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Global Gas Turbine Market Forecast, 2020-2029

出版商 Gas Turbine World (Pequot Publishing, Inc.) 商品編碼 932011
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
燃氣渦輪機的全球市場的預測:2020年∼2029年 Global Gas Turbine Market Forecast, 2020-2029
出版日期: 2020年04月05日內容資訊: 英文



  • 部門:電力公司,石油、天然氣
  • 地理範圍:地區,國家
  • 技術:大型,航空轉用,小型
  • 用途:發電,機器驅動
  • 安裝:陸上,海上

本報告提供全球燃氣渦輪機市場相關調查分析,銷售額成果,需求,管道的銷售額預測 (包含基準,上部,下部) 相關的系統性資訊。

提供2020年4月重要的更新,由於原油價格的崩壞與全球新冠狀病毒感染疾病 (COVID-19) 大流行,2020年∼2023年的銷售量與預測的影響表的更新資訊。


  • 燃氣渦輪機市場促進因素
  • 燃氣渦輪機單位、MW訂單
  • OEM、地區的單位、MW訂單
  • 航空轉用、大型、小型的佔有率


  • 世界、產業促進成長的要素
  • 發電部門
  • 石油、天然氣機器驅動部門
  • OEM模式市場佔有率、金額


  • 大型訂單 (電力公司部門)
  • 大型訂單 (石油、天然氣部門)
  • 小型訂單 (電力公司部門,石油、天然氣部門)
  • 航空轉用訂單 (電力公司部門,石油、天然氣部門)


  • 基準市場預測 (電力公司部門,石油、天然氣部門)
  • 上部側市場預測 (電力公司部門,石油、天然氣部門)
  • 下部側市場預測 (電力公司部門,石油、天然氣部門)

Worldwide Sales Forecast

Equipment-only worldwide sales forecast totaling $54.2 billion expected by 2025, across Electric Power Utility and Oil & Gas sectors.

Includes industrial gas turbine market and worldwide sales forecast, by OEM, by technology (Heavy Duty, Light Industrial, Aeroderivative), by capacity (MW ratings), including 10-year sales forecast for each gas turbine model. Covering over 95% of global industrial gas turbine sales.

Gas Turbine market segmentation includes:

  • Sectors (Electric Power Utility, Oil & Gas)
  • Geographic (Regions, Countries)
  • Technologies (Heavy Frame, Aeroderivative, Light Industrial)
  • Applications (Power Generation, Mechanical Drive)
  • Installation (Land-based, Offshore)

‘Gas Turbine World's Market Forecast’ is produced annually. The Market Forecast is the result of 100s of hours of research and over 50 interviews with Gas Turbine OEMs, Sector End Users, and Industry Consultants accounting for historical sales, demand and forecasted sales pipeline, with unit-by-unit sales projections offering baseline, upside, and downside sales forecasts.

Who should buy the Market Forecast?

Gas Turbine OEMs, Subcontractors, Product and Service Suppliers looking for competitive insight into total unit sales historically, annual sales by model and capacity (MW ratings), and future sales projections based on market demand.

Analysts, Insurers, financial institutions looking for a worldwide sales forecast with insight into market, historical sales, YoY sales growth, OEM and model market share. The forecast data spreadsheets (in Excel) included with the Market Forecast allow Analysts to create different ranges/views of sales data.

Company Managers and Executives responsible for engineering R&D, new product design and development, manufacturing facilities, sales, departmental budget proposals and approvals for near- and long-term corporate operations.

Forecast Methodology

‘Gas Turbine World's annual Market Forecast’ is modeled based on our database of historical sales and installations for the past 40+ years, and factors into account the impact of alternative energy technologies (such as wind and solar renewables), retirement of coal/nuclear plants, pipeline and refinery expansion, natural gas and LNG fuel resources, competition of advanced generation and larger (300MW+) gas turbine units, trend towards higher simple/combined cycle efficiencies, lower emissions, fuel flexibility, availability and prices, environmental regulations, global economic growth and energy demand.

Important Update (April 2020): As a result of collapsing oil prices and the global Covid-19 pandemic, the annual 10-year Market Forecast of Global Industrial Gas Turbine Sales has been updated with a 2020-23 sales and forecast impact chart, with projection ranges based on length/time of continued market turbulence.

Historical Perspective (2014-2019)

  • Gas turbine market drivers
  • Gas turbine unit and MW orders
  • OEM and Regional unit and MW orders
  • Aero, Heavy and Light Industrial share

Ten-Year Outlook (2020-2029)

  • Global and Industry growth factors
  • Electric power generation sector
  • Oil & gas mechanical drive sector
  • OEM model market share and value

Outlook Details (2020-2024)

  • Heavy Frame orders (EPU sector)
  • Heavy Frame orders (O&G sector)
  • Light Industrial orders (EPU and O&G sectors)
  • Aeroderivative orders (EPU and O&G sectors)

Ten-Year Excel Data Analysis (2020-2029)

  • Baseline market forecast (EPU and O&G)
  • Upside market forecast (EPU and O&G)
  • Downside market forecast (EPU and O&G)