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Operational Infrastructure for Value-Based M2M Business Models

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 13 Pages
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對價值為基礎M2M經營模式的運用基礎設施 Operational Infrastructure for Value-Based M2M Business Models
出版日期: 2014年11月30日 內容資訊: 英文 13 Pages

運用M2M(Machine to Machine)的各種行業(公共事業、零售、醫療保健、汽車等)企業,為了監視、控制機器,而活用M2M技術,提供了終端用戶的服務。M2M技術的演進,根本地改變了服務。


第1章 簡介:M2M市場趨勢

  • M2M設備數大幅增加
  • M2M解決方案的劇增
  • 資料的重要性的高漲

第2章 服務供應商,還是服務推動者?

第3章 管理、收益化M2M的機會

第4章 M2M以資料處理為中心,需要AEP的理由

第5章 AEP2.0主要功能

  • 雲端基礎的平台
  • 消費者資料擴大M2M
  • 方便存取資料
  • 智慧型資料

第6章 結論

Product Code: Vol. 10, No. 3

Machine-to-machine (M2M) has been around for years. Though enterprises operating in various industries, such as utilities, retail, healthcare and automotive, have long utilized M2M technologies to provide services to their end customers to monitor and control machines, they are banking on the evolution of M2M technologies to radically transform the services they offer to end customers.

Over the last few years, the convergence of sensors, wireless technologies such as Long Term Evolution (LTE), smart devices, smart grid, cloud computing, etc., has paved the way for more innovative M2M solutions, consolidating their importance in the running of enterprise operations.

Heavy Reading's recent research has shown that the M2M market is on the verge of significant evolution that, we believe, will turn M2M technologies into a truly strategic asset for enterprises.

Transforming itself into a major value-added player that is a key part of the M2M value chain is not necessarily straightforward for a service provider, but it is expected to be a key part of many service providers' vision. Since volume-based plans will commoditize, service providers (to ensure future revenue growth) will need to embrace and introduce value-based plans, which in turn means that their underlying platforms possess the ability to identify the value inherent in the transaction, and then act appropriately.

Next-generation application enablement platform (AEP) platforms must be data-centric and make it simple for application developers to collect, store and mine that data for critical business insights. This collected data can also be securely published to applications and third parties. M2M application developers can leverage data management components and standardized application programming interfaces (APIs), resulting in a significant reduction in application development time and cost with increased scalability, reliability and flexibility.

‘Operational Infrastructure for Value-Based M2M Business Models’ examines trends in the M2M market, including the increase of M2M devices, M2M solutions, and the importance of data. It also focuses on managing and monetizing M2M opportunities and data-centric AEPs in the market.

Sample research data from the report is shown in the excerpts below:

Number of Devices Managed in Your Company's M2M Service Portfolio

                     Source: Heavy Reading, 2013, n=68

As technology, network and connected devices become the fulcrum of modern life, we will witness a sharp increase in the number of M2M devices; thus resulting in more transaction traffic. Results in a recent Heavy Reading study of telecom operators illustrate this trend. When asked about the number of M2M devices these operators are managing in their network today and an estimate of this number in five years, most operators predict a significant growth in devices in future years, heralding the beginning of a truly device-centric networked society.

Report Highlights

  • Data management and advanced analytics will be critical for M2M business models
  • Advanced analytics unites batch and near-real-time analytics to transform M2M raw data into high-value business information, and then facilitatesdecision-making for the solution customer
  • Enterprises and service providers need next-generation application enablement platform (AEPs)
  • AEP solutions must be data-driven andallow enterprises to build and deploy M2M applications that leverage the connected world of devices
  • Intelligent BSS will be critical for M2M monetization
  • Smart monetization hinges on identifying the intrinsic value of M2M service - and charging accordingly

Table of Contents

I. Introduction: Trends in the M2M Market

  • Significant Increase in the Number of M2M Devices
  • Rise in M2M Solutions
  • Increasing Importance of Data

II. Service Provider or Service Enabler?

III. Managing & Monetizing M2M Opportunities

IV. Why M2M Needs Data-Centric AEPs

V. Key AEP2.0 Capabilities

  • Cloud-Based Platforms
  • Expand M2M to Consumer Data
  • Easy Access to Data
  • Intelligent Data

VI. Conclusions

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