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Cable & OTT: New Opportunities for Convergence

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有線&OTT:匯流的新市場機會 Cable & OTT: New Opportunities for Convergence
出版日期: 2014年06月30日 內容資訊: 英文 16 Pages



第1章 簡介:婚前協議

第2章 市場概要

  • 背景:OTT的崛起
  • 契約的基礎
  • MSO的展望
  • OTT的展望
  • 身為播送合作夥伴的有線
  • 4K超HD:新的發展

第3章 支援技術

  • 主要的支援技術
  • 課題
  • 從內容的創造到傳輸

第4章 供應商簡介

  • Adobe
  • aioTV
  • Clearleap
  • Espial
  • Ericsson
  • Imagine Communications
  • QuickPlay Media
  • SeaChange
  • Synacor
  • thePlatform

第5章 總論:和解

Product Code: Vol. 9, No. 2

As over-the-top (OTT) video streaming services and devices began to attract consumers, they appeared like barbarians at the gate, ready to disrupt traditional media and topple the longstanding empires of cable and other television establishments. Disruption indeed has occurred and will continue to occur, but the once-combative stances of cable and OTT players has taken a unique twist as both sides have come to realize that they can profit by utilizing each other's strengths.

Recently cable multiple system operators (MSOs) and OTT providers have been joining forces in various ways. For cable, cord cutting and other threats from OTT viewership have not disappeared. But MSOs are pursuing strategies to become distribution partners of OTT streaming services, utilize OTT device platforms and add OTT apps to their consumer services. By embracing OTT, cable providers are bolstering their shifting roles as they become more broadband-centric service providers.

Cable's online video efforts provide new business opportunities through subscriber retention, advanced advertising and the recent emergence of bounties paid by OTT providers to MSOs that support their distribution. But the cable subscriber verification process remains challenging. Better processes are required to handle content management, customer management, usage measurement and content rights across multiple video platforms.

In order to make a courtship work, cable and OTT players need to overcome large challenges, including technical integration, territorial rights issues and monetization to provide a return on investment for all players. Cable's continued adoption of IP video technology and its renewed focus on improving TV Everywhere are providing the delivery infrastructure and management solutions that can support OTT video, including forthcoming efforts by OTT streamers to offer 4K Ultra HD.

Ultimately the best thing for consumers is to create a blended experience where they can seamlessly discover and access their favorite television programming and OTT content. The winners in the broadband future will be those service providers that aggregate, blend and simplify content access and the user experience.

Cable & OTT: New Opportunities for Convergence explores the market drivers, opportunities for convergence and the challenges ahead. It includes profiles of 10 cable software suppliers that offer solutions that support cable's TV Everywhere and multi-screen initiatives, which also can lend support for cable-OTT integration.

Sample research data from the report is shown in the excerpt below:

Why would MSOs want to give OTT players the rope that would hang them A couple of years ago, that was the sentiment toward any suggestion that cable should join forces with OTT providers, many of which were marketing themselves as cable killers. But MSOs could not ignore the growing consumer interest in online video and new connected devices. The industry's thinking began to shift toward integrating OTT experiences into the cable mix. Cable has a list of reasons why it makes sense to join with OTT streamers and devices. The key market drivers are presented in the following excerpt, which lists key market drivers that are fueling cable's activity with OTT players.


Companies profiled in this report include : Adobe Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: ADBE); aioTV Inc.; Clearleap Inc.; Espial Group Inc.; Ericsson AB (Nasdaq: ERIC); Imagine Communications Corp.; QuickPlay Media Inc.; SeaChange International Inc.; Synacor Inc.; and thePlatform for Media Inc.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction: An Pre-Nuptial Agreement

II. Market Overview

  • Background: Rise of the OTTs
  • Grounds for Agreement
  • The MSO Perspective
  • The OTT Perspective
  • Cable as a Distribution Partner
  • 4K Ultra HD: A New Twist

III. Supporting Technology

  • Key Supporting Technologies
  • Challenges
  • From Content Creation to Delivery

IV. Supplier Profiles

  • Adobe
  • aioTV
  • Clearleap
  • Espial
  • Ericsson
  • Imagine Communications
  • QuickPlay Media
  • SeaChange
  • Synacor
  • thePlatform

V. Conclusion: Bury the Hatchet

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