups vying for industry attention - and in most cases membership dollars - to establish their leadership credentials for shaping and defining the industry's future. These groups range from well-established and well-respected organizations that have been in existence for generations to newer upstarts focused on setting the course for next-generation technologies, such as virtualization.

To get a clearer sense of which standards and trade groups are succeeding in attracting industry mind share, Heavy Reading conducted an exclusive worldwide online survey to gauge the views of a range of industry participants on the trade and standards organizations that are vying to shape the telecommunications landscape. The survey, conducted in the first quarter of 2015, elicited responses from more than 450 communications industry professionals and provides some valuable - and in some cases surprising - insight into what the telecom business thinks of its associations.

The survey's questions focused on key elements of industry perception of trade groups, including familiarity with various organizations, their perceived importance and influence on the industry or relevant subsectors, the perceived direction of change of their importance and overall organizational perception.

Telecom industry trade and standards organizations remain an important element of the industry and will continue to be so despite inevitable concern over duplication and diffusion of effort across the large number of these often overlapping organizations.

While new groups forming themselves around the relatively emergent domain of virtualization aren't yet very well known, those who know them see them as increasingly critical over the next two years, including to new standards processes, because of the growing importance of this sector.

Because there are so many overlapping industry organizations and related activities, there will inevitably be concerns about efficiency, focus, role confusion and duplication of effort. While more large-scale general industry organizations with a wide focus have a breadth of appeal, they need to have and hone clarity of mission or they may risk over time seeming superfluous amid the surfeit of organizations.

The Telecom Industry Rates Its Standards & Trade Groups presents and analyzes the results of the survey, including demographic data on survey participants, as well as results and commentary for several key survey questions. Further, the report includes FIIRP scores and comparative ratings for all 17 organizations included in the survey, as well as summary conclusions.


The good news for telecom standards and trade groups in general is that industry professionals see tremendous value in them. Almost 60 percent of respondents called them "essential" and 31 percent more called them "important" (but not essential) (see excerpt). These percentages held firm for both technology suppliers and network operators.

Report Highlights

  • Established standards powerhouses such as IETF, IEEE, ETSI and 3GPP clearly have the respect and support of the telecom industry at large
  • Organizations known more as trade groups than as standards bodies are not viewed as enthusiastically
  • New virtualization-focused groups, while not yet widely known, are establishing their leadership credentials
  • While the ITU remains widely respected worldwide, its perceived importance and relevance is declining
  • The Metro Ethernet Forum, though doing reasonably well in industry perception, lags the standards giants in recognition and perceived importance
  • The TM Forum scored poorly in the industry perception ratings and is not widely viewed as a leading organization for service provider IT initiatives

Table of Contents

I. Introduction: Telecom Group Think

II. Respondent Base: Survey Demographic Data

III. Survey Analysis: Key Questions

  • Overall Value of Trade/Standards Groups
  • Familiarity
  • Importance & Influence
  • Change in Perception

IV. Aggregate Ratings

V. Conclusions

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