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Glucose Sensors: the Next Generation

出版商 Greystone Research Associates 商品編碼 314214
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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下一代的葡萄糖感測器 Glucose Sensors: the Next Generation
出版日期: 2014年09月22日 內容資訊: 英文

小型的電子產品和高度的生物適合性產品的設計中的融合,給予全球數百萬糖尿病患者明亮的未來希望。能測量為高精度葡萄糖值的新葡萄糖感測器,更加改善血糖的管理性和患者的健康。這個新的感測器,由於活用葡萄糖察覺的新技術,帶給患者和看護者新的選項。 信噪比的改善和干涉的過濾等信號處理能力的改善,朝向含下一代葡萄糖感測器的商品化,仍為重要的因素。




  • 葡萄糖價值的監測
  • 可尋址市場
  • 市場促進因素
  • 產業的聯盟、競爭環境等


  • 組織間液中的葡萄糖檢測
  • 患者/用戶界面
  • 校對頻率
  • 準確度
  • 靈敏度
  • 感應技術&信號處理的演進


  • 光學感應
  • 光聲光譜
  • 目鏡成像
  • 閉塞光譜
  • 穿戴式感測器
  • 最少侵入性感測器
  • 微探針陣列
  • 細微孔/微針頭
  • 植入感測器
  • 非侵入性感測器
  • 生物標記檢測感測器
  • 糖基化成品
  • 其他葡萄糖代謝物


  • 相關法律
  • FDA
  • 歐洲、中東、非洲地區
  • 亞洲
  • 臨床試驗
  • 患者、消費者信心指數
  • 糖尿病的人口動態


Product Code: GSN498K

The convergence of small-scale electronics and sophisticated biocompatible product designs is giving hope for a better future to millions of diabetes patients worldwide. New glucose sensors that can measure glucose levels accurately and reliably have the capability to improve glycemic control and patient wellbeing. By utilizing new technologies for sensing glucose, this new class of sensors is creating new options for caregivers and their diabetes patients. Signal processing improvements - include improved signal-to-noise ratios and interference filtering - will continue to be critical to the commercialization prospects of next-generation glucose sensors.


  • Analyzes and evaluates emerging glucose sensing technologies and development-stage products and assesses market potential and commercialization risks and opportunities
  • Examines glucose sensor design issues and evolving market factors
  • Provides detailed status of glucose sensors currently in development
  • Forecasts the impact of glucose sensing technology and devices on diabetes management markets and projects probable future developments
  • Profiles market participants, their technology, product development activity, and business strategies

Table of Contents

Summary of Contents

Executive Summary

Glucose Sensing Market Overview

  • Monitoring Glucose Levels
  • The Addressable Market
  • Market Drivers
  • Industry Alignment and Competitive Landscape

New Generation Monitor Design Factors

  • Measuring Glucose in Interstitial Fluid
  • Patient/User Interface
  • Calibration Frequency
  • Accuracy & Precision
  • Sensitivity
  • Sensor Technology & Signal Processing Advances

Next Generation Glucose Sensors - Product Analysis

  • Optical Sensing
  • Photoacoustic Spectroscopy
  • Ocular Imaging
  • Occlusion Spectroscopy
  • Wearable Sensors
  • Minimally Invasive Sensors
  • Microprobe Arrays
  • Micropores/Microneedles
  • Implantable Sensors
  • Noninvasive Sensors
  • Biomarker Detection Sensors
  • Glycosylated End Products
  • Other Glucose Metabolites

Market Factors

  • Regulations
  • FDA
  • EMEA
  • Asia
  • Clinical Trials
  • Patient/Consumer Sentiment
  • Diabetes Demographics

Company Profiles

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