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Hot Market Sectors to Watch in 2015

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通訊基礎設施的全球市場:最新的值得注意的領域 Hot Market Sectors to Watch in 2015
出版日期: 2015年01月31日 內容資訊: 英文 25 Pages



  • 簡介:最新的關注事項為何
  • 城域網(都市區通訊網)的重組
  • 由於VoLTE和WebRTC的整合,語音通話服務重新運作
  • IoT實現化技術的迅速發達
  • 巨量資料:安靜的革命
  • SDN(軟體定義網路)的現實化
  • NFV(單距離無線通訊):急擴大的準備
  • 網路安全:服務供應商的機會
  • LTE佔網路投資的大半
  • 小型基地台:巨大的影響力
  • 銅線的復活
  • 其他關注事項
  • 結論
Product Code: Vol. 15, No. 2

Hot Market Sectors to Watch in 2015

The start of a new year traditionally brings analysts out of the woodwork to comment on the interesting trends they have observed in the year past, and to opine on what they expect to see in the year to come. Well, sorry, we couldn't resist. This Heavy Reading Insider report takes a broad look at the telecom technology market, and seeks to identify market sectors that will likely be hot in 2015.

2014 was in fact a highly creative and disruptive year for telecom. Several technologies have come together to create the potential for real innovation in the way networks are built and run, and in the types of services delivered over them, as well as in how those services are monetized. Big changes are being seen in nearly every aspect of the telecom technology supply chain. These changes will continue into 2015, and we expect a year of significant market evolution.

This report reflects the views of the authors, based on their analysis of the telecom infrastructure business, and shows areas they expect to be worth tracking in 2015. It is not intended to be comprehensive. Each section mentions selected companies doing interesting things; but as it is not intended to be a review of all carriers, service providers and vendors in all markets, it does not mention everyone. Sorry if you were missed. If you were mentioned - happy days!

Interestingly, nearly all the major areas of growth stem from two big changes: the increased deployment and adoption of LTE, and the widespread adoption of virtualization and "cloudification" for cost reduction and flexible service delivery.

Many of these areas open up opportunities for new players, particularly on the technology side (data center specialists moving into competition with WAN equipment providers; new device vendors taking on handset vendors; new telecom IT system providers offering security and analytics).

All that said, it could be argued that the industry is at a turning point - it has been struggling to find a way forward for some time, with service revenue growth slowing and operating costs rising. It might just be on the cusp of finding a set of solutions (on both the cost and revenue sides) that will enable communications service providers to plot a profitable path well into the future. This coming year may be pivotal in that journey.

‘Hot Market Sectors to Watch in 2015’ identifies 10 "hot areas" for 2015, highlights interesting things that happened in 2014, explains why we think the market sector is likely to sizzle this year, how warm the temperature will get and (in chart form) how the sector can be expected to impact on carriers, service providers and vendors. Each section also provides some pointers for specific things to look out for in 2015.

Sample research data from the report is shown in the excerpts below:

Excerpt: Impact of Rebuilding the Metro in 2015

                        Source: Heavy Reading Insider

Metro networks are undergoing rapid change in terms of the volume of traffic carried, types of traffic and the patterns of flow of that traffic. These changes are set to continue in the coming years, putting pressure on communications service providers to reduce costs (as revenue growth is not matching traffic growth), to reconfigure their architectures so they can most efficiently, most effectively support customers' new requirements in terms of service delivery and create new sources of income for the future. For this reason we consider that the metro network will be a hot area for both innovation, experimentation and investment in 2015.

Report Highlights

  • 2015 will be a year of significant change for the communications industry- change to revenue streams and ways of working
  • The big changes seen in nearly every aspect of the telecom technology supply chain will continue into 2015, bringing a year of significant market evolution
  • Two meta themes drive many hot areas -these are virtualization/cloudification and LTE
  • New players will increase their presence in some specific telecom sectors in 2015, including data center specialists and device vendors and IT providers
  • Business models and return on investment for telcos look uncertain in many key areas -even LTE
  • The industry in 2015 may be on the cusp of finding a set of solutions that will increase revenues and reduce costs, as well as enable a profitable future

Table of Contents

  • I. Introduction: Deciding What's Hot
  • II. Rebuilding the Metro
  • III. VoLTE & WebRTC Will Combine to Revitalize Speech
  • IV. IoT-Enabling Technologies Develop Fast
  • V. Big Data, Quiet Revolution
  • VI. SDN Gets Real
  • VII. NFV: Ready for the Big Time
  • VIII. Cyber Security: Opportunities for Service Providers
  • IX. LTE Dominates Network Investment
  • X. Small Cells, Big Impact
  • XI. Resurgence of Copper
  • XII. Other Topics to Watch
  • XIII. Conclusions
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