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Patch Pump Drug Delivery Systems to 2022

出版商 Greystone Research Associates 商品編碼 240547
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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貼片幫浦的給藥系統:設備·市場·經營者·展望 Patch Pump Drug Delivery Systems to 2022
出版日期: 2015年06月11日 內容資訊: 英文




  • 需求推進因素
    • 慢性疾病和自我施打
    • 人口動態·醫療的經濟
    • 學名藥和品牌藥
  • 競爭環境
  • 風險因素


  • 設備/系統結構
  • 材料技術
  • 設計的演變
  • 給藥的機制
  • 藥物的貯存部份
  • 貼片幫浦的尺寸
  • 手持型遙控電子產品
  • 準確度和施打的不穩定性
  • 警告和患者的通知
  • 特殊功能


  • Finesse
  • OmniPod
  • Solo
  • V-Go


  • Cellnovo
  • CeQur
  • Freehand
  • Jewel Pump
  • Medipacs
  • NanoPump
  • NiliPatch
  • PassPort
  • Sensile Medical
  • SmartDose
  • Spring Hybrid Pump
  • Springleaf
  • SteadyMed


  • 相關法規
    • 美國
    • 全球
  • 申請與核准
  • 智慧財產權與產品的地位



Product Code: WPD497F

Patient-friendly Wearable Delivery Devices

Patch pumps are the convergence of several technologies into a single drug delivery device package. In doing so, this class of devices overcomes a number of shortcomings and limitations, while simplifying the drug administration event at the patient interface. The current generation of patch pumps focuses on insulin delivery, but a number of devices have been designed and are being developed to be - within the limits of drug pharmacology - essentially API agnostic. This report analyzes important therapeutic segments and examines key regulatory, economic and competitive factors that represent potential barriers to commercial success.

Market-driven Product Strategies

A longer life span is expected to translate to a growing number of patients diagnosed with chronic conditions. To counteract the financial and medical infrastructure implications of this trend, pressure from the public sector and managed care organizations will place a premium on therapeutic self-administration, an expectation that is creating an increased interest in routes of administration that are patient-friendly and cost-effective. Pharma company decision makers have come to the realization that for many products, success no longer only depends on the medication itself but also on achieving a consumer-compatible form of packaging and application.

What Will You Learn

  • What patch pump devices for drug delivery have been approved for marketing, and what are the key market segments, market dynamics and market demographics?
  • What are the therapeutic demand drivers for patch pump systems?
  • What are the key design factors, material selection issues, technologies and market development issues?
  • What is the market today, who are the leaders, and what will it look like in 2022?
  • Who are the competitors and participants in the patch pump device segment, and what are their product development activities, business strategies, and business alliances and affiliations?
  • What is the importance of pharma-device alliances and design partnerships on patch pump commercialization and market access?
  • What is the impact of economic, technology, and regulatory factors on the patch pump drug delivery market?

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Demand Drivers
    • Chronic Conditions & Self-Administration
    • Demographics & Healthcare Economics
    • Generics and Branding
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Risk Factors
  • Patch Pump Device Strategies
  • Device/System Architecture
  • Product Migration
  • Volumes & Viscosities
  • Device Electronics
  • Accuracy and Dosing Variability
  • Alerts and Patient Notification
  • Special Features
  • FDA-Approved Patch Pump Devices
  • Finesse
  • OmniPod
  • Solo
  • V-Go
  • Development-stage Patch Pump Devices
  • Mechanical Delivery Devices
    • Piston-type Systems
    • Flexible Container Systems
  • Electronic Delivery Devices
    • Piston-type Systems
    • Hybrid Systems
    • Discrete Electronics Module
    • Electro-chemical Activation
  • Market Data and Forecasts
    • Market Data by Region
    • Market Data by Device Class
    • Market Data by Supplier
  • Market Factors
    • Regulations
      • U.S.
      • International
    • Trials & Approval
    • IP and Product Positioning
  • Company Profiles
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